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What are Prosthetic Devices?
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Prosthetic devices act as a replacement for a limb or other part of the body. These devices can serve to replace feet, ankles, knees or full limbs from amputation. Made from sophisticated thermoplastics and carbon graphite fibers, today these devices represent the highest in technology allowing you to have a device that acts and looks no different than the real thing.
The A-S-C Difference
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The prosthetic devices made by A-S-C are custom made and fitted for you specifically. This allows them to be designed to perform at the optimum level for your individual needs and lifestyle. Our staff brings decades of experience and knowledge in the field allowing A-S-C to fit you with the highest quality device, made specifically for you and your lifestyle.

You can expect your prosthetic device from A-S-C to be carefully measured, formed, inspected and personally fitted prior to final delivery. While this precision of the device is of utmost importance, providing you with the information and training necessary to use the device safely and effectively is equally essential. Our staff makes sure to spend the time with you needed to answer your questions and explain every aspect of your device. This “client-oriented” approach makes you a more informed, and more satisfied, client.

Part of this “client-oriented” approach is our belief in your long-term care and satisfaction. Though each device is a one-of-a-kind product, adjustments may be required to assure the quality fit and expected function through the years. Because the body part may change in size or shape, the initial comfort and/or function may be diminished over time. This is the reason why A-S-C provides, and highly recommends, a follow-up conference after delivery of the device to check fit and function. At this conference, adjustments can be made that normally insure that the device will last for a longer period of time.

Managed Care
A-S-C strives to control the costs of your prosthesis while assuring these quality services remain available to everyone. We presently have agreements with many managed care carriers and would be happy to discuss insurance concerns with you. To find out if we participate with your insurance carrier please contact us today.

I have been an above knee amputee for 42 years now, and have had many experiences with various orthotic and prosthetic personnel, some of whom were much better than others in terms of understanding my needs as an above knee amputee both in terms of comfort, longevity of various products, and the demands I place on my "equipment" related to not just everyday issues but the occasional or frequent abuse of product that my lifestyle puts on my equipment. As an avid amputee golfer, and someone jumping on and off lawn tractors and other farming equipment, I certainly put my equipment to major stress.
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