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1407 E. Michigan Ave., Jackson 517-784-1142 770 Riverside Ave., Suite 101, Adrian 517-263-3310
I was born with a severe case of P.F.F.D (proximal femoral focal deficiency) and have consequently had to wear a prosthesis all of my life. For the first nine years I went to various prosthetic shops in Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan. Although the quality of care in all of these places was very good, I was never completely satisfied with the way my legs turned out. The legs were always comfortable, adequate, but they never addressed or helped my severe limp. The people in these shops were content to make a leg that was usable but didn't help to improve my gait, something that I deem both important and necessary to my present and future health. Consequently, my family and I searched for a new prosthetic shop. We found Ted Trower in Jackson and I began going to him late in 1992. Since I have started seeing him my gait has improved immensely and I have been more than happy with every leg that he has built for me. He always takes time to find out exactly what I want out of the leg and does his best to accommodate my needs. He answers thoroughly and knowledgeably all the questions that I may have and goes above and beyond his duties as a prosthetist. He accompanied me to a running clinic and has many times stayed late or come in early when school conflicted with appointment times.

Jackson, MI

I have been an above knee amputee for 42 years now, and have had many experiences with various orthotic and prosthetic personnel, some of whom were much better than others in terms of understanding my needs as an above knee amputee both in terms of comfort, longevity of various products, and the demands I place on my "equipment" related to not just everyday issues but the occasional or frequent abuse of product that my lifestyle puts on my equipment. As an avid amputee golfer, and someone jumping on and off lawn tractors and other farming equipment, I certainly put my equipment to major stress.
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