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Introduction By Ted Trower C.P.O.
The "Manual of Artificial Limbs" from the A.A. Marks Company of New York is an artifact from 1905 that is part textbook, part mail order catalog, and a large part sales pitch. This enlightening artifact takes us beyond our span of memory and reveals much about what was available in 1905 to the amputee and the process by which prosthetic limbs were manufactured and fitted. Astoundingly, much remains unchanged since that time. Fascinating to read, this rare manual is placed here on our A-S-C Orthotics and Prosthetics web site as a service to consumers and professional peers. This text is made available with the consent and cooperation of Winkley Orthotics and Prosthetics who purchased the A.A.Marks Company in 1957.

While reading the manual, some minor inconsistencies may be noted due to an oversight in the copy process. The text was transcribed from a 1905 copy while the illustrations were scanned from a manual copyrighted in 1908. Rather than alter the original material, these minor differences were left in place. To retain the character of the original material, the text was transcribed with its archaic spellings and errors intact. Occasionally this makes reading the text and searching for specific terms a bit awkward and difficult. When viewing the original illustrations, ink from the images on the backside of the page permeated the paper and are visible to the naked eye. This created the illusion of shadows in the background of the scanned illustrations.

In spite of the archaic spelling and somewhat shadowy illustrations, A-S-C hopes you enjoy reading this rare and unusual manual.

Comment from follow-up survey
Very friendly and kind, seems to truly care about the comfort of my brace.