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CHAPTER XXXVII - Testimonials - Part B

* JOHN CONNER - Miner, Clearfield Co., Pa. Below knee.

I take great pleasure in recommending your legs to any person working in or around the coal mines. I wear one of your feet for below knee amputation, and can walk as well as before I lost my limb. I have to push heavy cars, which I handle with as much ease as ever. I have worked with people a long time before they knew I wore an artificial foot. May 23, 1904.

* WM. P. COONROD - Teamster, Erie Co., N. Y. Below elbow.

The artificial arm you made for me about eighteen months ago is all right. My occupation is teamster, and I can handle a team with it. I use the hook while at work. I use the hand for brushing my coat, and get along all right. May 24, 1904.

* JAMES W. COPELAND - Musician, New Brunswick. Below knee.

Your artificial limb has given the very best of satisfaction, and it is impossible to tell that I wear one at all. I am a musician, and leader of a band, and sometimes have to walk long distances, as at parades, a person has to be pretty well supplied with limbs to stand that, the routes of parades being about five or six miles, and sometimes more. Well, the Marks’ leg just suits me, and my artificial limb is just as good as the natural for that purpose. April 30, 1904.

G. A CORBETT - Sheboygan Co., Wis. Above knee.

I consider it my duty, and everyone else that wears an artificial limb, to tell the public, especially those that have to wear them, their candid opinions of the legs they are wearing. I have worn no less than five different makes, and give yours the preference. The action of the knee joint is far preferable for me than any other that I have worn, and I know the very best material is used. No one can help but feel at home as he goes into your building, everything reasonable they ask will be granted to them.

April 25, 1905.

* FRANCOIS CORRIVEAU - Farmer, Bellechase Co., Que.

I have worn the artificial leg you made for me last September and am highly satisfied. I am a farmer, and do my work the same as my neighbors who have their natural legs. I thank you for the interest you have taken in the case, and take pleasure in encouraging everybody in need of an artificial limb to address you. - Translated from French. May 21, 1904.

W. T. COREY - Rutland Co., Vt. Above knee.

For about two years I suffered from diseased bone in my knee-joint. On the 13th of May, 1903, my surgeon found it necessary to amputate above the knee, leaving an eight-inch stump, and on the 15th of July I came to your factory and purchased an artificial limb with rubber foot, which I am wearing now. I began work on the 27th of August, and since then have not missed wearing it a day. My work is in a milk skimming station and grocery store combined, where I have heavy barrels, boxes, and milk cans to handle daily. It was some time before people here knew I wore an artificial limb. May 10, 1904.

* JAMES COSTELLO - Fisherman, Newfoundland. Above knee.

Its fitting is good, I can get about all right on it. I had to throw away the old imitation leg altogether. I can walk now without the aid of a stick. June 3, 1904.

W. A. COTTERILL - Conductor, New York City. Above knee.

I have had such excellent service from the artificial leg you made for me in 1887 I am willing to say anything commendatory of your work. The leg has been in constant use for fourteen years and is in excellent condition now. I shall probably wear it a great many years longer. The rubber foot is helpful and never gives me any anxiety as to its durability. June 13, 1904.

JOSEPH COUTURE - Quebec. Both legs amputated.

It is two years ago to-day that I began wearing your artificial legs. I have one artificial leg below the knee and the other above. I am well pleased and get about my business with the help of a cane without the least difficulty. I feel well satisfied and recommend the A. A. Marks’ artificial limbs. April 25, 1904.

JAMES A. CRANDALL - Clerk, Philadelphia Co., Pa. Below knee.

I have been wearing your patent artificial leg for some years and in my opinion your leg is far superior to any other made, because of its ease, elasticity, and stillness. These are obtained by the used of the rubber foot. Also because of the durability. I have no trouble in the least to get around. I can ride a bike, play ball, in fact I go in for all out-of-door sports. I cheerfully recommend your legs to all needing them. May 5, 1904.

* W. L. CORGAN - General Store, St. Louis Co., Mo.

I have worn a pair of Marks’ legs for about eleven years. My left leg is off about five inches above the knee, and the right is off five and one-half inches below the knee. My legs were made from measurements taken one thousand miles from New York by myself, assisted by a friend. I have never seen New York or Marks’ factory, and they have never seen me. In ten years I don’t think I have spent ten dollars for repairs. I have seen lots of wearers of other legs, and have yet to see any in my condition that could walk with me. I am in the general store business, and work in all the departments, not now and then, but every day in the year from early until late. My first pair of legs lasted a little over nine years. Am now wearing my second pair. Therefore, brothers, don’t be discouraged if you get a leg or two cut off, for if you are the right kind of stuff, there is lots of fun here for you yet. I belong to the Improved Order of Red Men, am on the degree team and help do the work, and also an Odd Fellow. April 26, 1904.

* JOHN CRAWFORD - Miner, Athens Co., Ohio. Below knee.

This is the second artificial leg I have bought of you and can say that both have given the best of satisfaction. I have worn four artificial limbs. The first I got was worth about ten cents. The next was nearly as good. The third one was from you and it gave such good satisfaction that had it not been for a fire in which my leg and nearly myself were burned up, I dare say I should have been using it yet. My occupation, that of a miner, requires an artificial limb that is nearly indestructible. Yours comes nearer that, besides giving greater comfort than any I have heard of. The persons wearing your artificial limbs around here have nothing but praise for them. May 16, 1904.

* ENRIQUE P. CORTEZ - Sonora, Mexico. Both legs.

I am pleased to inform you that I have used the artificial leg and part of foot you made for me. They enable me to mentally lay aside the sad fact that I am a cripple. I am a captain in the Federal Army of the Mexican Republic. My right foot and toes of the left was frozen and became gangrened in 1893, when I was caught in a severe snow storm in an expedition to the Sierra Madre. You made a right leg for me in 1893 and with slight repairs made in 1903 I find the leg in a condition as good as new promising at least to last ten years longer. For this I am very grateful to you.

My right leg was amputated at the ankle joint. The end sloughed and I have no flap or cushion on the end of the bone. Therefore, I do not or cannot bear any weight or pressure on the end, but the leg which you constructed applied weight and pressure some distance above the end, and inconvenience is not felt in the least. I walk perfectly over rough ground, ride well on horseback, and in short, although I have lost one leg and part of the other foot I am enabled to continue in the service of my country. I certainly feel very grateful to you for the good work you have done in the way of repairing me. - Translated from Spanish. April 28, 1904.

* S. S. CROCKETT - Machinist, Carter Co., Tenn. Below elbow.

The artificial arm and rubber hand I ordered of you in December, 1902, gives perfect satisfaction. I do not think there could be anything gotten up to equal it, in fact, hardly anyone notices that I am wearing an artificial arm. Being a machinist and an engineer, it enabled me to follow my profession. I also handle a steam log-loader and have to handle the lever that swings the loader from right to left with an artificial hand. I can file and hold a chisel, in fact, it is surprising to know what can be done with an artificial hand. April 30, 1904.

* JAMES P. CROSBY - Worcester Co., Mass. Below knee.

Having worn an artificial leg procured from you I can say that after an experience of over twenty years with different makes, yours with the rubber foot is the most comfortable I have ever worn, and as it was fitted from measures, and without any alterations whatever, I thought it phenomenal. I have not expended a cent for repairs, and it is as good as the first day I put it on. I am on my feet most of the time. May 12, 1904.

JOHN CROWE - Truck Driver, Washington, D. C. Below knee.

Permit me to extend to you my congratulations on attaining such a high state of perfection in artificial limb making. I lost my left leg about three inches below the knee by reason of a gunshot wound in the Civil War. I resorted to the use of an artificial leg and though I wore several other makes, none pleased me till I had a trial of your which far surpasses all others, and the rubber foot improvement I consider ideal, not only on account of its noiselessness but also for its elasticity and safety. I have worn several of your make all to my entire satisfaction and though I do some heavy work, in all cases they sustain the strain which many times is very severe. Weigh over 180 pounds, get about quite actively and attend to my daily duties with ease and comfort. May 10, 1904.

* REV. H. L. CRUMLEY - Fulton Co., Ga. In charge of an orphan asylum, in behalf of an inmate he wrote:

We have found the artificial limb you made for "Leona Miller," a small girl in our Orphan’s Home, durable, serviceable, and with the occasional lengthening very satisfactory. She is now nearly grown and finds the leg indispensable. June 22, 1904.

* A. CRYSLER - Barber, Montcalm Co., Mich. Below knee.

I have worn your make of artificial limb for thirteen years and have always found it satisfactory in every way. I think the rubber foot is the best foot made. April 27, 1904.

* MISS MARY E. CURRY - Worcester Co., Mass. Hip amputation.

My right leg was amputated at the hip joint in 1901. I received the artificial leg in April, 1902, and began to use it immediately. I found no difficulty in learning its use and after a few weeks was able to walk anywhere without assistance and with very little limp. I can get on and off cars, climb stairs, in fact do most anything with it. May 10, 1904.

* HENRY CURTAIN - Canvasser, New Zealand. Below knee.

Five years ago while loading wheat on my cart at Auckland wharf a full sack fell on my leg. After suffering sometime it was discovered that gangrene had set in, and as a result my leg had to be amputated just below the knee. I obtained an artificial leg with patent rubber foot from you and after giving his four years’ hard and satisfactory wear I decided to obtain another. My object in so doing was to make sure that I should not be left without, were your firm to retire from business. I have been wearing both legs alternately for the past twelve months without discomfort. My present occupation, which I have followed since my recovery, is that of a tea canvasser. This vocation necessitates a well-fitting leg and one that can be relied on. I have already recommended your firm to unfortunate fellow sufferers, and will continue to do so in future. January 10, 1905.

B. CYR - Tailor, New Brunswick. Hip joint amputation.

I must say that I am perfectly satisfied with my artificial leg. As you know, it is a hip joint amputation. I can walk in the house without a cane. Of course on the street I use one. April 23, 1904.

* HARMON DAILY - Clerk and Farmer, Essex Co., N. Y.

In the fall of 1891 I lost both of my feet by slipping between two coal cars on the D. & H. R. R., my right leg was cut off one and a half inches below the knee and my left about four inches below the knee, after the stumps got healed, my doctor recommended to me A. A. Marks as the best limb manufacturer in the country. I purchased a pair of legs from him and put them on the same day. My occupation is that of clerk and farmer. I have to be on my feet sixteen hours out of every twenty-four. I can follow a plow or hoe and can do almost anything that I did before I lost my legs. I can climb a ladder no matter how tall and when I get to the top I feel as safe as I would be on the ground, for there is no ankle joint in the Marks’ leg to get out of order. The limbs I am now wearing I got over thirteen years ago and they will last me sometime yet. A year ago I purchased another pair of the Marks’ legs with some improvement over the old ones, made from my own measurements and are very satisfactory. May 20, 1904.

WM. T. DALBY, M. D. - Apache Co., Ariz.

I have had various opportunities of testing the merits of the Marks’ artificial limbs with rubber feet and hands and can cheerfully recommend them to be superior in every respect to any other which has come under my observation.

REV. C. H. DALRYMPLE - Butler Co., Neb. Above knee.

After wearing a limb for eighteen years I know how to appreciate one. Your foot movement is so noiseless and easy that I’d not think of going back to my old style. At first I thought I never could use it, but in a very little while I found I could. It has grown better and better right along and is now comfortable and works naturally.

* Z. T. DANIEL, M. D. - Physician, Pine Ridge Agency, S. D.

In September, 1899, I performed the operation of amputation of the left leg on Ceca Yammi (Peter Three thighs), a Sioux Indian attached to this agency. He was suffering from necrosis of the tarsus, and a complete invalid, absolutely unable to stand. I did not succeed in getting his consent to operate until I told him about your excellent limbs, how he would be enabled to walk, run, ride, work, etc. In due time the stump healed, and I sent you measurements for his leg. It came by express, and I immediately adjusted it. To my surprise it fitted him perfectly, and at this writing he is going about among the Indians with as much ease and comfort as could be desired. Inclosed is a photograph in war costume which he sends you with his compliments, with a hope that it will be interesting to his _______, and an example of what the "White Medicine Man" can do for his people.

EDWIN D. DAVIS - Locomotive Engineer, Potter Co., Pa.

My arm was amputated five inches below the elbow a little over two years ago. I secured one of your artificial arms. It fits perfectly. I have worn it every day since I received it. I have been employed in the railroad company’s general store and could not get along without the artificial arm.

April 30, 1904.

* V. P. DAVIS - Stenographer, Henrico Co., Va. Knee amputation.

Referring to the limb which I bought of you some time ago will state that I can, with much pleasure, testify to the beautiful piece of workmanship you gave me. I am a stenographer and from time to time have long distances to walk, and can say that I have had no reason to complain of the least bit of discomfort wearing your limb. The rubber foot is the greatest invention in artificial leg construction. May 17, 1904.

WILLIAM B. DAVIS, M. D. - Weschester Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I had the misfortune to lose my right leg when I was six years old. At the age of eight I tried my first artificial limb. My profession compels me to be on my feet the greater part of the time. I feel no fatigue whatever. I can say this, that having used one of Marks’ artificial limbs I feel I can never get along without one.

* MISS FLORENCE DAWSON - School Teacher, Buchanan Co., MO.

I am delighted to tell you that my new limb arrived a few days ago and is a perfect fit. I adjusted it the same day I received it and have been wearing it ever since. It is very satisfactory. Am simply "tickled to death" with it. Can never praise your firm enough. Without you there would be so much less happiness in the world. May 2, 1904.

* HARRY S. DAY - New Zealand. Below knee.

I have used one of your artificial legs for the last four years and a half and I have found it most satisfactory. I consider that the state of perfection that you have reached with artificial limbs is wonderful. I can work and do almost all things I could do before my accident. I work principally in my butter factory, but also ride a great deal and use many farm implements. I have much pleasure in recommending your artificial limbs to anyone.

* PETER M. DEANS - Signalman, Ontario. Below elbow.

I am pleased to state that the artificial arm you sold me about fifteen months ago, which was fitted from measurements, I have worn it day and night without pain, ache or mark on the stump. I have seen a number of other patents but I do not think they can be compared with your rubber hand in any respect. I am employed as signalman and can attend to my duties without the least trouble. April 26, 1904.

A. C. DEDRICK, M. D. - Bristol Co., Mass.

I certainly advise the application of artificial legs to growing children as soon as their stumps are properly healed. John Kershaw, a young growing lad, has worn one of your legs for some time. He plays football, baseball, and indulges in all other sports.

* DAVID DAY - Millard Co., Utah. Above knee.

Two years ago I put on one of your artificial limbs. I can truthfully say it has been a great help to me, and I am confident that there are none better. I get along without any other assistance, and am able to attend to an acre and one-half of garden. In fact, to make a long story short, everything is as you said it would be, and I am satisfied.

C. J. DINEEN - Glass Cutter, Steuben Co., N. Y. Below knee.

In July, 1902, you constructed an artificial leg for me, my leg having been amputated above the ankle joint in 1883 on account of railroad accident. I am pleased to state that your leg has proved serviceable and satisfactory. I use it constantly and do anything that I want to. I cannot help but speak well of your work as the leg has always given me good satisfaction. April 21, 1904.

MRS. J. W. DeREVERE - Wyoming Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I have worn your make of artificial leg for a little more than nine years, and I cannot speak too highly of the rubber foot. Although my work is not laborious I walk a great deal. I would recommend your make in preference to any other.

* BERNARD DETERS - Farmer, Clinton Co., Ill. Above knee.

I am wearing one of your artificial legs, and am getting along fine. I wear it every day and do almost any kind of wok on the farm. Last winter I went to school and one morning was obliged to walk through fourteen inches of snow. I also walked the same distance on sleet-ice and did not feel tired. I was at the World’s Fair and saw other makes but they seemed only a shadow of yours. I would not give mine for any other make. July 15, 1904.

DAVID D. DEUTSCH - Mechanic, New York City, N. Y. Ankle.

My foot is amputated at the ankle joint. I have worn several makes of limbs, but after I wore your make I found it far superior in every respect to any other. I am satisfied with it. I am a mechanic, am a good deal on my feet and think nothing of a ten mile walk. May 18, 1904.

PACIFICO DIAZ, M. D. - Argentine Republic, South America.

I am extremely pleased to salute you, and to enclose with these lines the order made by my friend, Mr. Raul Cordeiro, for an artificial leg to replace the one he has lost. I have taken the measurements for him, and hope that your firm will make a leg for him as perfect and as useful as those made for others whom I have sent your firm in the same manner. Those I am wearing myself continue to give excellent service.

* JOHN A. DICKSON - Telegraph Operator, Assiniboia, Can.

It is almost two years since I lost my arm. I was railroading at that time and got caught in a coupling, causing amputation above the elbow, leaving a stump six inches long. I decided to get one of your arms, and had my measurements taken. When I received the arm I put it on, it proved to be a splendid fit, and I have found that it is no bother to wear, and does not hurt in any way. I advise anyone who has lost an arm to purchase one of yours, and am sure that he will never regret it. I am now working for the Canadian Pacific Railway Co., as assistant agent in one of their offices, and have not the least trouble to do my work. April 30, 1904.

* C. C. DIDIER - Grocer, Cook Co., Ill. Below knee.

Fifteen years ago I lost my foot in an accident with a mower. I then purchased a limb, thinking that it was the best in the market, but it did not give satisfaction. I then heard of A. A. Marks’ limbs with rubber feet, I purchased one, and in all the years that I have worn it, I must say that it is the best on earth. I have a grocery store, and do as much work in walking and lifting as anyone, I am on my feet all day, and I could not do it with any other limb than yours with rubber foot. May 17, 1904.

WILLIAM DIETZE - Machinist, New York City. Below knee.

I lost my leg below the knee from gunshot wound received in the late war. As soon as my stump healed the United States Government presented me with one of -------‘s legs with an ankle joint. I wore it for a short time, and thought I liked it, but when I had one of your rubber feet applied to it I at once discovered that I had bettered my condition. I have worn your rubber foot now about twenty-eight years, am a machinist, and work at the lathe and forge. For ten years I worked on a foot lathe, doing the treading with my rubber foot.

* THOS. DILLON - Newfoundland. Below elbow.

It affords me unqualified pleasure to state that, having worn one of your artificial arms, results having shown that with ordinary care in measurement, and following your instructions, one can be positively assured of a perfect fit. The rubber hand is something to be proud of. With gloves on both hands it is almost impossible for a stranger to distinguish the difference.

* JAMES DIMMICK - Plasterer, Woodward Co., Okla. Below knee.

I have used artificial legs for over twenty-nine years, and I think I ought to be a good judge. I can walk easier with your leg and rubber foot attachment than with any other leg I have ever tried, and I have tried four different kinds. I am a plasterer by trade, and work on the scaffold every day now. It fits me better than any leg I have ever tried, and it was made from measurements.

* J. H. DINGMAN - Oil Producer, Crawford Co., Pa. Below elbow.

For the past five years I have worn two of A. A. Marks’ artificial hands, one for dress, the other for working. They both have given me the best of satisfaction. I am an oil producer, and do a great deal of work about my wells. Can do nearly as much as any of my men. My left hand was amputated about three inches below the elbow. April 20, 1904.

* W. A. DIXON - Tailor, New Zealand. Above knee.

Twelve months ago I received an artificial leg from you to replace the left one, which I lost by being caught in machinery in Victoria. I had previously used a Colonial made leg, which gave me much pain, and chafed the stump if I walked any distance, but since I have used your manufacture I have had ease and comfort, and I can walk long distances without any inconvenience. It has far surpassed my expectations. They leg was made by you from measurement, and could not be more perfect in any way. In my travels I have met many other makes, but have always heard yours spoken of as the best, and I only regret that I had not got you to make me one years previously. June 6, 1904.

* JERRY DONOHUE - Chenango Co., N.Y. Below knee.

I wish to say something in praise for the comfort I take in wearing your leg. It is all right in every way. I have now worn your artificial leg nine years. No one can tell by my walking that I have an artificial leg. It is light, and can be handled with perfect ease in any kind of work.

May 23, 1904.

JAMES DOUGHERTY - Railroading, Alleghany Co., Pa.

I am working and doing better on my artificial limb than I expected to, and it is giving me much better satisfaction than I thought possible in so short a time. My business as foreman on steam shovel work compels me to walk over very rough ground, but I have experienced very little difficulty in doing so. I am certainly well pleased and satisfied. May 27, 1904.

* BETTY DOUGHTY - Vocalist, England. Below knee.

I have much pleasure in stating that I consider the artificial limbs with rubber feet, made by you, to be second to no other make on either side of the world. My left leg was amputated when I was four years old, from which time till about four years ago I had various limbs fitted as I grew. Since wearing your limb I am able to not only go about easily and naturally, but also to appear on the stage in opera, playing Erminie, the Countess in Olivette, Dolores in Florodora, and other parts necessitating quick movement and short dress, which I wear without anyone being able to detect that I am at all lame. I shall be pleased to communicate with anyone who would like further information. April 28, 1904.

MRS. ALICE DOUGLASS - Essex Co., N. J. Below knee.

Two years ago I lost my lower limb, having it amputated below the knee, and procured one of your artificial limbs, which has given me the greatest satisfaction in every particular. Am more than pleased with it, and cheerfully recommend it to anyone desiring a limb. May 16, 1904.

* WM. DOUGLASS - Stearns Co., Minn. Below knee.

After wearing one of your artificial legs since the fall of 1893, I will state that your leg gives me more satisfaction than any other I have worn since 1865. No more ankle joints, heel cords, or instep springs for me. Your artificial leg has not cost five cents for repairs since the fall of 1893. I believe your artificial limbs are the best manufactured in the United States or any other country. I have worn six different kinds. March 2, 1905.

* JOHN DOWNEY - Engineer, Gogebic Co., Mich. Ankle amputat’n.

I am using the third artificial foot received from you. It is perfectly satisfactory in every respect. April 29, 1904.

* GEORGE DOYLE - Barber, Lewis & Clark Co., Mont. Above knee.

I wish to state the limb I received of your firm is satisfactory in all respects. As you know I have but a ten-inch stump, but there are very few people who know I have a limb off. I have seen several people here wearing limbs, but I can walk better than any. I have recommended your limb to many. April 29, 1904.

A. S. DRAPER - Commissioner Dep’t. of Education, Albany, N. Y.

Two years ago I was so unfortunate as to lose my right leg at the knee, and since then you have made two artificial legs for me (the second is reserved in case of emergency that I might not be without a limb) which are giving very good satisfaction. The mechanism is ingenious, and I am able to get about with considerable facility and very comfortably, for which I am obliged to you. May 5, 1904.

* D. DRUMMOND - Farmer, Ontario. Ankle joint amputation.

Artificial limb received and fitting satisfactory, although the measurements were taken ten years ago, this one fits as well as the old one. My leg was amputated at the ankle joint in 1879, used three wooden artificial limbs with ankle-joints, but when visiting Columbian Exposition, in 1893, was measured and procured one of yours, and have no hesitation in saying that it has lasted nearly as long as the other three and given better satisfaction. I am a farmer by occupation, and can perform all the work of a farm, in fact have won prizes at plowing matches since I have had it.

May 25, 1905.

AUGUST DUDENHAUSER - Real Estate, Jefferson Co., Wash.

In regard to the artificial leg which you made for me about one and one-half years ago, I take great pleasure in saying that I prefer it to all the previous makes that I have used. I lost my leg in battle in 1864. I have worn many different kinds since, and yours is equal to the best of the others in every respect except one, and in that it is superior, I mean as to its always being ready for use without that trouble and annoyance of adjusting, oiling, regulating the ankle joint. May 12, 1904.

* THOS. DUFFETT - Newfoundland. Above knee.

In reference to the artificial leg, I am well satisfied with it. It is a great improvement over the leg I had been wearing. My occupation is in a boot and shoe factory. I sometimes have to carry considerable loads of shoe uppers, and I find no difficulty in walking. June, 1905.

M. A. DUMOND, M. D. - Ithaca, N. Y.

You can rest assured that I shall do all I can for your artificial limbs, as I consider them the best in the market. May, 1905.

W. DUNCAN, M. D. - Chatham Co., Ga.

I endorse Marks’ artificial limbs with pleasure. My associate, Dr. T. I. Charlton, who rendered me very valuable assistance in taking the measurements for the last two legs ordered from A. A. Marks, also endorses them. No complaint has been made to me by any person for whom I have procured the Marks’ artificial limbs, and they seem fully adapted for all that is required of them. June, 1905.

HARRY L. DUNN - R. R. Clerk, Chemung Co., N. Y. Below elbow.

In March, 1893, I met with an accident which caused my left arm to be amputated about one inch below the elbow. In June, same year, you fitted and made me an artificial arm, and since then I have worn the arm every day. It has always been satisfactory, and I find no discomfort. If I go without it only a few hours I feel out of place and miss it nearly as much as I did the original. May 18, 1903.

* WM. H. DURHAM - Bookkeeper, Windsor Co., Vt. Below knee.

Somewhat over three years ago I got, through Dr. Woodward, one of your artificial legs, and have been wearing it constantly ever since, and without one cent spent for repairs or alterations. February 25, 1905.

* JAMES EARL - Laborer, New Zealand. Above knee.

To say that the artificial leg you made for me pleases me would but inadequately express my gratitude. I am a sailor by profession, and although I do not follow that occupation now, still I am able to move about freely, and do a lot of odd jobs whereby I earn an independent living. When your readers understand that my leg was amputated close to the hip, they must acknowledge the perfection of the artificial limb, which enables me to accomplish so much. I could get about naturally with it after a trial of three days. I cannot bestow too much praise on the limb and the ingenuity displayed in its construction. I hope you will long be spared to alleviate the distress and suffering of unfortunate humanity. June 15, 1904.

* AARON ECKER - Farmer, Carroll Co., Md. Below elbow.

I would not take double the cost for the arm you made for me. I have loaded farm wagon, plowed, and laid off corn ground. I even tie my shoes with the hook and my other hand. May 31, 1904.

BENJAMIN EDDY - Paper Machinist, Franklin Co., Mass.

I lost my left hand two inches above the wrist in August, 1890, while at work on a paper machine. I commenced wearing one of your arms in October of the same year, which I wore and used to good advantage until October, 1903, when it became necessary for me to secure a new one, which, like the former one, is perfectly satisfactory. I consider A. A. Marks the only manufacturer of artificial limbs, so far as good results are concerned. The hook, which I attach to the fore-arm, enables me to do anything, and most everything in a quick and perfect manner. I have been employed in a paper mill ever since my accident. May 7, 1904.

WILLIAM P. EDDY - Manufacturer, Brooklyn, N. Y. Partial foot.

I wish to say that the appliance you made for me four years ago is in good condition, which proves the durability of your application to Chopart amputation. It is superior to that made by anyone else, or even made by yourself heretofore. May 31, 1904.

W. E. EDGERLY - Brooklyn, N. Y.

In October, 1897, I met with a railroad accident that deprived me of both my limbs. My right leg was amputated a few inches below the knee and my left in the knee joint. In two months after the amputation I ordered of you a pair of artificial legs. You fitted me neatly, and in a short time I was able to get about and mingle among my friends, go to my club, and engage in business. I am part owner of the bark Obed Baxter, and as I am very fond of the sea, I occasionally take long cruises, and have but recently returned from a cruise covering two years, which carried me around the world. I am sending you a picture of myself at the wheel, a position I frequently occupy. I also send you a picture of myself in the shrouds, taken off the coast of Japan, although I do not make a practice of going aloft, I have done so on a number of occasions, and have found very little difficulty on account of my artificial legs. I also send you a photograph of myself on horseback while in the Hawaiian Islands, near the city of Honolulu.

The artificial limbs of your manufacture are marvels. They are light, simple in construction, and thoroughly efficient. I have not had occasion to send my limbs for repairs since they were made, and from all appearances it will be a long time before any repairs will be required.

If this letter pleases you you can publish it among your testimonials when occasion arises.

* MISS MILDRED E. EDMONSON - School Girl, Australia. Instep.

About twelve months ago I got one of your aluminum legs for an instep amputation. It has given me every satisfaction. I can walk any distance, and get about as quickly as ever I did without any discomfort.

June 22, 1904.

* T. S. EDWARDS - Ireland. Above knee.

The leg you made from the measurements I recently sent you fits admirably, and leaves nothing to be desired. From the first I was able to walk with comfort. The chief feature to be admired about your limb and one which, if there were no other, should be sufficient to commend the leg to all artificial limb wearers, is the noiselessness of its motions. I feel myself a new man, and the limb has turned out to my expectations, nay, far beyond. The rubber foot is a great improvement over the old articulating ankle joint.

ADAM E. EHRLIN - Car Repairer, Erie Co., O. Below knee.

I wish to inform you that I received the artificial limb you made for me in good condition, and wish to state that I consider it a fine piece of workmanship, and am well pleased with it, and am in doubt no more in regard to the ankle being a success. It exceeds my expectation, I can walk better, straighter, and have gotten rid of that squeak at last. After wearing an ordinary ankle joint limb for eighteen years, I can truthfully say yours is the best, and the fit is perfect. I feel like a new man when I walk; everything is different with your limb, and I am thankful that I went to A. A. Marks. Refer any doubtful person to me. May 29, 1904.

* REV. S. H. EISENBERG - Centre Co., Pa. Above elbow.

I have used an artificial arm made by you for fifteen years. There was no difficulty in obtaining correct size from your system of measurements. My arm is off half-way between elbow and shoulder.

STEPHEN G. ELDRED - Clerk, Oneida Co., N. Y. Below elbow.

The arm I bought of you gives very satisfactory results. It is light, and fits so well that it can be worn with ease at all times. I find it of great value in my business. June 15, 1905.

* DR. H. E. ELDRIDGE - Santa Rosa Co., Fla. Below elbow.

I will say that I am now wearing my second arm of your make. I lost my arm in 1890. It was amputated one and one-half inches below elbow, and you realize an arm to be of any service to me has got to fit. The first arm I used was of another make, and was very unsatisfactory. I am a physician in active practice. I drive a double team, dress and undress myself, and attend to all my duties as well as a man with two natural arms. My patients and friends are always complimenting me in the way I do my work. I discharge all the duties of a general practitioner, and often perform surgical operations that few men would attempt even with two hands. I will also add the fact that I have fitted several unfortunates with your limbs, all give satisfaction. April 28. 1904.

* JAMES W. ELDRIDGE - Farmer, James Co., Tenn. Above knee.

I have been wearing one of your legs for nine years, and I am now wearing my second leg, and I must say without your leg I am perfectly helpless. It enables me to do anything. I ride bucking broncos, and do most anything that I want to. My leg is off above the knee. I will always be ready to speak a word of praise for "Marks’" legs. September 9, 1904.

* REBECCA C. EMENHEISER - York Co., Pa. Below knee.

I am more than pleased with your artificial leg with rubber foot attached. I can walk so well that people cannot tell that I wear an artificial leg. I have worn several with ankle joints, but would not wear them now if given to me free of cost. August 11, 1904.

CONRAD EMRICH - Sexton, Borough of Queens, N. Y. Below knee.

Having used for four years an artificial leg from a well-known firm, previous to coming in contact with your firm, I can conscientiously state that your make is in every way better suited to me. With the aid of the Marks’ leg I can walk and perform my ordinary work much better. I climb stairs, and ladders, dig in the garden, and do heavy lifting, and do not fear a fall or the disarrangement of the mechanism of the leg as formerly. May 13, 1904.

* H. HURLOCK EVANS - Queen Anne Co., Md. Above knee.

I take great pleasure in recommending your artificial limbs, especially for their durability and superiority, and of the excellence of the rubber foot, over all others. I only had a six-inch stump and can walk easily without a cane or crutch. Can sail my boat as well as ever. May 2, 1904.

C. EWER - Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., Fort Sidney, Neb.

I have purchased Marks’ artificial limbs for patients, and they invariably have given entire satisfaction.

* THOS. EZELL - Salesman, Jasper Co., Ga. Below knee.

I have used your artificial foot and leg continuously for eleven years, and it gives perfect satisfaction. The fit by measurements was perfect. I had no repairs done, although I was in active business, such as a salesman in retail dry goods and grocery store, and have walked the old field, bird-hunting, for one-half day at a time. The rubber foot seems as good to-day as when first bought.

* MRS. ELIZA A. FAIRFIELD - Housewife, Missisquoi Co., Que.

I received an artificial hand from you about one year ago. My hand was taken off two and one-half inches above the wrist; unfortunately it was my right hand that I lost. Your hand was fitted from measurements at home. I am satisfied with it. I would not like to be without it. May 23, 1905.

* MRS. W. A. FAIRWEATHER - New Brunswick. Son Asa, age 8.

My son, Asa, had his leg amputated on account of typhoid fever. The amputation took place on the 18th day of April, 1901. The lad was then five years old. He walked on a crutch for about one year, at the end of which time we procured from you an artificial leg. We put the leg on immediately, and a few weeks after he walked about without the aid of a cane or crutch. In September, 1902, he began his schooling, and has continued it to the present time.

He walks, runs, swings, jumps, plays ball, and enjoys himself as well as other boys. We were advised by many not to procure an artificial leg, as it was not supposed that he could use one, but we were afraid that the child might receive some injury from using crutches, and therefore determined to get the leg. We do not regret having done so. The results attending the case make me feel it a duty to recommend every person who has a child, no matter how young he may be, who has lost a limb, to provide the child with an artificial one of your make as soon as possible. May 23, 1904.

J. W. FARILL, M. D. - Cherokee Co., Ala.

I have experienced the worth of the A. A. Marks’ artificial arm, and would say it is a perfect Godsend, and worth its weight in gold.

* J. C. FARLOW - Prison Guard, Randolph Co., N. C.

I have worn one of your limbs with aluminum socket for the past seven years. Think they are the best for partial foot amputation. I can get around so well that many of my acquaintances do not know that I wear an artificial limb. Although my heel was allowed to drop backwards while healing, the aluminum socket holds it in place. I rode a bicycle seventy-five miles over rough country roads in one day. My occupation at present is prison guard on the public roads, which compels me to stand on my feet from twelve to fourteen hours every day. I have worked at house painting since I have been crippled, and I have no trouble in climbing ladders.

May 23, 1904. FRANK FAUST - Fireman, Schuylkill Co., Pa. Below knee.

I wish you to know how many days the leg you made for me worked during the year 1899. You see that it exceeds more working days of ten hours each than there are working days in the year. If you know of anybody, with an artificial leg, who has turned out more days’ work than I have firing a big coal engine, remembering that I have to walk two miles to work and two miles from work, making four miles every day in addition to my work, let me know who he is, that I may compare time with him. During the month of January I worked 407 hours; February, 292; March, 358; April, 325; May, 280; June, 316; July, 337; August, 376; September, 337; October, 391; November, 375; December, 337…If you will add up the number of hours, you will find that it amounts to 4131, or more than 413 days for the year, and you know there are 313 working days in the year, so I have worked a year and one hundred days in the year 1899, wearing your artificial leg every hour of that time, and it has not cost me one cent for repairs. It is as good now as it ever was. The engine that I am firing is one of those big ones that haul coal from the mines of Pottsville, No. 148. I inclose a photograph of my engine, where you will see me at my post of duty. I get all over her with the same ease that I ever did. Sometimes I climb on top of the boiler while in motion. I can tell you more about what I am doing with my leg if you want it. The hard use I am giving your leg and the excellent wear it is giving prove it to be the best in the world. February 1, 1905.

S. Y. FERGUSON - Yardmaster, Albany Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I was acting as night yardmaster when my leg was amputated. I thought, as everybody else did, that I would never be able to perform the duties of yardmaster again. I secured a Marks’ leg and resumed my old position. This requires a great deal of walking, and getting on and off engines and freight cars. For nine years I have climbed on top of box cars, got on and off cars while in motion, and covered very frequently eight or nine miles in one night walking over the yard. I have worn my new leg ever since you sent it, and it is as comfortable as an old shoe. May 17, 1905.

THOS. FERNEY - Signalman, Quebec. Below knee.

I take great pleasure in recommending your artificial limbs, especially for their durability. My leg is amputated six inches below the knee joint. I have worn one of your limbs since 1888. I am employed as signalman, and attend to my duties without the least trouble.

MORRIS FELDBERG - Sewing Machine Operator, New York City.

Your artificial limb gives me much satisfaction, and I wear it with ease and comfort. I will gladly recommend its merits to all who desire any information on this matter. May 19, 1904.

* CHARLES A. FILLLMAN - Teleg’ph Operator, Montgomery Co., Pa.

On Nov. 7, 1902, I accidentally shot off four fingers of my right hand. I have worn one of your artificial hands ever since, and find it very satisfactory. I would not be without it. I am a telegraph operator, and find no difficulty in continuing my occupation with the aid of your hand. August 16, 1904.

* T. F. FIPPS - Farmer, Montgomery Co., Mo. Above knee.

In July, 1903, I had my leg amputated above the knee. Being fifty years old and stiff I could not go on crutches. Three months after amputation I received a leg from you, and now I can get about very well. I could not do without it. May 2, 1904.

* EARL FISHER - Mobile Co., Ala. Below knee.

My right leg was amputated nine inches below the knee on June 25, 1903. As soon as I was able I purchased one of your artificial limbs and began wearing it. It fits perfectly. I am often asked by my most intimate friends which leg is off. I can do most anything I ever could. Your foot is simply perfect. October 28, 1904.

CHAS. W. FISHER - Sangamon Co., Ill. Below knee.

Two years ago I had you put one of your rubber feet on an artificial leg made for me by another firm, which had an ankle and toe joint. Both joints bothered me a great deal, they were all the while getting out of order. As soon as the joints would wear, they would rattle and thump. This annoyance has all disappeared since I had you apply a rubber foot to the leg. The rubber foot does not cut out the socks, as did the old style wooden foot. I also notice I do not slip so badly in winter weather as with the ankle joint foot. My limb is amputated about half way between knee and ankle, and have been using an artificial limb since 1873. I weigh 230 pounds and move about freely. April 28, 1904.

* NEWFOUNDLAND FISHERMEN remember well the cold storm that set in about the first of April, 1888. It was then that Edward and Peter Fleming, brothers and fishermen, of Forbay, met with a thrilling experience that deprived them of their legs, and nearly cost them their lives.

They were fishing off the coast of Newfoundland, when a storm drove them from their location. Twelve days they drifted about at the mercy of the cold, wind, and ocean-famished, athirst, and frozen; nothing to eat, nothing to drink, no succor, no hope. When despair and suffering had nearly exhausted them, a bark bound for Quebec picked them up, and cared for them the best they could; but their sufferings were not alleviated until they were placed in the Quebec Hospital, where it was found necessary to amputate both legs of each. In course of time Peter and Edward sent their measurements to A. A. Marks, of New York, for two pairs of artificial legs. The letter printed below tells the results. To A. A. Marks, New York:

Dear Sir: - In regard to the artificial limbs you made for my brother Peter and myself in 1888, they are wearing well yet. They never cost me one cent for repairs since I got them. I was speaking to several men on crutches, and I told them that I had two of you limbs. They were surprised, and wished they could get the like of them. I do a great deal of walking around the ground in summer time. I cannot praise your limbs too highly, for they are a great comfort. My brother Peter is meeting with the same success.

H. J. FOLLWEILER - Bookkeeper, Lehigh Co., Pa. Below knee.

I purchased my artificial leg from you last December for an amputation below the knee. It is giving perfect satisfaction, in fact I could not do without it, it is light, strong, and well made.

I am a bookkeeper by profession, but spend much of my time on the farm, where I have to walk much.

There is very little wear and tear of your legs, and I heartily recommend them to all who are contemplating purchasing. The rubber foot and non-articulating joint give me a firm, natural, and graceful walk.

May 27, 1904.

* HERBERT C. FOOTE - Fisherman, Newfoundland. Above knee.

I received the limb on the 13th of July, 1903. I am getting along well with it. I can go about anywhere almost as well as I could with my own limb. I wish you every success. May 28, 1904.

* MISS AGNES FORD - Stanislaus Co., Cal. Above knee.

I have worn your make of artificial legs for over thirteen years, and am well pleased in every respect. I purchased my first limb of you when I was only twelve years of age, and wore it twelve years, it was a great comfort to me, as it enabled me to be with my friends on the playground at school. The new limb I purchased from you a year and a half ago is doing good service. Your limbs are far superior to any other make, and I highly recommend them to any in need. July 26, 1904.

* JOS. M. FORD - Stone Cutter, Baltimore Co., Md. Below knee.

I take great pleasure in recommending your leg as the best I ever wore. Previous to wearing yours I had worn four ankle joint legs made in different parts of the country. But I never had the comfort and feeling of security I have had since wearing your rigid ankle, spring mattress, sponge rubber foot. I am a stone cutter, and my business requires me to stand among broken stone much of the time; while wearing ankle joint legs either ankle joints or toe joints were always getting out of order. All this has been done away with since wearing the rubber foot and stiff ankle. The leg I am now wearing is the second you have made me, and neither one has been any expense to me. Aside from comfort, I walk better, travel farther, and am in every way better satisfied than I ever was with any other make.

There are many that are now wearing ankle joint legs, if they only knew the comfort of the stiff ankle and rubber foot, would discard their old legs and try the rubber foot. It took me a long time to make up my mind to try it, but I never regret that I did, and never expect to wear any other kind. May 3, 1904.

* W. H. FORREST - Builder, South Africa. Below knee.

I am much pleased with your artificial leg. It is a perfect fit. I have made up my mind never to wear an ankle joint foot again. I was eighteen months a member of the Town Guard, during the Boer War, and was never off duty, when the Guard was in active service, and to this day the commanding officer is not aware that I walk on an artificial leg. The doctor who has assisted me in measuring, is so pleased with your work that he is turning all his work your way. April 12, 1904.

* T. F. FORSTER - Blacksmith, Lake Co., Colo. Above knee.

I am one of those who have to resort to artificial legs, I am thankful to say that I am well pleased with your make. My amputation is seven and a half inches from my body; applied leg March 28, 1903, and have worn it every day since. My labor is sawmill and blacksmith work. I had seventeen other firms to choose from I don’t believe I could better my condition. The rubber foot is all right. May 1, 1904.

THERON C. FOWLER - Farmer, New Haven Co., Conn.

I have worn one of your artificial arms for the past twelve years and could not do without it. I find it of great help in riding a bicycle, which I use in my business. I have ridden on an average over 3,000 miles per year for the past five years. I simply place the hand on the handle-bar the same as the natural one. April 13, 1904.

* FRED FOX - Farmer, Crawford Co., Ill. Below elbow.

I am a farmer, and am at work most of the time. I find the hook and ring you supplied with my artificial arm very useful in working around the farm. I lost my arm, three inches above the wrist, a year ago last winter in a corn shredder. May 22, 1904.

* HENRY FRANK - Chenango Co., N. Y. Daughter Helen, age 9.

My child, Helen, lost her leg when she was but two years old, we obtained her first artificial leg from you when she was a little over three years old, which she wore for a long time. We have since bought a new leg, which she is now wearing satisfactorily. We are well pleased with what you have done for her. The girl attends school, plays with other children, jumps, swings, dances, in fact, there is hardly an enjoyment that her companions engage in that she is not with them. It is hardly possible for anyone to detect that she wears an artificial leg, everybody is very much surprised at the way she gets about. I am congratulated on all sides for having provided for her in such a way when she was so young. June 13, 1904.

* J. HUGH FREEMAN - Casket Trimmer, Davidson Co., Tenn.

I am very much pleased with the artificial limb purchased from you. I follow my occupation (casket trimmer) without difficulty. My limb was amputated at lower part of thigh and the limb you sent replaces to a great extent the one I lost. Your artificial limbs are a great boon to unfortunates like myself. April 30, 1904.

* MRS. ROSELLA FOX - Both arms below elbows. Written with a rubber hand.

* W. S. FREEMAN, M. D. - Nova Scotia. Above knee.

I am happy to inform you that the artificial leg you made for me works splendidly. I feel like a new man on it. This feeling is encouraged by the kindly comments of my friends. I regard the rubber foot as a great improvement.

CHARLES A. FULLER - Lawyer, Chenango Co., N. Y. Above knee.

My leg was amputated within eight inches of the body at Gettysburg. For many years I wore a leg with an ankle joint which gave me no little vexation. Whenever the spring that kept it in place weakened, the foot would drop and the leg trip, and I would lose my natural sweetness of temper. I have worn the Marks’ leg for the past fourteen years, and have had no such trouble with the rubber foot. I am now wearing my second leg, and it looks as if it might do good work for the next dozen years.

I. C. GABLE, M. D. - York Co., Pa.

I have recommended the A. A. Marks’ very valuable patent artificial limbs to a number of my patients, who are wearing them with perfect satisfaction, and I have no hesitancy in saying in my judgment they fulfill their purpose better than any others that have come under my observation.

MISS GRACE GALE - Belknap Co., N. H. Shortened leg.

I procured an appliance similar to that illustrated in Cut K 11 of your manual. I have worn the same now for nearly a year, and it has given me a great amount of comfort and relief. I walk much better, and have never used a crutch since wearing it, and it keeps my ankle firm. I recommend your work. June 2, 1904.

* MISS MARY A. GALLAGHER - Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. Below knee.

I am wearing the second artificial supplied by you. I get along without any assistance; lost limb six or seven inches below the knee in 1886, bought one of your manufacture in 1887, have used constantly ever since, and at the present I am wearing the second, bought in 1903. I would never be without one. It is the talk of all my friends how active I am with it. May 14, 1904.

J. B. GAMBLE, M. D. - McDonough Co., Ill.

The endorsement of patent articles, of whatsoever kind and description, is something I very seldom do, but the Marks’ artificial limbs with rubber hands and feet meet my unqualified approval, as being the best I have ever had occasion to recommend to those desiring artificial limbs.

REV. RUFUS P. GARDNER - Merrimack Co., N. H. Below knee.

It gives great pleasure to assure you that the apparatus made by you in 1876 has answered my expectations, enabling me to walk in a natural manner and leave the crutch.

My parish work calls for a great deal of walking, which I can do with great ease. Hoping many others may find, as I have, the value of your great work.

H. R. GARNER, M. D. - Lewis Co., Wash.

I am pleased to add that the leg I procured from A. A. Marks for my patient works to perfection. He does anything that is to be done on a farm, and has lately learned to dance.

* C. H. GASQUE - Telegraph Operator, Hampton Co., S. C.

In 1891 I bought a leg from you and wore it every day for ten years. Then I purchased another, and liked it even better than the first. The last one I got has been in daily use for more than two years. I am greatly pleased with your make of limb. May 8, 1904.

R. A. GAULT - Locomotive Engineer, Otsego Co., N. Y. Below knee.

September 28, 1897, my right leg was amputated at the middle third, below the knee. I am a locomotive engineer, and in just six months from that day I was back on the road at work. I have worn your artificial limb for over six years, and have never had a spot as large as the head of a pin on my limb caused by chafing. I have stood on the engine beside the boiler with the heat at one hundred ten, and it did not affect the leg at all. I have tested it in every way. I can climb around the engine as well as I could with my own limb, can run and jump, and my weight is two hundred and twenty-five pounds. May 16, 1904.

HENRY P. GEIB, M. D. - Fairfield Co., Conn.

The persons to whom Marks has furnished artificial appliances for amputations of the feet (one Symes’ and the other Pirogoff’s operations) express themselves as being perfectly satisfied.

The appliances are light, easily applied, and do not produce excoriation or tenderness at the end of the stump.

I consider that Marks’ appliances fulfill all the indications called for in providing artificial support after amputations.

HARRY GEITNER - Lancaster Co., Pa. Above knee.

I find the artificial leg which you furnished me entirely satisfactory. Although I have not had it a very great length of time, it is all that I could expect. I am going to school, and walk there twice a day, it is a distance of a good mile from my home. May 18, 1894.

A. H. GIBBS - Clerk, Washington, D. C. Above knee.

The artificial leg you made for me has given me great satisfaction, especially the rubber foot. You gave me a perfect fit, and I have experienced no difficulty in wearing the leg from the first day I received it, can walk quite a distance with ease and this I consider doing well as my amputation leaves only four inches of stump from the hip. My leg was amputated in 1888 as the result of a gunshot wound received at Antietam in 1862. I attempted to wear a leg of another make but was unable to do so and after about one and a half years abandoned it and returned to crutches, which I used until I got the leg you made. I would not change back to crutches under any consideration. June 3, 1904.

* JAMES T. GIBSON, M. D. - Highland Co., Ohio.

On the fifteenth day of October I took the measurements for B, F. Puckett, Jr., for an artificial hand and part forearm. He has submitted it to-day for my inspection. The fit is perfect. Could not have been better had you had him at your place of business to fit personally.

* E. W. GILBERT - Clerk, Hamilton Co., Tenn. Partial foot.

Since December, 1902, to the present I have been wearing the artificial foot which you fitted from measurements and cast, with flattering success and I now have no tiring feeling whatever. I hope this may influence others. June 27, 1904.

* PATRICK J. GILLON - Laborer, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I am getting along first rate with my artificial leg and am walking several miles a day without trouble or fatigue. May 17, 1904.

* GEORGE H. GIPE - Valley Co., Neb. Above knee.

I received my leg about one year ago and have been wearing it ever since. I could not ask for a better fit, it has not hurt me from the first. The A. A. Marks’ leg is as close to the natural leg as possible. May 17, 1904.

C. H. GLIDDEN, M. D. - Herkimer Co., N. Y.

The arm you made for Mr. Lambert, under my order, has been received. To say that the arm is a great invention is to express it very mildly. It is worth its weight in gold to any man in such affliction.

THEODORE GOBLE - Signalman, Suffolk Co., Mass. Below knee.

I have worn one of your artificial legs with rubber foot for over three years, and it has given complete satisfaction. I would not exchange it for any other make. I have worn it constantly since I got it. My work is in a railroad signal tower throwing levers. I work twelve hours a day.

May 26, 1904.

* CARLOS GOMEX - Havana, Cuba. Above knee.

On the 12th inst. I received a package containing the artificial leg I ordered from you, for which I sent measurements taken at my home. I was agreeably surprised to find that the leg fitted perfectly, and can suggest no alterations that could possibly improve it. The rubber foot is perfection, I doubt very much that there can be anything better. - Translated from Spanish. May 16, 1905.

* HENRY GOMPERTZ - Agent, Holland. Below knee.

The leg you made for me in November, 1895, is now in good use. It has scarcely required any repairs during the last nine years. I walk every day a couple of hours. A couple of years ago I was nearly drowned, the leg stood the water test perfectly, save a little rust to the metal parts, the wood was not injured by its long bath. May 2, 1904.

Comment from follow-up survey
I especially appreciated the work with the insurance company and ensuring coverage first. Plus you were great about ordering the night splints for my feet/ankles. Thank You.