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I am 23 and have been an amputee for most of my life. Due to complications at birth, I had to have my left knee joint removed and at the age of 5 began wearing a prosthesis. As anyone could imagine, this is a pretty scary situation, especially for a little girl who just wants to be able to run and play like the other kids. Well, because of people like Ted Trower, I was always able to do just that! I can't remember exactly how long I've been counting on Ted and everyone at ASC to make my artificial legs, but it seems like forever. The gentle, understanding way Ted has in dealing with his patients is unparalleled. I have been to other prosthetists, and I have never been able to find someone who is so willing to work with me in order to insure that my leg is comfortable, visually pleasing, and functional. Ted's work is creative, and personalized to your own actions and wants. He really listens to your concerns and works extremely hard to meet your "requirements" of a prosthesis. If I have had any problems, Ted is quick to respond either by phone or email and comes up with some great and fast solution! He's even been willing to meet on weekends to fix an immediate problem! In addition, the staff at ASC is very friendly and accommodating. Everyone works hard to let you know that you are appreciated as a client and as a person. I wholeheartedly recommend ASC to anyone who is looking for quality work and quality people!

Ann Arbor, MI

I have been an above knee amputee for 42 years now, and have had many experiences with various orthotic and prosthetic personnel, some of whom were much better than others in terms of understanding my needs as an above knee amputee both in terms of comfort, longevity of various products, and the demands I place on my "equipment" related to not just everyday issues but the occasional or frequent abuse of product that my lifestyle puts on my equipment. As an avid amputee golfer, and someone jumping on and off lawn tractors and other farming equipment, I certainly put my equipment to major stress.
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