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CHAPTER XXXVIII - Hints For Those Visiting New York City
We have endeavored to emphasize the fact that personal fittings for simple amputations are, as a rule, unnecessary and that we do not advise anyone to go to the expense and annoyance incident to visiting the manufacturer without first making the attempt by measurements, and in order to place the attempt on a basis of safety to the wearer, we obligate ourselves to make all alterations and refittings that are necessary without extra charge.

It is also emphatically stated that amputations leaving stumps with abnormal conditions, incapable of being explained either descriptively, diagrammatically or by casts, and all deformity cases, are exceptions and must be fitted personally. Those who decide to come to us for personal attention will be welcomed and promptly attended to on their arrival.

WHERE WE ARE LOCATED. - We are located at 701 Broadway, one door above Fourth Street. This, as will be seen by consulting the map on following pages, is central to and accessible by electric, surface, elevated and subway cars. A person arriving at any point can take a car to Broadway and be transferred to a car that will convey him to our door. The system of transfers in New York is very complete and accommodating. One fare (five cents) includes transfer.

WE MEET PATRONS. - We will meet any person on arrival if we are made acquainted with particulars a day or two in advance. The day, the time of arrival, and the point (station, ferry or pier), must be clearly given. If the arrival occurs after business hours it will be well to go to some reputable hotel near by and remain over night, we suggest the Broadway Central Hotel, 671 Broadway, which is within three hundred feet of our establishment. We can be reached by telephone from any point.

BUSINESS HOURS. - Our establishment is open from seven in the morning until five in the afternoon, except Saturdays, when we close at three o’clock. We are not open Sundays and Holidays.

DISTANCE FROM ARRIVING POINTS. - For the information of those who choose to be conveyed in a carriage, we will state that the city ordinance permits the driver of a one horse hack to charge one dollar for conveying one or two passengers a distance not exceeding two miles, and one dollar and a half for two miles, not exceeding three. As we are located within two miles of every railroad and steamboat terminal, it will be seen that one dollar or one dollar and a half is the most that legally can be charged. When a two horse vehicle is engaged, or when more than two persons are to be conveyed, the charge will be greater. It is always best to make a bargain with the driver before entering his vehicle. No person need consider it necessary to be conveyed by a carriage; elevated, surface, and subway cars will, for five cents, convey him to or very close to our store. Those conveyances run at close intervals day and night. Policeman can always be found at stations, ferries, and piers. Their duties are not only to protect persons and property but to give such directions and information as may be needed.

BOARD AND LODGING. - Accommodations can be obtained at reasonable rates, furnished rooms in private houses can be rented from two to five dollars per week, according to location. Table board can be had at from three to five dollars per week. Rooms in hotels without board, vary from fifty cents to two dollars per night, according to hotel and location of room, with board from two to five dollars per day. A person coming to New York expecting to remain a week or more, and wishing to keep his expenses down, can engage a furnished room and eat in restaurants, his living expenses while here can thus be kept within narrow limits. The Mills House, located at 164 Bleeker Street, is within half a mile of us. This is one of a system of hotels conducted for the accommodation of respectable men of small means. A room can be had for twenty cents per night, meals at fifteen cents each.

WHERE TO HAVE YOUR MAIL ADDRESSSED. - Upon leaving home, instruction should be given that letters and telegrams should be addressed in the care of A. A. Marks, 701 Broadway, New York City.

Our patrons are welcome to the accommodation of a fireproof safe in which valuables can be deposited. They have the liberty of our premises while in New York, and if they are shopping they can have their goods delivered at our store. They can make engagements to meet parties here and have the exclusive use of private rooms for private interviews.

CALLS MADE TO RESIDENCES. - Persons will be attended to at their residences, no matter where they may reside, if expenses and extra time are paid for.

WOMEN IN ATTENDANCE. - Women who prefer to be waited upon by one of their own sex will find women in our office for their accommodation.

BRANCHES. - We have no manufacturing branches. Our factory is located in New York City and in no other place. Our profession is like that of a surgeon. Our skill and judgment cannot be relegated to one in charge of a branch establishment. If we were to establish branches we would have to place them under the management of others and would, more or less, jeopardize the welfare of our patrons. As substitutes for branches our system of fitting from measurements has been devised and has been found adequate.

If the reader desires to order a limb and does not care to take measurements himself, he can call upon his physician or druggist, or upon one whom we will designate.

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