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My name is Michael L Dix. I am a DBKA. (Double Below Knee Amputee) I have been an amputee since 5-28-1989. The first few years of my amputee life, I walked in prosthetic legs that caused me considerable pain and discomfort. I had been told that the prosthetics I was wearing were the best that could be made for me due to my condition, etc. I believed them and by the later part of 1996 the pain caused by my prosthetic legs had caused me to relent to a life in my wheelchair. Due to my semi-confinement in the wheelchair I began using the internet more often. Upon joining one of the amputee listservs I soon began to discover that my original prosthetist's statements about my legs and my prosthetics was untrue. The research began. Upon determining which foot I wanted to try it was time to find a 'Competent' Certified Prosthetist. My first choice did not prove to be good choice. Then I met Ted Trower through the amputee listserv that I had joined. I called Ted shortly thereafter, I told Ted that due to the way things had went in the past I would like an appointment just to meet with him and see how he operates. Ted was very pleasant with me and agreed to meet with me. The following week we met in his Adrian, Michigan office. My wife and I talked with Ted at length. I must admit that I was very distrustful of Ted at first. This was due to his being so nice to us, I was unaccustomed to being treated this way by the prosthetic industry. But soon discovered that this is Ted's nature, he really is a nice guy. Based on his personality, his work with Flex-Foot, and comments made by Tuvia Ariel on his web site I choose to enlist Ted as my new prosthetist. As of this writing I have been wearing the legs made by Ted Trower for a little over three months now. Due to the caring craftsmanship and expertise of Ted, the conditions that have caused so much pain in the past are beginning to heal. With the healing the pain is disappearing in my legs. Using the sockets that Ted designed I have been able to do many of the things that I want to but have not been able to since my amputations. Not only is Ted my prosthetist, he is also a very caring and helpful person.

Michael L. Dix

Comment from follow-up survey
Thank you for continuing to provide such loving care to my daughter and fighting so hard for her with the insurance company. Your support over the years has been life savings.