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CHAPTER XXXIX - Stump Socks For Artificial Limb Wearers

A stump bears the same relation to an artificial leg that a natural foot does to a shoe. Comfort and cleanliness demand that a sock should be worn on the stump, the same as on the foot.

A sock in either case provides a medium for collecting and absorbing the particles of waste and moisture that are thrown off from the skin, and by removing the socks, airing, and frequently washing them, the stump will be kept in a more healthy condition, and the socket of the leg will be better cared for.

There are persons who do not use socks, but wear their artificial limbs directly to their stumps, and permit the sockets to collect and absorb the excretions of the skin, and when the sockets become foul with the collection of effete matter, they are scraped out and revarnished. This method cannot be condemned too strongly. The stump, as well as the artificial leg, suffers from such treatment.

Every wearer of an artificial limb should be provided with an ample supply of socks, so that frequent changes can be made. The same regard should be given to the stump as is given to the natural foot. If a stump perspires excessively, changes should be made more frequently.

We manufacture our own socks, and keep a large stock on hand and are able to fill orders promptly.

Our socks are made of cotton, wool, and silkateen.

Cotton socks are knit of choice staple, they are durable and pleasant to wear; they are preferred by those who cannot endure wool.

Woolen socks are knit from yarn especially prepared for the purpose; the yarn is the best and softest that can be procured, with only enough twist to make it wear well. It is absolutely free from cotton or any foreign fiber.

Silkateen socks are made from exceptionally fine thread, they are knit on a machine constructed for the purpose; meshes are small, sixteen stitches to the inch, much finer than socks made from cotton or wool. These socks are especially suitable for tender and delicate stumps. Silkateen is a comparatively new thread; it is strong and will stand the effects of wear a great length of time. It has a luster resembling silk; it is very smooth and soft to the touch.

Cotton and woolen socks are made in two colors, white or brown, silkateen socks are of a natural grayish tint.

Our stock consists of eleven different sizes, ranging from ten to thirty-six inches in length, and in width to fit any ordinary limb.

In ordering socks the following measurements should be given:

Length of Sock. Circumference at top of Stump, 4 inches from top, 8 inches from top, 12 inches from top, 16 inches from top, 20 inches from top, 24 inches from top, 28 inches from top.

Some persons use a long sock to cover the stump to the body, and a shorter one to cover the stump to the joint (knee or elbow).

When a short one is needed, give only the length and circumferences of that part of the limb that is to be covered.

The following schedule will enable anyone to determine the sizes and the prices of the socks required.

One-quarter or one-half dozen of the same kind and size sold at dozen rates.

When a short sock in addition to a full-length one to come only to the knee-joint is desired Nos. 0, 1, or 3 will be suitable.

In determining the number of size, five inches should be added to the length of the stump to allow for turning over the top of leg and the shortening caused by the stretch in drawling on the stump.

Elastic Webbings, 2 inches wide, 60c. per yard; 1 inch wide, 50c. per yard; 1 inch wide, 40c. per yard.

Non-elastic Webbings, 2 inches wide, 30c. per yard; 1 inch wide, 25c. per yard; 1 inch wide, 20c. per yard.

Clamp Buckles with Snap, 1 and 2 inches, 25c. each; Snaps, 1 and 2 inches, 15c. each.

Socks and Supplies will be sent postpaid if remittance accompanies the order.

Remittance can be made by postage stamps, money order, registered letter, express, or draft on New York. No goods will be sent C. O. D. unless one-half the price is enclosed with the order.

Address: A. A. MARKS, 701 Broadway, New York City.

Comment from follow-up survey
Everyone was very nice to me and very helpful. I am very satisfied with the Orthotics. My foot Dr. made the comment that the Orthotics were nicely done. I was always treated with respect.