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CHAPTER XXXVII - Testimonials

This chapter contains about eight hundred testimonials, all received during the few months in which the book was being compiled.

It has been necessary to cut out all irrelevant matter in order to give each writer his share of the space allotted to the chapter.

Most of the letters, as will be seen, were written by persons of wide experience; those who have worn artificial limbs of a variety of manufacturers. These we consider the most competent to judge.

Nearly every kind of leg amputation, as well as deformity, is shown; nearly every industry, and practically every part of the world, represented.

It will be noticed that most of the writers were supplied without leaving their homes. They had their measurements taken, and sent to us, and had artificial limbs constructed by them. Chapters XV to XXX enlarge on this feature.


It was customary in former times to give with each testimonial the full post-office address of the writer; but the frequency of complaints by the writers as well as the readers, has induced us to locate by counties and states only and furnish complete addresses when asked for. Artificial limb wearers move about the same as other persons. Among eight hundred, a large proportion change their locations every year and cannot be reached by the old addresses. For this reason it is better to give up-to-date addresses as they are needed and called for. Any person desirous of communicating or conferring with testimonial writers can make a list from this chapter and send it to us. Immediately upon its receipt we will send addresses that have been corrected to date.

* FRANK ADAMS - Farmer, Amherst Co., Va. Below elbow.

About two years ago I got an artificial arm from you as I had lost my right arm just below the elbow, leaving a very short stump. I use your arm in the most advantageous way. I have to do all kinds of farm work. I would not be without it for double the money I paid for it. May 9, 1904.

* GEO. ABBOTT - Accountant, Newfoundland. Below knee.

Am pleased with my foot. I know it will last a long while yet. It was made from measurements taken at home and sent to you.

* ANTONIO ALARCON - Mexico. Below knee.

When I gave my order I never imagined that an artificial leg could form so perfect a substitute for the natural one in walking, riding on horseback, and even dancing; I supposed it would merely serve to hide the defect. Experience has demonstrated to me the superiority of the artificial legs with rubber foot. They combine simplicity of construction with stability and ease in walking. -Translated from Spanish.

* WM. E. ALBEE - Stoker, Franklin Co., Mass. Below knee.

I have used the leg you made for me about eighteen months. My work is firing stationary boilers; it is hot and heavy. I believe that I could not have done the work that I had to do last winter with any other artificial leg I ever had. June 11, 1904.

* MRS. IDA ALBURY - Housewife, Bahamas, W. I. Below knee.

Last September I had an artificial limb made by you and it fitted well. I have a family of six and I do all the work myself, I don’t know any woman in the town that can do harder work than I. May 25, 1904.

* D. A. ALLEN - Station Agent, Franklin Co., Ark. Knee amputat’n.

The four artificial legs furnished by you at different times have given entire satisfaction in every respect and have all been perfect, although made from measurements taken by myself. I am employed as agent and operator for I. M. & S. R’y. and attend to all the various duties connected with the position. May 30, 1904.

* FELICANO ALMANZA - Ranchman, Union Co., N. M. Below knee.

In regard to my artificial leg, I am getting along nearly as good as if I had my own leg and not an artificial one. I work at any kind of work and ride a horse, for which I am proud and thank you for the handling. - Translated from Spanish. May 14, 1904.

* MRS. E. E. ABEL - Housewife, Ontario. Knee amputation.

I am very thankful for the leg made me from measurements last October. I do all my housework and a lot of walking and I have never used a cane or anything, and I can walk without any trouble.

April 25, 1904.

LEONARD D. ALPAUGH - Brakeman, Morris Co., N. J. Below knee.

On July 29th last I lost my left leg three inches below the knee, and soon after purchased an artificial one from you, which has given me entire satisfaction. The leg is a good strong one, and can be depended upon in performing all the work I have occasion to put upon it. May 11, 1904.

* CHAS. C. ANDERS - Brakeman, Northampton Co., Pa. Below knee.

I am wearing the leg you made me since the day I got it, without having it off except to sleep; I have walked as far as twelve miles in one day. I work hard with the leg, and my stump is always well. May 5, 1904.

* EDW. ANDERSON - Student, Douglas Co., Wis. Below knee.

Having walked on crutches for a period of seven years, I at last decided to have my leg amputated, three inches below the knee. As soon as I was able to get around I interviewed several artificial limb makers, with little encouragement. Having heard of your remarkable successes, and following the advice of our leading doctor, I ordered of you. I have worn the leg for two years with no grounds for complaint. I am a student, on my feet most of the day. I ride a bicycle as well as anyone. May 6, 1904.

* JOHN ANDERSON - Lamp-lighter, Bibb Co., Ga. Above knee.

The artificial limb you made for me in June, 1902, has been in use ever since. I am well pleased with it, and am able to go about as well as ever. May 17, 1904.

THOMAS APPLEBY - Farmer, Ontario. Below knee.

It is with pleasure I inform you that the artificial leg you made for me, nearly a year ago, is being used satisfactorily and advantageously. I cannot give too much praise for your work, and doubt very much that the limb can be improved upon. I wear it constantly without the least discomfort. April 27, 1904.

W. L. APPLEY, M. D. - Sullivan Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I have worn Marks’ patent leg for years. I am well pleased with it. It has not required the least repairs. I can walk better with it than any other leg I ever used except the natural one. I consider Marks’ India-rubber foot a valuable improvement to Artificial Legs.

MISS JOSEPHINE AREY - Penobscot Co., Me. Shortened leg.

I wish to express my continued gratitude for the apparatus made by you five months ago. At that time I could not get about the house without the assistance of a crutch. I walk now without the assistance of a cane. It seems as though I were living in a new world. It has done more for me than I ever dared hope for. I only wish all who are thus afflicted might be able to call on A. A. Marks, who will add much happiness to their lives and benefit them as much as he has me. May 5, 1904.

LAUDELINO ARIAS - Teacher, Cuba. Leg paralyzed and short’n’d.

It is now a year since I began to use the apparatus which you constructed in New York, and I am well satisfied with it. Ever since the first day I put it on I abandoned the crutches, and shortly afterwards the cane which I had been using for thirty years. I am at present walking without any fatigue, although I walk a great deal. Your product is so perfect it conceals my deformity. Thanks to the apparatus I am able to continue in the discharge of the duties of a professor of public school, as the laws of Cuba do not allow those persons who have to use crutches or canes as a means of locomotion, to be licensed as public-school teachers. I am so grateful for the good you have done me that I have recommended your house to all those in this locality who may require apparatus, or artificial legs and arms. - Translated from Spanish. April 24, 1904.

A. J. ARMSTRONG - Train Dispatcher, Erie Co., N. Y. Below knee.

In 1891 I suffered the amputation of my right leg. After trying two different makes-one with cords and ankle joint and the other with hard rubber-I purchased one of your legs with sponge rubber foot in 1895. I wore it until last November with perfect satisfaction, and without one cent cost for repairs. In my occupation as train dispatcher for the New York Central R. R., I do not have to be on my feet as much as others, but my home is two miles from the office, and I walk both ways in winter and ride my wheel in summer. In fact I do the same as I would if I were on my own foot. The one I purchased from you last fall gives the same perfect satisfaction. I think eight years of constant wear without a cent for repairs, must appeal with force to wearers of artificial feet with cords and ankle joints. May 6, 1904.

* WILLIAM J. ANGIER - Engineer, Wake Co., N. C. Below knee.

I have no trouble with my artificial limb. It is the third of your legs that I have worn, and I am proud to say that I would not have any other. My amputation is six inches above the ankle, left foot. I am running a locomotive every day, hauling passenger trains, and I am never inconvenienced in any way. May 9, 1904.

* MRS. J. W. ARMSTRONG - Bexar Co., Tex., son Freddie, aged 9.

I cannot estimate the comfort my little son has in the limb you made for him seven years ago, when he was only two years old. It enables him to take part in all boyish pastimes, and he goes from morning until night, running, walking, and playing the same as other boys, and without fatigue. June 28, 1904.

* S. C. ARNUP - Ontario. Wrist joint amputation.

I use the artificial hand which you made for me, for writing, which I am at present doing quite a bit of. I find it fully as satisfactory as could be expected. April 19, 1904.

* SYLVESTER R. ASH - Clerk, Philadelphia, Pa. Below elbow.

I have been using one of your arms for nearly two years, and would not do without it. I am a clerk in a large store and can do a great deal more work than I could without it. May 9, 1904.

* TIMOTHY ARSENAULT - Farmer, Bristol Co., Mass.

My new artificial foot fits all right. I find it even better than the other one. I find it a necessity, for without it I don’t know what I should do. May 5, 1904.

* JOSE A. ARRIGHI - Arg. Rep. Above knee.

I have the pleasure to inform you that the leg procured for me by Mr. Jose Anto. Orfila, over two years ago, has proved excellent, and the fit is perfect, even in the heat of this season of the year, and when the weather is temperate, I cannot tell that I am wearing it. I walk three miles a day, sometimes much more, with the greatest ease and comfort. - Translated from Spanish.

* JUDGE ASHFORD - Drayman, Lauderdale Co., Miss. Above knee.

I lost my leg on the railroad, very close to my body. Twenty-one months after I purchased an artificial leg from A. A. Marks and I commenced wearing it. It is all right, I have no trouble with it at all. My occupation is a drayman in this city, and I get around all right and do my work well. May 8, 1904.

* IRA E. ATKINSON, M. D. - Dodge Co., Neb.

The artificial leg procured from you in 1893, for Antone Pojar, has given entire satisfaction.

* A. J. AUSTIN, M. D. - Mexico.

Mr. Andres Cantu, for whom you made an artificial leg some time ago under my order, desires me to inform you that he is well pleased with it. His business requires him to travel horseback at any time, day or night. He walks well without a cane, all of which is really remarkable, owing to the shortness of the stump, which is 2 ˝ inches from the body.

* H. E. AUSTIN - R. R. Clerk, Dupage Co., Ill. Above knee.

About a year ago I received from you the fourth one of your make of artificial legs that I had worn in the past forty years. My amputation is above the knee. All of my legs have been made from self-measurements, and every one has been an improvement on the previous one. I walked a young man half my age and weight (I am 52 years, weigh 240 pounds) to a standstill both in speed and distance. May 17, 1904.

* WALTER P. BAGLEY - Lumber, New Brunswick. Below elbow.

Two years ago I had the misfortune to have my left hand and part of my arm so badly mashed that amputation became necessary, four inches below the elbow. Three days after my friend, Mr. Cote Shields, who met with a like misfortune himself, and who is wearing one of your artificial hands with perfect satisfaction, came to see me, and in the course of conversation he asked me if I intended to get an artificial hand. I acknowledged my intention to do so just as soon as my stump was healed, and as a matter of course he advised me to place my order with you, stating that it was impossible for me to get an artificial limb to compare with A. A. Marks’ in construction and durability. His statements were so convincing that four weeks later I sent to you for an arm. Two weeks after I received it. It was a perfect fit, and has been very satisfactory in every respect. I have worn it now for two years, and I consider it would be simply impossible for me to accomplish the work in my profession without its aid. My vocation is at present lumber surveying. April 20, 1904.

COL. JONATHAN BAKER - Elizabeth Co., Va. Below knee.

I am living at the National Soldiers’ Home in Virginia. My leg was amputated below the knee fifteen years ago. Since that time my experience with the Marks’ manufactured legs is entirely satisfactory. I can walk eight miles a day with ease and do laboring work. May 18, 1904.

* NORMAN COLE-BAKER - New Zealand. Above knee.

I have worn one of your legs since 1889, and have hardly had it off in all that time for a single day, and the last four years I have been living back in a new settlement where everything is very rough. I have often been fourteen hours on horseback at a time either stock riding or packing, and during the winter do my share of bush felling. The rubber foot acts splendidly.

* LUTHER BARBER - Laborer, Beaufort Co., N. C. Below knee.

I am getting along well with the artificial limb your furnished me. I am highly pleased with it, it is not giving me any trouble. I recommend your limb to anyone in need. May 11, 1904.

* ALFREDA BARRETT - Seamstress, Newfoundland. Above knee.

I wouldn’t part with my artificial leg for thousands of dollars if I could not get another. The leg is a perfect fit, and I have never had any trouble. April 23, 1904.

J. F. BALDRIDGE - Carpenter, Wyandotte Co., Kan. Above knee.

I still wear the leg you made me years ago. I am able to walk much better than before amputation. Having been a cripple since the Civil War. I have built a house each year, two of which were two stories high, doing most of the work myself on every part of the building, and without the suffering I endured before amputation. May 2, 1904.

GEO. HY. BARSTOW - Salesman, England. Above knee.

Years ago you supplied me with one of your legs with rubber foot. The leg has been to me everything that you represented, and even more, and I could not say too much in its favor; sometimes I almost forget my loss, and that is saying a great deal. Being a commercial traveler, I am constantly on my feet. I cover the whole of Great Britain, with an occasional visit to Holland and Belgium.

A. E. BARTRAM - Fairfield Co., Conn. Below knee.

I have been wearing your patent artificial leg for the past thirty-four years; I had previously worn others, but they were not satisfactory. In my opinion, your leg is far superior to any other artificial leg made, because of its simplicity, elasticity of the foot, and its noiselessness; these are obtained by the use of the rubber foot, and I think it is the only sensible thing. December 10, 1904.

* EDWARD BASSETT - Age 79, New Zealand. Knee amputation.

The artificial leg I got from you I am well pleased with. One of the doctors told me it was folly of me getting one, a man of my age. I was 76 when I got it. Now I can walk and do a lot of things about the house and yard, which keeps me in good health. June 9, 1904.

* L. A. BASTIDAS - Rep. Colombia. Below knee.

My right leg was amputated a little below the knee in 1887. As soon as the stump was healed I was advised to order an artificial leg from you. I received one in 1889. The leg fitted correctly, and I handled it with extreme facility. Although it was only guaranteed for five years, it lasted me until the end of 1902, and was then in good condition. I, however, replaced it with another from your establishment, and in it I noted important improvements. My occupation is that of a merchant and farmer. I take trips on horseback over very rough roads of 36 to 60 leagues. I walk with ease and comfort. - Translated from Spanish. July 10, 1904.

* JOSEPH H. BATY - Ship Caulker, Westchester Co., N. Y.

In 1865 I had the misfortune to lose my right foot and part of the left on the Harlem Railroad, and when it was healed I called on you to furnish me with a substitute for the lost member. I have been wearing one constantly for the last thirty-nine years, and can truthfully say that I am more satisfied with it, not knowing what I would do without it, as my work is very heavy at times and keeps me either on my feet or moving about. My trade, as you know, is ship caulker. May 30, 1904.

* WALDEMAR H. BAUMEISTER - Printer, Warwick Co., Va.

The arm made for me two years ago is all right every way and thoroughly satisfactory. May 30, 1904.

* CHARLES H. BECKER - Farmer, Columbia Co. Below elbow.

I am wearing one of your artificial arms purchased about three years ago fitted from measurements, amputation below the elbow joint, it pleased me much better than I expected, it enables me to do all kinds of work on the farm. May 12, 1904.

* JUAN BECKER - Uruguay, S. A. Below knee.

I received the artificial leg with rubber foot which you made for me and I have been wearing it constantly ever since and can walk perfectly and do all kinds of work. I am compelled to be on foot, walking about from morning till night, and my stump never feels fatigued. I therefore tender you my most sincere thanks for sending me such a perfect apparatus.

W. C. BEDFORD, M. D. - Cochise Co., Ariz.

Marks’ rubber hand has been especially satisfactory.

* ALBERT W. BEEBE - Molder, New London Co., Conn. Both legs.

I was hurt at Groton while trying to board a moving train. Had left leg taken off six inches below the knee and the right at the instep. I am now wearing your legs, right foot on one side, and a full leg on the other. Can go upstairs and walk long distances. I am a molder by occupation. May 5, 1904.

* J. ARTHUR BEGIN - Quebec. Below elbow.

In June, 1898, I bought of you an artificial hand for amputation at the wrist joint. I have worn it constantly since that time, never took it off but for changing my underwear. Many times people who did not meet me for a little while have said to me, "I thought I heard about you having lost one hand." August 8, 1904.

* THOMAS BELDEN - Watchman, Coffee Co., Ga. Below knee.

I take pleasure in assuring you that the artificial leg I lately purchased of you is affording me entire comfort, it almost takes the place of Nature’s leg in my present employment. I am night watchman and sweeper at the mill and am constantly on my feet and in a position to judge.

* FRANK D. BELL - New Zealand. Above knee.

You may be pleased to hear that Mr. Trapski is successfully using the leg you made for him and can walk easily and quickly. He has every reason to be grateful to you, and will, I am sure, readily recommend your firm to anyone suffering from a like misfortune. In this recommendation I gladly join.

J. FINLEY BELL, M. D. - Bergen Co., N. J.

I ordered a Marks artificial hand and arm for a patient, and it has given good satisfaction.

CHARLES BENTLEY - Weigher, Lawrence Co., S. D. Below elbow.

I have been wearing an arm of your make for about a year and have found it very satisfactory. I am working in an assay office and could not hold my present position without it. May 5, 1904.

* V. BERNIER - Laborer, Quebec. Shoulder.

I feel quite satisfied with my new arm and everything goes all right. May 5, 1904.

MONS. F. J. BERNIER - Montreal. Below knee.

It affords me great pleasure to add my testimonial to the long list you already have. I am a professional prestidigitateur. When I lost my leg, I realized the importance of getting an artificial one that would imitate nature in shape and action as well as possible. I traveled a great deal and examined the works of most of the manufacturers, and finally concluded that I could get the best results by wearing one of your legs with rubber foot. I have worn the leg over five years. When I appear on the stage my steps are elastic and never betray the fact that I wear an artificial leg. After having worn your leg about six weeks, I invited the surgeon who amputated my limb to witness my performance; he invited in turn his medical class. When I was called upon to show my artificial limb, you should have seen the expression on those student’s faces-they could hardly believe it.

*BRUNO BERNIER - Carpenter, Quebec. Above knee.

I have worn a leg from your firm nearly a year. I certify that I am greatly satisfied with it. I recommend those that have had the same misfortune as I, to go to you and obtain something good and reliable. - Translated from French. April 25, 1904.

* MRS. A. R. BERST - Greene Co., Mo. Son Titus, Schoolboy.

In regard to the artificial leg you made for my boy in 1902, I can say it has given satisfaction. Titus gets around fine. His limb is amputated 2 ˝ inches below the knee. He has never walked with a crutch or cane from the first time he put it on. June 27, 1904.

MISS MARY E. BEYER - Monmouth Co., N. J. Below knee.

I must say the artificial leg you made for me gives me and all my friends great satisfaction. I can walk better and with more ease than before. I can ride a wheel as well as my friends with two limbs. If anyone wishes to know about my leg I will give all the information they want. My leg was taken off on the 18th of August and in three months I was wearing your leg with stiff ankle in the most satisfactory way. May 10, 1904.

CHARLES BINGENHEIMER - Farmer, Plymouth Co., Iowa.

The artificial leg you made for me in September, 1902, I have been wearing ever since and I have no trouble. I am satisfied with it. I will recommend your make whenever I can. It is the best artificial leg I ever had. May 6, 1904.

* MRS. JANE BIRD - Worcester Co., Mass. Below knee.

I take pleasure in recommending your artificial limbs. I had the misfortune to have mine amputated half way between the knee and ankle, the future looked dark until you furnished me with a limb fourteen years ago. I wore it continually until you made a new one a few months ago. It is just an excellent fit. I have a large family and do all my housework with ease. June 28, 1904.

* DAVIS H. BISHOP - Miner, Indiana Co., Pa. Below knee.

I have used one of your limbs one year to-day. The rubber foot I am well pleased with, and I am satisfied with the fitting. My leg is off three inches below the knee. I am a coal-digger, and am working every day. I can walk one mile in twenty minutes. Your spring mattress rubber foot is the best out. May 15, 1904.

* EDWARD T. BIRTLES - Saddler, New Zealand. Below knee.

I have had the artificial leg I received from you in use about a year. I am well satisfied with it and find it far more satisfactory than any I have previously used. It is very light and comfortable to wear and so far is wearing well. The foot retains its shape perfectly. June 6, 1904.

* HENRY J. BISHOP - Teacher, Newfoundland. Above knee.

My leg was amputated two inches above the knee in June, 1897. I obtained a substitute from you in July, 1898. I stand and walk about for hours at a time without feeling the least fatigue. I have on several occasions walking eight or ten miles in a day with it. It scarcely ever occurs to strangers that I am wearing an artificial limb. Hardly any expense for repairs of any kind have been needed during the six years I have used it. A few months ago, however, I ordered and duly received a second limb whose service would be invaluable if my old friend No. 1 should meet with an accident. April 29, 1904.

J. ANDREW BLAKER - Teacher, Augusta Co., Va. Shortened leg.

I have been wearing an appliance of your make for about two years. My leg is six inches short and the ankle is very weak, but with the extension I can walk with ease. My occupation is that of a teacher, and as such, I must stand and walk a good deal. I can ride a wheel, skate, and in fact do anything that I could do with two natural limbs. May 26, 1904.

CLEOPHAS BOLDUC - Baggageman, Quebec. Below knee.

It is with great pleasure I take the opportunity of thanking you for the excellent manner in which my artificial leg is giving satisfaction. My occupation is train baggageman on the Canadian Pacific Ry. About ten years ago in an accident on the road my left leg was amputated. Shortly afterwards I purchased an artificial one from your firm and it has been in constant use up to about two months ago. My run on the road is 172 miles which occupies seven hours daily, and I have no difficulty in doing my work and have never lost any time and have had no soreness in my stump. The artificial leg recently purchased has the appearance of giving the same good services as the old one. April 23, 1904.

* O. F. BLEVINS - Registrar, Wilkes Co., N. C. Below knee.

I have been wearing one of your artificial legs for about two years and can say that it has given entire satisfaction. I live two miles from our court house and I walk to and from the court house every day. My occupation is registrar of deeds for Wilkes County, N. C. My leg is amputated just below the knee. I take great pleasure in recommending your make of limbs. May 12, 1904.

JAMES G. BRADY - Lackawanna Co., Pa. Both below elbows.

I am writing you a few lines to let you know that I can handle a pen with my artificial right hand. I am at present working for the Lackawanna Iron and Steel company, and am doing satisfactory work. I am a candidate for alderman in our ward and expect to be elected. I am now registrar of voters and do all my own writing, thanks to you and the useful artificial hands you furnished me. If I succeed in being elected it will secure a position for me that will last at least five years. It will make bigger demands upon my artificial arms, but I have no doubt that they will be equal to the work. The people in our ward say your artificial hands are wonderful when they see me writing.

* JAMES P. BOOTH, M. D. - San Bernardino Co., Cal. Below knee.

My son, John Jerome Booth, aged eighteen years, who had the misfortune to lose a foot about thirteen years ago, has used one of your artificial limbs for the past twelve years with complete satisfaction. Soon after procuring the Marks’ limb I concluded to try ----- , and for that purpose ordered one with lateral motion. Here, then, I had a fair opportunity for competitive trial. As a result, the leg was returned for repairs in six months, while the Marks’ was never returned except for lengthening. My son runs, jumps, climbs, and skates as well as any of his companions, and the closest observers, when informed of his misfortune, are at a loss to determine which is the real and which the artificial limb.

* L. BOUTINON - France. Below knee.

I have been wearing the artificial leg you made for me constantly, and it is with the greatest pleasure that I can certify I never felt as comfortable before while I wore other patents. The main objection I made against your system was the absence of the ankle joint, but now I can say, this is the chief merit of your limbs. I am now able to walk much longer distances than ever before.

* ALLEN T. BOWIE - Court Clerk, Adams Co., Miss. Knee bearing.

In 1883 my leg was amputated below the knee. Have used several makes of artificial limbs and now wear A. A. Marks’ knee-bearing one with the most satisfaction. May 7, 1904.

* HAROLD BRADY - Farmer, Cass Co., Mich. Above knee

In January, 1903, I had the misfortune to lose my left leg, as I was troubled with necrosis of the bone and had to have my leg amputated about six and one-half inches from my body. I got your leg in July, 1903, and have worn it with great satisfaction. I can ride a bicycle and get around with ease. I am fifteen years old and thank you very much for the service and comfort your leg has given me. May 8, 1904.

SAMUEL J. BRADY, M. D. - Brooklyn, N. Y.

Your plain and simple mode of construction of artificial legs is, to my mind, unquestionably the best, and when asked by legless persons as to whose make of artificial limbs would prove the best to secure comfort and utility I most decidedly say, without any hesitation, Marks’.

* ELMER G. BREWER - Farmer, Des Moines Co., Iowa.

The good artificial arm and rubber hand purchased of you has given good satisfaction. I am a farmer by occupation and the arm has been in constant use without repairs. The stump of my arm is but six inches long, and the arm fits well, and is all one could expect. May 26, 1904.

C. H. BREWSTER - Truckman, New York City. Below knee.

I have worn one of your rubber foot limbs for about fifteen years with entire satisfaction. My occupation is truckman for the New York belting and Packing Company. I help in loading my own truck and frequently lift bales of several hundredweight. The limb has been in constant use.

W. J. BREWSTER - Telegraph Operator. Montgomery Co., N. Y.

I have been afflicted with a shortened leg twenty years and have tried two instruments of different firms which did not prove satisfactory, one made by you has proved to be the best by far. I am employed by the railroad as a telegraph operator, and walk five miles every day, year round. It is a great help to me, it makes me sure and safe and no danger turning over as is easily done with the other makes. May 18, 1904.

A. BRIDGEMAN - Mill Inspector, New Haven Co., Conn.

My leg is amputated below the knee leaving a stump of about six inches, I have worn artificial legs for over twenty-nine years. I have worn two different legs with ankle and toe movements, also three legs of your manufacture, and it gives me great pleasure to state that I have always found your style of leg capable and able to do all that I require of it. My vocation compels me to do considerable walking and am on my feet almost continuously twelve out of twenty-four hours. The last leg you furnished me is giving as good satisfaction as those of the past, and I can express myself no better than by saying that I know your make of leg to be the best suitable for nature in the world. May 11, 1904.

* C. ELLWOD BRIGHT - Farmer, Caroline Co., Md. Above knee.

I have a leg of your make, and I like it very much, have been using it five years. I have an eight-inch stump from the hip joint, the leg works all O.K. I am farming and trucking, and I do my own work. I have plowed new ground. I believe the Marks’ rubber foot cannot be beat. May 19, 1904.

* J. W. BROCK - Traveling Salesman, Boone Co., Ind. Below elbow.

The arm I bought of you about six months ago is a perfect fit in every way. It gives me a great amount of service, such as using a knife, or fork, or brush, holding my paper when writing, driving a horse, holding my newspaper while reading. When traveling I carry two valises, and the heaviest one in the artificial hand. It is a great help to me in walking, it balances my whole body and helps my looks, and by its use my stump has become stronger. Feb. 2, 1904.

A. J. BROWN - Station Agent, Franklin Co., Vt. Both below knees.

There are quite a number of different makes of legs in and around this place, but none that have stood the wear and usage that yours has. It will be nine years the 30th of this month since I received your legs, and have worn them all the time since, and they are still in fair shape, better than some which have been worn less than half as long and cost as much, and anyone knowing what a station agent’s duties are will know to what they have been subject to. There are none like Marks’ for me. May 16, 1905.

* F. M. BROWN - Iron Worker, Valencia Co., N. M. Above elbow.

I lost my arm last June by falling from a car, and I have only four inches of a stump left. I was told that I could not wear an artificial arm to any advantage, but the arm you made for me is as much good in looks as the left arm, and very useful. May 5, 1904.

J. E. BROWN - Lawyer, Jackson Co., Ala. Above knee.

I wish to say to you, and to the inquiring public who may desire artificial limbs, that I have been wearing the limb made by you for the last fifteen years, and I find it very satisfactory. I have used several other patents, and believe yours is the best leg made. May 24, 1904.

* J. H. BROWN - Steamboat Pilot, Ohio Co., Ky. Below knee.

I am pleased to say that I find great satisfaction in wearing your leg. I am a steamboat pilot, and sometimes stand on my feet for 18 to 20 hours, walking a bridge or climbing a ladder just the same as I ever did. I would not be without one for ten times the cost of a leg, and I am ready and willing to give any information I can to anyone in need. May 6, 1904.

J. L. BROWN, M. D. - Saline Co., Neb.

In behalf of Mrs. Dora Schweer, I wish to thank you for the elegant fit and workmanship of the artificial limb we got from you. She does her housework, comes to town, and crosses the streets as easily as she could before the accident. There is not money enough in the country to buy that limb if she could not get another.

* J. W. BROWN - Harness Maker, Jones Co., Ia. Instep amputation.

On or about July 1st, 1903, I purchased an artificial foot for Chopart amputation of you. Have worn the foot every day since receiving it, and it is giving good satisfaction. I am a harness maker, and on my feet much of the time, but that foot is always ready for business. May 2, 1904.

* JEAN BAPTISTE BRUN - Merchant, France. Above knee.

It is with pleasure that I acknowledge that your artificial leg is excellent. I am no longer a young man, am seventy years of age, and quite heavy. I am well pleased with the leg, and get around satisfactorily. - Translated from French. May 14, 1904.

HENRY BRUNING - Farmer, Passaic Co., N. J. Knee amputation.

I wear a knee-bearing leg with every comfort anyone can wish for, work on a farm, carry from one hundred to one hundred and fifty pounds on my shoulders, and use my leg very rough at times, and do a great deal of heavy trucking. I have worked on a moving van, and in a piano factory, also in a lumber sawmill, in a machine shop, as janitor in a big school, and had a bicycle business of my own. I have had seven other makes of legs in nine years, but the Marks’ leg is the "only one." May 9, 1904.

* JOHN BURKLEY - Dancing Teacher, Hamilton Co., O.

I have worn your artificial arm now for five years, using it at the factory for three years. I worked around the factory like any ordinary man.

Since I left the factory I have given my attention to teaching dancing. My artificial arm is so natural that the dancing people do not know which is the artificial one until I tell them-which I don’t do very often.

JOHN D. BURHANS - Truckman, Ulster Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I have worn one of your artificial limbs for seven months, and am well pleased with it, do heavy work with it. June 5, 1904.

F. W. BURKE - Brakeman, Quebec. Left ankle, right below knee.

I am satisfied with the artificial legs you furnished to me nearly two years ago. My limbs were amputated the 30th of May, 1903, and I got my artificials from you December the same year. My artificial limbs are all right. I have every faith in the superiority of your work; your limbs are unquestionably the best that money can buy, and the best made in the world. April 19, 1904.

JAMES BURTON - Weaver, Oneida Co., N. Y. Below knee.

The last leg I got of you is all right. My right leg is amputated four inches below the knee. I am a cotton weaver, and I run eight looms, and it keeps me on my feet all the time, but when my day’s work is over I change my clothes for the evening and walk about the village. I can walk three or four miles at a time and am not tired, and my stump never gets sore. I would not change Marks’ leg for any other, it gives perfect ease and comfort. May 15, 1904.

* JOHN BYRNE - New London Co., Conn. Below elbow.

We all know an artificial arm can’t be expected to do the same amount of work as the natural one. When I first put your arm on it felt heavy, but now it feels fine, it balances my shoulders so that lots of people whom I have spoken to since I got your arm hardly know me, they say it looks so real, my friends many times ask me which is the real one. I am in the grocery business for myself. I can do up bundles with the aid of the rubber hand. My arm has been amputated since July 7th, 1897, my stump healed in good shape, it feels much better with the arm. April 28, 1904.

LOUIS BURWELL - Grocery Clerk, Edgecomb Co., N. C. Above knee.

I have a nine-inch stump and wear your artificial leg. No money could buy this limb if I could not get another. My friends all say that anyone not knowing me could not tell that I am wearing an artificial leg. I am a clerk in a grocery store. Your leg gives perfect satisfaction. May 8, 1904.

* EPIFANIO BUSTAMANTE - Barber, Mexico. Below knee.

I am very much pleased and thankful to you for the last leg you sent me. I always recommend you, stating that your make is the best in the world, and whenever I see anyone in need of a limb I always advise them to apply to you. Words fail to state my thanks for the construction of this last leg. I was always suited with the first one, but I am very much better pleased with this. The reputation of your manufactory is known all over the world. If I were in good circumstances I would not hesitate to take the journey solely for the pleasure of knowing my benefactors, and to give them an embrace as a proof of my gratitude. - Translated from Spanish.

May 14, 1904.

* JAMES BUTLER - Fisherman, Newfoundland. Elbow joint.

With much pleasure I send these few lines to you to tell you that I am greatly pleased with the artificial arm you sent me. I am deriving good satisfaction from it. It is a great help in my daily labor, it has been very serviceable, and I hope and believe it will be so long as I live. May 15, 1904.

* JOHN BUTSON - Farmer, New Zealand. Above knee.

In September, 1899, I was so unfortunate as to lose my right leg above the knee, leaving about six inches of a stump. I was advised to get one of your patent artificial limbs with rubber foot. I have now used it for eighteen months. My occupation is a farmer. I can use it much better than I expected. I think anyone in need of a limb could not do better than use one of your make. June 3, 1904.

* A. H. CAMERON - Teacher, Alberta, Canada. Above elbow.

I am grateful to you for manufacturing and supplying me with an arm which I wear with comfort, pleasure, and satisfaction. The amputation is above the elbow. I would not be without it, it establishes an equilibrium of the body, it has developed my shoulder, by giving it exercise. For these reasons, coupled with the excellence of workmanship, naturalness of form, and superior quality of material in your limbs, I recommend them to all who may need such. May 26, 1904.

* D. CAMPBELL - Horse-dealer, Ransom Co., N. D. Above knee.

In regard to your leg, must I say it has given me good satisfaction. I have only about an eight-inch stump. I am a farmer and horse-dealer, and find it necessary to be on my legs from twelve to sixteen hours a day. Have not run across anyone wearing an artificial limb that could be on it more hours a day than I. May 2, 1904.

* FERNANDO CAMPOS - Brakeman, El Paso, Co., Tex.

I have pleasure to certify that the artificial leg which you had the kindness to send me in February, 1903, is giving me entire satisfaction. I cheerfully and conscientiously recommend your work to others. May 3, 1904.

* B. L. CANTRELL - Driver, Marion Co., Ala. Below knee.

About two years ago I had my left foot amputated just above the ankle joint, and procured from you an artificial leg, which I have been wearing for more than a year with good results. I drive a mail wagon, and could not ask for anything better in line of an artificial leg than the one you sent me. May 23, 1904.

* C. G. CARD - Carpenter, Somerset Co., Me. Below knee.

My artificial leg is perfect. I am much pleased with it. I put the limb on two months after amputation, and have worn it ever since. I am a carpenter by trade, and do the work of carpentry in all its branches. I would advise anyone in need of an artificial limb to select yours in preference to all other kinds. They are light, strong, and reliable. July 17, 1904.

W. L. CANFIELD - Towerman, Orange Co., N. Y. Instep amputat’n.

The artificial foot you made for me February 1st, 1903, is giving good satisfaction, and I would wear no other make. Have been wearing artificial limbs for the past ten years, and find your patent to be far the best for ease and comfort, and to work on, can do my work as good as though I had my own foot. I work in a tower throwing twenty levers for twelve hours a day, and am on my feet all the time. My foot is amputated in the instep. Cannot recommend your patent too highly. I have worn other makes, but could get no comfort out of them, and one caused another amputation. May 16, 1904.

* MRS. FRED. CARDINAL - St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Below knees.

I have worn a pair of artificial legs since December 5, 1903. I have never used a cane or crutch since I got them. My husband runs a big farm. I milk eight cows nights and mornings. I am on my feet from six o’clock in the morning until eight and nine at night, and am not any more tired than I would be if I had natural legs. I do all my housework, have three children, a hired man, and my husband, that makes six in the family. I do my own sewing on a sewing machine and can run the machine as well as any woman with her own feet. I do a good deal of work in the garden. I had my limbs taken off about fifteen years ago by the cars, one is seven and a half inches below the knee, and the other four and a half inches below the knee. May 16, 1904.

* JOHN HENRY CARDWELL - Lumberman, Rainy River, Ont.

The leg with rubber foot received from you for knee joint amputation I have worn every day. I had it just two weeks when I started for the bush for my winter’s work. This is my second winter in the woods, and have every comfort with the leg. I can pick a hundred pounds up and carry it easy. I don’t think there is a limb made that gives the satisfaction your rubber foot gives. It is light and comfortable. May 11, 1904.


On the evening of June 7, 1888, stole into the yards of the railroad depot at Utica, N. Y., with an armful of papers. It was his intention to board an express train which was about due. The train was late. Johnny sat upon the platform step and fell asleep. When the express came it ran over his leg and mangled it in a frightful manner. Johnny’s first thought was that the yard-master had got hold of him and that he had better get out of the way. In his efforts to get up he was brought to realize the fact that he has been run over. The depot men picked him up and took him to a neighboring hospital where the surgeons amputated the mangled leg. Johnny made a quick recovery, and soon got about on crutches. A few sympathizing friends contributed enough money to buy one of Marks’ artificial legs. Johnny soon learned to walk, and resumed his newspaper traffic. Ever since then he has been going about so naturally and comfortably that nobody suspects that he is the same Johnny Carey who met with the frightful accident to 1888; he is able to run, walk, jump on and off cars just as well as other boys, and he manages to sell as many papers as any of his fellow-newsboys.

* JAMES CARLING - Miner, New Zealand. Below knee.

The artificial leg you made for me has given every satisfaction. It has enabled me to follow my occupation as a miner with the least possible inconvenience. I gladly recommend your work. June, 1904.

* SAMUEL E. CARLISLE - Coach Driver, Penobscot Co., Me.

I have worn one of your artificial legs for nearly six years, and have found it to be just what you claim.

* J. D. CARPENTER, M. D. - Phelps Co., Mo.

I take great pleasure in recommending your artificial limbs, especially for their durability and superiority of the rubber foot over all others. My left limb is amputated just above the knee joint. I have worn one of your limbs since April, 1884, and it has not cost me one cent for repairs to this date; I walk easily without a cane, and have no difficulty in following my profession.

LAWRENCE CARRINGTON - Drug Clerk, Marshall Co., Miss.

The artificial leg Dr. Hayes ordered for me for which he took measurements and sent them to you has been in use for a month. I put it on the same day I received it, and have been wearing it continuously since and have had no trouble whatever. My stump is only eight inches long from the body. February 18, 1905.

* L. A. CARROLL - Barber, Monroe Co., Miss. Below knee.

I suppose you are aware of the fact that I have been wearing one of your artificial legs for over four years. I think myself the best one-legged man in Mississippi, from the simple fact that I am wearing one of your artificial limbs. I am a barber by trade, I stand at my chair fourteen to sixteen hours each day, and work hard. I have won two races on my bicycle; I can ride as far as any man in town, and just a little faster. This is my first opportunity to tell you what I think of your limb.

* THOMAS CARROLL - Cook Co., Ill. Ankle amputation.

In regard to the artificial limb which I purchased of you, I wish to say that I cannot praise it too highly. As my work requires me to be on my feet all day, the leg gives me no trouble, but is easy and comfortable. May 14, 1904.

W. H. CARRUTHERS - Clerk, Ontario. Below knee.

The leg you made for me in August, 1902, has been in use every day. My amputation is six inches below knee joint. I was run over by an engine on the Grand Trunk Ry., November, 1877, when I was sixteen years old, I have worn leather legs with wooden feet and ankle joints, and have never found myself satisfied till I got one of yours. My stump was always sore with the leather leg, especially in warm weather, but since I got one of yours with rubber foot, I have no such trouble. There is nothing like the rubber foot, it feels just like walking on your bare foot, and I don’t have any trouble with rattling joints, and thumping the side walks as I did with wooden feet.

* JACOB CASE - Mason Co., Ky. Below knee.

I bought an artificial leg from you for my boy in the year 1902. I sent you measurements and had it constructed by them, as soon as the leg was received I had it applied, and the young man walked on it, and has never been without it one day since. He went to work the Monday after he received it, those that saw him before the leg was applied did not know him when he walked around on two legs. He can run, skate, and walk as well as any boy. May 22, 1904.

MRS. MARY CASSIDY - Housewife, Brooklyn, N. Y. Below knee.

I take pleasure in informing you that my artificial limb is a great success. It has given me perfect satisfaction in every way. I am able now to attend to all my household duties without the slightest inconvenience. May 9, 1904.

* GEORGE CASTLETON - New Zealand. Above knee.

I am now working for the same firm I worked for when I met with the accident, engineering and engine driving. I walk very well, indeed. I think the rubber foot is a great thing, as it does not jar, and the leg is so strong that it is not easily broken. I give it severe tests at my work.

SERAFIN CAULA - Clerk. Above knee.

It will soon be a year since I was at your establishment in search of relief, my deplorable condition was caused by an amputation in the upper part of the right thigh, leaving a stump only four inches in length. I had a leg made by another manufacturer, but was unable to walk on it, in spite of having practiced assiduously for more than six months. Completely disheartened I believed that I should never walk, I resolved, however, to go to your manufactory as a last resort. In ten days you furnished me with a limb so perfectly adjusted that I have used it constantly with ease and comfort. Although my occupation as a Government employee obliges me to sit most of the time, I take plenty of exercise and walk perfectly. - Translated from Spanish. April 30, 1904.

ROBIN CELLS - Rockland Co., N. Y. Above knee.

The leg you made for me two years ago is as sound as when I got it, although it has had several hard knocks. My leg is amputated above the knee, leaving a stump of 7 ˝ inches, I get around very good, and think nothing of walking two or three miles. I find the socket very comfortable, it never chafes the stump. May 20, 1904.

FRANK L. CHAFFEE - Farmer, Bedford Co., Pa. Below knee.

The foot I bought of you is giving good satisfaction. I have now had it two years. I am farming, and can plow, drag, and do all kinds of work with it. The foot I had before this, made by another firm, always caused me a great deal of trouble. I am well pleased with your work. May 2, 1904.

R. M. CHAMBLISS - Banker, Haywood Co., Tenn. Below knee.

It gives me great pleasure to say that the limb you made for me in March, just six months after I lost my leg by falling under moving train, has given me perfect satisfaction, and I believe will continue to do so. I have worn it every day since getting it, and have suffered no pain or had any sores of any kind on my stump. June 7, 1904.

* E. S. CHARLOTTE - Painter, Craven Co., N. C. Below knee.

The artificial leg I got of you in May, 1897, is still in use. It has required no repairs. I work all day on a long ladder, I am a painter by trade. Have walked five miles in the summer time without any trouble. I advise anyone in want of a limb to get one of your make. June 3, 1904.

* DOLPH CHEEK - Salesman, Alamance Co., N. C. Below elbow.

It gives me great pleasure to say that the artificial hand made and fitted from measurements is perfect in every respect. People do not suspect me to be a one-armed man, as the "artificial hand" looks so natural. I can

hold a book or paper in my rubber hand. With the hook and ring attachments I can do most any kind of work, people are surprised to see how well I get along. I can write with my hand, hold a knife to trim the finger nails on my left hand. Dec. 19, 1904.

* W. R. CHEVES - Supt. Sawmill, Berrien Co., Ga.

I lost four fingers and the palm of my right hand in 1896, about a year afterwards I bought from you an artificial hand. This hand has never given me any pain by reason of contact with the stump, besides being of considerable service, it hides the evidence of maimedness. I would advise anyone in need of an artificial limb to go to you. May 16, 1904.

CARROL CHILDES - Davidson Co., Tenn. Below knee.

I am glad to say that the limbs you have manufactured for me from time to time have been very satisfactory, I can recommend your work as superior to any other that I have seen, and I am acquainted with pretty nearly all. Your name is enough to make your limbs travel everywhere. April 28, 1904.

* JOSE TEMISTOCLES CHIRINO - Soldier, Venezuela. Above knee.

The duty which my gratitude imposes upon me, compels me to make the following statement.

I was wounded in the leg in one of the battles of the last war by a Mauser bullet. The projectile smashed the bone in such a manner that I at once became crippled. Lack of means and medical attention occasioned many complications, and after six months of great suffering, I came to this city where they performed the operation, as the only means of quieting the pain. Shortly afterwards my physician, Dr. Pedro Leon, A., advised me to write to you for the purpose of procuring an artificial limb which would replace the one I lost. In truth you set it, and it has greatly exceeded my expectations. I have only used it a very short time, and I walk without any trouble and am again engaged in my usual occupation. It is not heavy, neither does it tire me, nor pain my stump and does not inconvenience me in any way. - Translated from Spanish. May 7, 1904.

GEORGE L. CHILDS - Chauffeur, Essex Co., N. J. Below knee.

I have been wearing one of your legs for over a year, and have found it the best in the world. I have been chauffeur for nearly two years, and have been driving for the Peerless motor car with good results. I can recommend your limb to anyone in the world, and I will be glad to do so. May 7, 1904.

* CHARLES W. CHRISLEY - Farmer, Pulaski Co., Va. Below knee.

I am well pleased with my artificial leg. I can walk fine. I never thought that I would be restored to my usefulness as I am. I could not have made a better choice than I did when I purchased of you. The leg fits perfectly. March 14, 1905.

* E. H. CLARK - Engineer, Middlesex Co., Mass. Shortened leg.

I have worn one of your extensions for about twenty years, and am perfectly satisfied with it, and would have no other. I am an engineer, and it gets pretty hard usage. May 20, 1904.

J. HENRY CLARK, M. D. - Essex Co., N. J.

I cheerfully and fully indorse the Marks’s rubber hands and feet. I have several patients using them, and with perfect satisfaction.

* V. B. CLARK - Jones Co., Ga. Below knee.

I lost my foot in the battle of Spotsylvania, May 10th, 1864, and have been wearing A. A. Marks’ artificial limbs for some twenty years, tried other kinds, none suited me half so well as yours, for comfort and durability; I do not believe there is any made on earth to equal Marks’ limbs. My new foot has given me no trouble from the day I received it, have worn it constantly. May 19, 1904.

* HARRY T. CLARK - Farmer, Belmont Co., O. Below elbow.

In regard to the artificial hand I got of you, I received it the first of April, 1902, and have worn it constantly, and find it of great use in the different works that I have to do. I work on the farm until the fall of the year, then I have a steam hay press with which I travel around the country baling hay for the farmers. The first year I received the hand I pitched wheat for three wagons. To make a long story short, I get along with the hand nearly as well as I did when I had both of my own hands. May 10, 1904.

* W. A. CLARK - Lumberman, Choctaw Nation, Ind. Ty. Above knee.

The leg I bought of you some twelve years ago is now laid aside for the new one just received. I was formerly in the lumber business; handled lumber, rode horseback, and a great many people making my acquaintance never knew that I used an artificial limb. The new one bids fair to be as good. The fit is excellent. May 23, 1904.

* PERCY T. CLARKE - Student, Hancock Co., Me. Below elbow.

My artificial arm was received about four years ago, and has given me untold help and comfort. The looks alone are worth more than the price. May 31, 1904.

* T. P. CLARKE - Farmer, Russell Co., Kans. Below knee.

My limb is amputated about two inches below the knee; has been off for twenty years. I have worn two of your limbs, and can recommend them highly, especially for strength and durability. Mine has had hard wear on a Kansas farm. April 30, 1904.

* MRS. ANNIE CLEMENTS - Saginaw Co., Mich. Below knee.

I have been wearing the Marks’ artificial leg twelve years, the first one I ordered I used constantly ten years without having any repairs made, then I concluded I had better order another so as to have an extra one, in case of need. I used the artificial leg with ankle movement for eighteen years before I got the one from A. A. Marks without ankle movement. I have no further use for ankle movements. After the first year they are not reliable, and they make so much noise. I have always cared for and done all the housework for a family of seven. May 11, 1904.

REV. I. N. CLEMENTS - Madison Co., N. Y. Knee-bearing.

I have worn an artificial limb of your make for about twenty-three years. Previously I had worn one of a different manufacture, but I did not like it. Since wearing your make I have walked more easily, and with no noise.

* FRED CLOWES - School Teacher, Australia. Both below knees.

I have much pleasure in recommending your artificial limbs to all who are afflicted as I am. Your legs have made such an improvement in my appearance, that strangers cannot tell that I have lost both of my natural ones until some person tells them. The legs felt a little awkward the first fortnight, during which time I was forced to use two sticks, but before long I could walk without the aid of them. This may be considered very good progress seeing that I never used my knee joints until I got your artificial legs. June 7, 1904.

* J. D. CLUCK - Farmer, Cherokee, Ind. Ty. Above knee.

In July, 1884, I accidentally split my right knee-joint with an ax, which limb, three days later, was amputated four inches above knee-joint, leaving an eight-inch stump. In January, 1886, I purchased my artificial leg of you by sending measurements taken by one of my neighbors and myself.

I am now compelled to say that, after about ten years of constant use, I feel confident I made no mistake in taking your patent. I often walk to church, over a mile, in company with others. My chief occupation is farming, I often saw wood all day, or I can pick a hundred pounds of cotton in a day, and that is about the amount I picked before my leg was amputated.

JAMES COLE - Farmer, Crawford Co., Pa. Below knee.

The leg you made for me is the best artificial leg that I ever wore, and I can’t speak too much in praise of it. I think the rubber foot is a great improvement over any other make. I shall get your make of limbs hereafter. I lost my leg in the war. May 13, 1904.

* ALLEN COLEMAN - Watchman, Hale Co., Ala. Below elbow.

I bought from you in July, 1903, an artificial arm and hand for amputation five inches below elbow. I have worn the arm every day, and have not had one moment’s trouble with it. I have charge of two tanks on the Southern Ry. and I fire my furnace. The other day I went on top of one of my tanks, which is about twenty-five feet high, and spent about four hours calking the top of the tank, carrying a bucket of white lead and a fourteen-foot ladder around the top of the tank. The arm was made from measurements, and the fit could not have been better if I had been at your factory. May 1, 1904.

* JOHN COLIGHAN - Barber, Schuylkill Co., Pa. Below knee.

In regard to your rubber foot, would say that I am well pleased with it. It gives me better satisfaction and more comfort than any other that I have worn. I am a barber, and the leg is giving the best of satisfaction. I am wearing your artificial leg for nine years, and your foot is the only one I can wear at my trade with comfort. May 11, 1904.

* ISAAC COLLINS - Fisherman, Newfoundland. Below knee.

I am thankful for my artificial leg. I am able to walk three miles over ice, and do my work the same as when I had both natural legs. I am able to take my gun as usual and go shooting. I am able to go in my boat as I did before. This artificial leg with rubber foot can’t be excelled unless you get the blood circulating in it. April 30, 1904.

* CLODOMIRO CONCHA - Clerk, Chile. Below knee.

I am pleased now to communicate the following. viz: I had scarcely worn the artificial leg with rubber foot, which you made for me, two months, when I resumed my former position in the firm of Williamson, Balfour & Co. The fulfillment of this position demands constant work at all hours of the day and a portion of the night. In spite of this, and the constant exercise on foot and on horseback, I am completely comfortable. Fatigue and pains are unknown to me, although I am as active as in my best days. Those who are ignorant of my misfortune are astonished, and refuse to believe that I wear an artificial leg, the perfection of the apparatus is so great. - Translated from Spanish.

STEPHEN J. CONDIN - Worcester Co., Mass. Below knee.

Having worn one of your limbs for two years I can truthfully recommend them. May 10, 1904.

R. V. CONLEY - Railroad, Providence Co., R. I. - Below knee.

There is as much difference in artificial limbs as there is in folks, and sometimes more. I wish to thank you for the kindness shown me during my stay at your place of business. I must say it is really a pleasure for a man in my condition to be measured and have a limb made by your firm. My limb is one good success. It is impossible for me to say too many good things about your work. April 22, 1904.

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Very satisfied!! Did their utmost to help and fit the brace comfortable.