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CHAPTER XXXVII - Testimonials - Part C

* JAS. W. GOOCH - Farmer, Hamilton Co., Tex. Partial foot.

Last May, while engaged as a locomotive fireman on the G. C. & S. F. R’y., I met with the misfortune of getting the front of my left foot badly crushed. I wore a shoe stuffed with cotton for some two or three months, this was very uncomfortable, as well as awkward. In the meantime I came in contact with a doctor who was well acquainted with your limbs, and from the satisfaction he had in dealing with them, I concluded to order one, and did so at once. I have been wearing the limb for several months, and am well pleased with it. It fits perfectly, is not conspicuous, and is very much more comfortable than a shoe stuffed with cotton. With the aid of this limb I can do any kind of work I wish to. I am at present a farmer, and I walk and follow a plow nearly as well as I ever did. A person not knowing I had lost part of my foot would not detect it in my walk.

If, when a foot or a leg has been amputated, and it can be replaced by one not made by nature, and do the work nature intended it should do, I say it is perfect, and no more can be done or expected of it. May 16, 1904.

* WILLIAM GRANT - Engineer, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

I am well pleased with the leg I got from you. I am working every day as I am an engineer by occupation. I am standing on it steady from eight to ten hours, and most of the time firing. My stump is about five and a half inches long. April 27, 1904.

* JOHN GORDINE - Carman, New Zealand. Above elbow.

I am perfectly satisfied with the artificial left arm that you made for me, and surprised that you made such a useful limb. You have never seen me, or the small portion of my arm left close to the shoulder. When the arm arrived, I put it on, and have been working with it ever since, and found it extremely useful and comfortable in my work as carman and storeman, and I can haul bales of wool, sacks of coal, potatoes, etc., about as well as if I was not minus my natural arm. I have now worn it nearly twelve months.

THOMAS GORMAN - Clerk, Westchester Co., N. Y.

I am pleased to tell you that my artificial legs are perfect in every respect, and a great success. I walk about, go on cars, work in the store all day, wait on customers, tie up packages, and all the work required of an able-bodied man. I cheerfully recommend your rubber foot. I do not in any way consider myself incapacitated on account of the loss of my legs.

May 17, 1904.

* HARRY GOUKER - Frederick Co., Md. Above knee.

I am well pleased with my artificial limb. In the short time I am wearing it I am perfectly satisfied with it. I would not part with it. My amputation is above the knee-joint, and I can get around as fast as my fellow boys. May 18, 1904.

CHARLES W. GOULD - Lock Tender, Albany Co., N. Y.

I write you these few lines to let you know that I am very much pleased with the leg. My occupation is lock-tending on the Erie Canal, and I get around just as good as anyone that has two good legs. I have been wearing your leg about seven years. May 16, 1904.

G. W. GRAHAM - Soldier, Sanborn Co., S. Dak. Knee bearing.

I lost my right leg by gunshot wound received in the battle of Nashville, Tenn., in 1864. I was then 22 years of age. The leg was so badly shattered that it had to be amputated very close to the knee-joint, which left me a stump that I could bend and take weight on the knee. Immediately after my injury the U. S. Government furnished me with an artificial leg, made with a wooden foot moving at the ankle. I wore the leg but a short time.

In 1871 my attention was called to your improvements, particularly the rubber foot. I obtained one immediately, it served me a great length of time, and was very satisfactory. I have since obtained renewals from you. The last I procured was on Dec. 12, 1902. I have worn it since, and can assure you it is the best leg I ever had. I cannot imagine that any other improvements can be made. I walk great distances, and get fatigued no sooner on my amputated side than on the other. No inducement could get me to try any other kind than your leg. April 24, 1904.

MRS. JOHN F. GRAHAM - Worcester Co., Mass. Below knee.

I find pleasure in sending you this testimonial. My foot is amputated four inches above the ankle. I went on crutches for two years, then I purchased one of your artificial limbs. I do my own housework, and walk from five to six miles every Sunday through the country. I danced at a lawn party given by my friends six months after receiving your limb, two years ago. June 19, 1904.

* JOHN N. GRAHAM - Mechanic, Grand Traverse Co., Mich.

The artificial leg I got of you is giving good satisfaction. I have never gone a day without the leg since I got it, and am doing work around a sawmill all the time. May 23, 1904.

R. B. GRANGER, M. D. - New York.

I know of no artificial appliance that so nearly simulates nature as those of your manufacture.

* THOMAS GRANT - Telephone Operator, New Zealand. Wrist.

I can manage all the work in the post and telephone office. I manage very well in tying up the mail bags, I hold the receiver of the telephone in the rubber hand and take off messages with the other. June 7, 1904.

* J. D. GRAY - Saw Filer, Hillsboro Co., N. H. Below elbow.

I have worn a hand of your make for more than ten years, and could not get along without it. I am a saw filer, and work every day. My hand is amputated about half way between the elbow and wrist. May 7, 1904.

* C. E. GRAVES - Clinton Co., Ind. Partial hand.

I am employed as a life insurance solicitor and collector. The four fingers of my right hand were amputated, leaving the thumb with very little support. However I find that I am able to handle books and papers to a much greater extent by the aid of the artificial hand than I could without it. It restores the hand to almost its natural appearance, which is a great advantage in dealing with the public. I have had two of these artificial hands made. While no artificial attachment can be made equal to nature’s, yet the hand I have is a great assistance, and could not well be dispensed with.

May 16, 1904.

BELLE T. GRAY - Bristol Co., Mass. Shortened leg.

I have worn the foot steadily for over eight years, and don’t think it can be improved. I feel very grateful that you and your workmen have been gifted with the spirit of wisdom to know what would suit me so well.

* MRS. EMMA C. W. GRAY - Richmond Co., Ga. Daughter, age 13.

I am very well pleased with the limb made for my little girl. The girl used crutches before getting the limb. She now walks like other persons, goes all about, and suffers no inconvenience whatever. June 15, 1904.

PETER GREELEY - Ranchman, Holt Co., Neb. Below knee.

I have worn artificial legs of your manufacture continuously since the summer of 1888, I lost my limb at Peach Tree Creek, Ga., in 1864. Before trying your make I wore limbs of various kinds, with all of which I had more or less trouble with the ankle-joint, but your leg having no ankle-joint, but a rubber foot, has given me no trouble whatever. Being the proprietor of a ranch, most of my working hours are spent on my feet or on horseback, thus submitting my limb to a severe test. I shoot quail and prairie chickens with the boys, and usually secure a fair share of the birds. In brief, I consider your artificial leg the easiest, and most durable of any I know anything about. May 12, 1904.

DAVID GREEN - Driver, Suffolk Co., N. Y. Knee bearing.

My left leg was amputated just below the knee on September 14, 1903, and on March 25, 1904, I was fitted by you personally with an artificial leg, which has given me splendid satisfaction, and I am now able to walk without crutch or cane. May 10, 1904.

* CAPT. T. M. GRIFFIN - Farmer, Hinds Co., Miss. Below knee.

About one year ago I had my left leg amputated four inches above the ankle, four months after I applied for an artificial leg with rubber foot of your construction. I have been wearing the leg ever since. I would not be without it for any consideration. I am a farmer, and can do nearly everything a man of my age (79) ought to be expected to do. May 7, 1904.

WILLIAM GRIFFIN - Washington, D. C. Above knee.

With reference to the artificial leg you furnished me two years ago, I take great pleasure in saying that of all the limbs that I have worn during the last forty years, it is the best and most satisfactory in every way. Every limb I have gotten from you is better than the previous one, this shows that you are progressing. The former leg made by you was worn uninterruptedly for twenty-two years. As you know I am employed by the Government, and my home is about a half mile from my place of occupation. But I walk to and from the latter all the year round with entire ease and comfort. I have repeatedly walked out in the suburbs of the city for miles, sometimes up and down hills without any difficulty. May 9, 1904.

* CLAUDE GRIMIT - Farmer, Cullman Co., Ala. Knee bearing.

I am 81 years old. I walk three miles at a time. This is pretty good for a man of my years using a knee bearing leg. I have had no occasion to have it repaired yet, it is now three years since it was made. I would not give my artificial leg for a cart load of crutches or peg legs either. There is nothing on the face of the earth more valuable than A. A. Marks’ artificial legs. My life was a misery before I got one. May 17, 1904.

* CHARLES H. GROVES - Harness Maker, Columbia Co., N. Y.

I shall wear your legs as long as I can get them, as the legs have always fitted and worn well. I lost my leg in the Civil War, and have worn your make since 1870. May 6, 1904.

ENRIQUE GUASP DE PERIS - Mexico. Above knee.

I can assure you to-day that in this world nobody could construct an apparatus such as yours, which is so useful, so easy to wear, and so perfect that it bears a great resemblance to the natural ones. Consequently I do not feel surprised to hear that they have always obtained the first prizes when presented in the exhibitions, as they only reveal justice and veneration to the acknowledged merit of your limbs. Therefore, I heartily congratulate you, and remain once more your faithful friend. - Translated from Spanish.

JAMES E. HADLEY - Carpenter, Norfolk Co., Mass. Below knee.

My leg was amputated April 16, 1902. I returned to my work just eleven weeks after the amputation, I walk without a crutch or cane. I am employed by the N. Y., N. H., H. R. R., as a wood machinist. I can get about a well as any man in the shop, and do as much work as ever I could. I would recommend your leg to anyone needing the same. May 10, 1904.

* ALEX HAGEMAN - Blacksmith, Watauga Co., N. C. Below knee.

On the 11th day of August, 1879, I had the misfortune to lose my left leg below the knee. I went on crutches eighteen months, then I made, with my own hands, a wooden leg, and wore it about twenty-two years with much pain and difficulty. In 1890 I procured one of A. A. Marks’ manufacture, on which I have been walking with comfort. I would not do without it for twice what it cost. My occupation is blacksmithing. I also do some farm labor and get about with ease. May 25, 1904.

* L. H. HARKEY - Stock Farmer, Choctaw Nation, I. T. Wrist.

About four years ago I lost my right hand at the wrist joint. In about three months I ordered an artificial hand from you, which I have been wearing ever since. It has given me the best of satisfaction. Has never hurt me. I could not get along without it. I do most of my writing with it. I am a stock farmer, I hold my coil in my artificial hand and throw the loop of my rope with my natural one. Could not praise my artificial hand too highly. This letter was written with it. May 3, 1904.

* JAMES HALL - Colfax Co., Nev. Above knee.

The limb I got of you last year is quite satisfactory. I have worn six different makes of limbs, and yours has given me the best satisfaction of all. May 21, 1904.

JOSHUA HALL - Railroad, Monmouth Co., N. J. Below knee.

I am working every day at the round house, taking care of the railroad engines, and my work is the same as other men’s, and you can judge from that how I am getting along. I had the misfortune of losing my leg in 1901, below the knee, and in 1902 commenced to wear one of your make. I can recommend your leg to anyone. May 7, 1904.

* W. E. HALL - Grocery, Shelby Co., Tenn. Below knee.

I am well pleased with my new leg, it fits all O. K. I have worn your make of artificial limbs since 1892, and in all my rounds have never seen anybody get along as well as I do. I can do anything, go as far as anybody. Am in the retail grocery business. I stand all day without sitting down, and it takes a good walker to keep up with me. May 12, 1904.

* EARL O. HANDY - Engineer, Montgomery Co., N. Y. Above knee.

My leg works all right. I learned to walk on it in two weeks. Would not go on crutches under any consideration. May 9, 1904.

* J. W. HANKINS - Stenographer, Jones Co., Miss. Below knee.

You will probably remember that this is the second limb you have made for me, and the fact that I have placed a second order with your concern is proof that I am well pleased with the limb you are placing in the market. Notwithstanding the fact that my stump is only 8 ¾ inches long, I walk rapidly, more so than many people with natural limbs, and most of the time without the aid of a cane. The new limb, as well as the old, is a perfect fit, and you will note, by referring to my orders, that measurements for both limbs were taken here. May 31, 1904.

JOHN HARMON - Coremaker, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I got my second Marks’ leg April, 1903. I had been wearing one for seven years. Never had any trouble with it. My limb is off below the knee. When I received my second leg, I laid the old one aside, put on the new one, and have never taken it off except at night. I have looked up all other manufacturers of artificial limbs, and I can safely say that the Marks’ leg is the only one that can be worn with solid comfort. It is hard to tell a Marks’ leg, going along the street, from the natural. May 11, 1904.

* JAMES HARRAP - Draper, New Zealand. Knee amputation.

Between four and five years ago you made an artificial leg from measurements sent to you. It has given me every satisfaction, in fact I have worn it ever since, and could not wish for anything better. April 29, 1904.

* JOHN HARRIS - Messenger, Norfolk Co., Va. Below knee.

It affords me much pleasure to let you know that the leg I bought from you I am getting along very well with. I am wearing it every day, and can walk very well with it. May 5, 1904.

* O. GEO. HARVEY - South Africa. Ankle Joint.

During the latter months of 1898 I ordered of you an artificial foot to fit a Symes’ operation. The limb has given me the greatest satisfaction, so much so that I have determined to have another in case of accident to the first. The artificial leg was perfect, and in my case has done away with the pain caused by a misfitting, cumbersome one of the other make.

January 12, 1905.

* HERMAN S. HASTINGS - Clerk, Worcester Co., Mass. Above knee.

When a boy of sixteen years I measured myself at home and bought one of Marks’ artificial legs with rubber foot, amputation 4 ½ inches from the hip. I wore the leg for fifteen years continuously. The repairs, including the expense of lengthening, was a matter of only a few dollars. The leg, in my younger days, was given very hard usage in teaming, lugging, lifting, etc. Still having confidence in Marks’ limbs, I bought another, with improvements, in 1903. My position now being a clerical one I am not so hard on my limb, and expect it to last as long as the former one. I desire to say further, that from the fact of having the artificial limb I obtained several prominent positions, which otherwise would have never been opened to me.

May 7, 1904.

* JOSEPH A. HATCHER - Miner, Newton Co., Mo. Below knee.

I am wearing one of your artificial legs, and it has proved satisfactory. I got it the 8th of March, 1903. My leg is off three inches below the knee. I walk without a cane, and I have never had to lay it aside on account of my stump being chafed. May 16, 1904.

* GEO. W. HART - Farmer, La Grange Co., Ind. Below knee.

I can recommend your artificial leg as the easiest of any that are made. I lost my leg in the Civil War, in 1863, and have worn a great many different kinds since then, but yours, with rubber foot, gives me the greatest comfort and best results. I am a farmer, and have a great deal of walking, heavy work, lifting, to do, and I do it all without any difficulty. April 27, 1904.

LOUIS HAUCK, JR. - Butcher, New York City. Partial foot.

I wish to express the extreme satisfaction I’ve had in wearing one of your artificial limbs. I’ve worn it now for the last ten years, and through the hardest kind of work. I am in the butcher business, and must be on my feet all day, and sometimes carry heavy weights. I enjoy dancing very much. Among my friends there are but few who know I wear an artificial leg. This is the highest tribute that can be paid to the highly satisfactory article you turn out. May 18, 1904.

* ANDREW HAUGHN - Farmer, Lunenberg Co., Nova Scotia.

In 1899 I had the misfortune of having my right foot amputated at the instep. I am well pleased with your artificial foot. It fits perfect, my walk is natural. My occupation is farming. I can get around the same as before.

May 10, 1904.

* G. L. HAUBERT - Engineer, Juniata Co., Pa. Below elbow.

I have worn one of your artificial arms for over two years, and I have never had any trouble whatever with it. I run a steam thresher, and can get along almost as well as before. I can say to anyone in need of an artificial limb, that he will find A. A. Marks a comfort giver. May 5, 1904.

E. M. HAUGHNEY - Storekeeper, Northumberland Co., Pa.

My leg was amputated three and one-half inches below the knee thirty years ago. I am a proprietor of a shoe store, and work from seven o’clock in the morning until ten in the evening. I have worn many different kinds of legs in those thirty years, but none suit me as well as the A. A. Marks’ rigid ankle leg. June 7, 1904.

W. C. HAWKINS - Snohomish Co., Wash. Below knee.

Your patent foot has made me a sound man. I have had six legs with wooden feet, in the past twenty-three years, and often tell my wife that I was crazy, wearing them so long. I could not lift nor run on them, since I have yours I can plow, and take a hand at almost anything. The wooden foot made lots of noise, but your leg is quiet. The man that made my old wooden foot told me (to keep from buying your leg) that it did not give any satisfaction, and would make the stump sore, which I found to be untrue. I believe, and in fact I know, your leg to be the best on the market. I would not have any other kind as a gift. May 13, 1904.

* MRS. STANLEY HEATH - Housework, Aroostook Co., Me.

I am wearing one of your artificial legs with much comfort, I would not, or could not, get along without it. I have not had to use my crutches or cane since I got the limb. I thank you very much for your interest in me. May 12, 1904.

* G. HEINEMAN - Denmark. Above knee.

When thirteen years old I lost my right leg, and used a common wooden leg till I reached forty-four years. By this time my attention was called to your artificial legs with rubber feet. I sent you my measure, and got a leg from you, which I have used ever since, now for about six years. I am very well satisfied with it. It fits me admirably, and has required no repairs worth mentioning. The new suspenders are a real improvement. The stump, though only one and seven-eighths inches, has never been sore.

* F. HEITZ - Germany. Above knee.

Your leg satisfies me as well as an artificial limb can possibly do. It is very much lighter than the legs which I used formerly, and surpasses them also in carefulness and simplicity of construction. I thank you for the comfort which your ingenuity has procured for me. I beg you to accept my sincere salutations. - Translated from German.

The Hon. D. B. Henderson, Speaker of the House of Representatives, after having had his leg re-amputated at the knee joint, investigated in the most thorough manner the methods of the limb manufacturers in all the large cities, and found that there was but one that could satisfy his needs.

Read the following letter addressed to a Western correspondent:

Speaker’s Room,

House of Representatives,

Washington, D. C.

To H. M., Esq.,

Nov. 10, 1900.

MY DEAR SIR: - The leg I wear was made by A. A. Marks. Amputations at or above the knee need better care in the matter of legs than those amputated below the knee. It takes more wisdom and experience to make legs for the former than the latter. For years I had a stump running down to within eight inches of the ankle, but about three years ago I had to have it amputated at the knee. I tried many leg-makers and found none who could make a leg for me without taking a part of the weight on the end of the stump. Chicago utterly failed me in that direction. The moment I exhibited my stump to Mr. Marks, he told me that weight could not be taken on the end of the stump, and this before I told him of my experience in Chicago. I gave him an order at once, and his work has given me splendid satisfaction. I think they have better facilities for treating all kinds of amputations than any other leg-maker in the country.

Very respectfully,

I. L. HELM, M. D. - Fayette Co., Ky.

I have ordered several of your artificial legs. They have all given satisfaction.

N. M. HEMENWAY - Farmer, Kennebec Co., Me. Below knee.

It is about two years since I received this second artificial leg from you. I have to say I am fully as well pleased with this as I was with the first one. I have worn legs made by four other makers, but as I told you at your office, I could not wear any of them, and any unfortunate cripple that once tries one with rubber foot will never wear any other. Your method of fitting stumps cannot be beat, I find all parts of the leg are substantially made, these made good reasons why I must, at every opportunity, recommend the Marks’ leg. May 14, 1904.

* JAMES HENDREN - Fireman, New Zealand. Below knee.

I am getting on first class with the leg you made for me. In fact, I never think of it. I treat it the same as the natural one. I am firing on a locomotive, and I have passed my examination for driving. The longer I wear the leg the better I like it. I can ride a horse, or bicycle, as well as ever I could. May 30, 1904.

* TYSON HENDRICKS - Farmer, Bucks Co., Pa. Below elbow.

It affords me great pleasure to add my testimonial to the great number you already have. When I lost my arm I felt the importance of getting an artificial one and wearing it. After careful investigation, I decided that your make was the most practical, and I placed my order with you. I have since been convinced that I made no mistake. Your arm has served me satisfactorily for many years, and I recommend your work most heartily.

May 4, 1904.

* PAUL A. HENSEL - Sawmill, Prince Edward Co., Va.

A little over eighteen years ago I was run over by a horse car, and lost my right leg above the knee, which left me a stump of about six inches. At the time of the accident I was a boy, six years old, and for the first four years I had to wear a peg leg. After that I got a leg from you. I have been working at a sawmill, and can do most anything in that line, I can haul logs from the woods, load and unload them, I can ride horseback as good as anyone, and when hunting season commences, I go and walk around through woods and over fields. The new leg I got from you a few months ago is all O. K., and does not give me any trouble at all. I can go anywhere I want to with it, and wear it from early in the morning till late at night. May 19, 1904.

* FRANCIS HERCKENRATH - Holland. Above knee.

I take much pleasure in certifying that the two legs you furnished me from measurements, give me great satisfaction in every respect. I have never seen legs of better construction, and I do not believe that any other kind would need less repair. The rubber foot, and the knee-joint, are far superior to all others I ever saw; hence, I can strongly recommend your highly respectable firm to all others. I lost my left leg in the year 1872.

* WILH. HERLTH - Manufacturer, Germany. Above knee.

I wish to inform you that the artificial limbs furnished by you, up to the present, have turned out to my greatest satisfaction. I have previously also ordered limbs from several first class firms, the execution of which, however, left something to be desired. I can therefore recommend your manufactory very highly. - Translated from German. Dec. 12, 1904.

* WILLIAM HERMANN - Farmer, Bates Co., Mo. Below elbow.

I will try to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well pleased with the hand and tools. I am a farmer, and can do most any work with my artificial hand. I could not do without the artificial arm at all. I have worn it two years. I am writing this letter with the rubber hand.

April 26, 1904.


I thought after my amputation that I should not be able to walk except with the aid of crutches, which would make it impossible to attend to my household work. Thanks to your invention it has been so, as to-day I can do all my work and attend to my children. I walk well with the artificial leg. Persons who do not know anything about my misfortune are astonished when told that my right leg is artificial. - Translated from Spanish.

June 1, 1904.

JACOB F. HERTZOG - Farmer, Berks Co., Pa.

I have a resection of the right arm, caused by a wound. I have thus far used five of your apparatus for the same, and each one gave ease and comfort, and entire satisfaction. I had two apparatus from different parties before I used yours, but they were not as easy nor as comfortable. I am a farmer by occupation, and with the use of your apparatus I am able to do all kinds of ordinary farm work. May 9, 1904.

* MRS. MAGGIE HESEMAN - Housewife, Marion Co., Ore.

The artificial limb which I purchased of you some time ago, is very satisfactory, it is the second one I have bought of your firm. My foot is amputated below the knee, and I was fitted out with a comfortable, durable, and neat looking artificial limb, which made me happier than I ever expected to be. I am a farmer’s wife now, have two children, do all my own housework, raise poultry, and walk, ride horseback, or do anything that a sound bodied person can do. May 5, 1904.

E. B. HIGGINBOTHAM - Tax Collector, Elbert Co., Ga.

I think that a few words from me are due you. The pair of artificial legs you sent me in 1893 have done me good service up to the present time, and bid fair to wear well for two or three years longer. All repairs have not cost me $5.00. May 19, 1905.

THOS. HIGHAM - Oneida Co., N. Y. Below knee.

The foot I got of your six weeks ago is giving the best of satisfaction. I have worn it steady, and it don’t make my leg the least sore. I surprise everybody the way I walk. I don’t think I could have got as good a fit anywhere else. Oct. 6, 1904.

* CAPT. A. V. HILL - Barbados. Below knee.

I am wearing the leg you made for me constantly, and it is comfortable for all purposes. It is the third leg I have had, and it bids fair to be the most durable, and the mechanism is the simplest of the three. I think it is wonderful that you can make so well a fitting leg without personal fittings. May 20, 1904.

* JOSEPH HINKS - Engineer, Schuylkill Co., Pa. Below knee.

The leg I purchased of you over seventeen years ago continues to give entire satisfaction. It is almost as good to-day as when I bought it. The change of the old style of rubber foot for a fiber spring mattress foot, is a decided improvement. I am wearing it now, and am delighted with it. It is very easy to walk on, and I believe my walking is better, as there seems to be more strength and support in the spring from the toes. April 20, 1904.

* L. HINMAN - Farmer, Gage Co., Neb. Below knee.

I always recommend your limbs, and have told a great many persons that your rubber foot is better than any other kind. I would be an expense on the public if it were not for the leg that you made for me. When five years of age my foot was cut off with a mowing machine. At sixteen I was supplied with an artificial leg, and have been wearing one ever since. I am now forty-two, and do farming for a living. I started with eighty acres, I now have another eighty, I have bought this by my own and my wife’s work. I certainly could not have done it without a good artificial limb. I consider the rubber foot the only foot for constant and hard use. I have no use for the slip-socket leg, it choked my stump when I wore one, and caused me much trouble. May 13, 1904.

* O. K. HINTON - Furnace Man, Colbert Co., Ala. Below knee.

I received one of your artificial legs in May, 1898, and wore it with ease for five years. In 1903 had my measurements taken after my stump had assumed a permanent size, and ordered a second leg, which is giving me entire satisfaction. I work at a blast iron furnace, and take charge of a pumping station. April 12, 1904.

MRS. J. K. HOBBIE - Housewife, Delaware Co., N. Y. Below knee.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to you for what you have done for me and other cripples. You have made us all forget our afflictions. I have been wearing one of your artificial legs one and a half years. I can do my housework, and get around nearly as well as I ever could before my leg was amputated. I have a stump three inches below the knee. The artificial leg is perfect. May 14, 1904.

* JOHN T. HOFFMAN - Farmer, Jackson Co., Ia. Partial hand.

The artificial hand you sent me about two years ago is giving me good satisfaction. I would not do without it. May 14, 1904.

* ROY HOLT - Clerk, Creek Nation, I. T. Ankle joint.

In regard to the leg I purchased from you, I must say that I am very well pleased with it, I put it on the day I received it, and have worn it constantly ever since. I cannot say enough in praise of it, I run, jump, climb trees, and participate in all the sports of the season, and am at no inconvenience. May 4, 1904.

* T. E. HOLDEN - Farmer, Buffalo Co., Wis. Below knee.

I have worn artificial legs for sixteen years, my limb is amputated six inches below the knee.

The first leg I got had an ankle joint, I will not have another of that kind unless I want an artificial leg and music box combined, the ankle joint breaks down so often that you have to watch every step you take.

The first leg I got of you was in 1893. It is still in good condition. I am hard on artificial legs, as I am a hard worker on the farm.

I ordered another leg of you in December, 1903, and I received it five months ago. It is giving me great satisfaction in every respect. I believe your make of artificial legs is far superior to any other, because of the ease, elasticity, durability, and noiselessness. These are obtained by the use of the rubber foot. May 11, 1904.

* GEO. A. HOLLAND - Bookkeeper, Quebec. Above knee.

In regard to your artificial limb, I wish to say that after 25 years experience, I believe yours to be the most desirable and the nearest approach to the natural limb.

During the long time I have worn artificial limbs I have had a good opportunity to learn just what was required. About seven or eight years ago I was looking around for some means of discarding the articulating ankle, when I learned of your rubber feet, and it at once appealed to me as filling a long felt want, and seven years ago I procured one, and have used it nearly all the time since, with perfect satisfaction.

Your limb has not cost a cent for repairs during all these years, whereas the other ones were constantly needing repairs, it has proved to be the most economical in the end, to say nothing of its greater comfort and security. January 29, 1905.

* R. H. HOLLAND - Logger, Somers Co., Va. Below knee.

I can say that the artificial leg you made for me a year ago has given entire satisfaction. I wear it at least fifteen hours every day, and have been logging most of the time. Anyone that ever was in the timber country knows how hard that work must be on the legs. I recommend your legs for strength, good fit, and general relief. August 20, 1904.

* T. H. C. HOMERSHAM - Engineer, England. Below knee.

I have very great pleasure in saying that the two artificial legs with which you have supplied me, have been in every respect most satisfactory. As you know, with these legs, I find myself only very slightly handicapped, and I attribute this in a very large measure to the excellence of the limbs with which you have supplied me, and especially to the simple, and sensible, flexible rubber foot which obviates the necessity of an extra and troublesome articulating joint at the ankle. May 19, 1904.

C. E. HORTON - Trader, Wyoming Co., Pa. Above knee.

Your limb is a dandy. I can use it like a dandy. My stump is only four inches from the body. I walk without a cane better than I could with the stiff knee I had before my leg was amputated. May 28, 1904.

H. R. HOSFORD - Farmer, Columbia Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I am a farmer, which has always been my principal business. For the past thirty-three years, or more, I have worn the rubber foot constantly. The elasticity of the rubber foot no doubt added much to its durability, and at the same time gave a more natural movement in walking, obviating the disagreeable thumping that attended the other foot I had used, and at the same time the jar to the natural limb, making it more comfortable and easy.

December 5, 1904.

- C. HOURIGAN - Hotel, Australia. Below knee.

I received the artificial leg and everything attached to it. I would have written before now, only I was waiting to see how it worked. I have now great pleasure to inform you that it is a perfect fit, and that it is in every way satisfactory, which I am sure you will be glad to hear.

- H. A. HOWARD - Farmer, Caswell Co., N. C. Below elbow.

I have been intending to write to you for some time. I am pleased to report that the arm fits nicely, and surpasses my expectations as to usefulness. I can plow, and use a hoe far better than I had any idea that I would be able to. The ring and hook are very useful in loading and unloading wood, in carrying anything that cannot be carried with the hand. The fork and brush do their part with satisfaction.

The rubber hand is very useful in mailing, as I can hold the nail between the finger and thumb; without the rubber hand I could not nail at all.

My stump is six inches long, and since using the arm it has improved very much, and does not pain as it did before.

* ED. HOWELL - Telegraph Operator, Cumberland Co., Tenn.

At the age of eleven I suffered the amputation of my left leg about one inch above ankle-joint. Two years later purchased an artificial leg from St. Louis. The limb was the ankle-joint style, after thirteen months’ usage the joint became so worn that the foot was allowed to turn over, all attempts to repair substantially were useless. November 7, 1892, I purchased a limb from you, wearing it continually until September 21, 1903, when a double barrel hammerless shotgun fell, discharging both barrels through my artificial leg and stump, four inches above the ankle-joint, necessitating re-amputation. I was so near the gun that both shot and wads passed through, making a clean opening one and one-half inches in diameter entirely through the leg. After recovering I again brought the old leg into use, with the expectation that it would be so weakened as to render it useless, but to my surprise it has served me for another year, with no signs of breaking down.

During the thirteen years just elapsed I have walked a great deal, and over very rough country, often carrying loads of considerable weight.

March 11, 1905.

LEWIS P. HUBBARD - Brass Worker, New Haven Co., Conn.

In 1896 I had a double amputation at the ankle joints. I procured a pair of artificial legs with ankle joints, which gave me a great deal of trouble. My stumps would get sore. In April, 1902, I received one of your artificial legs with a rubber foot, which has given entire satisfaction. In March of the present year I received the mate to the one I got two years ago. Both legs are giving entire satisfaction. My occupation is bench work in a brass manufactory, sitting or standing. I consider that I have as good a pair of artificial limbs as is made. May 9, 1904.

C. C. HUCKINS, M. D. - Butler Co., Iowa.

My bias is very strongly in favor of the "Rubber Feet and Hand Limbs" manufactured by A. A. Marks, on the grounds of, first and foremost, durability; in the case of the foot, solidity and firmness of footing, with sufficient pliability and no side motion, and in the case of the hands pliability. I have yet to find the person wearing either who finds any fault, which I cannot say in regard to many rattletraps.

* JAMES R. HUDSON - Glassblower, Vigo Co., Ind. Below elbow.

I take pleasure in saying that the arm you made for me is a perfect piece of work. I am very proud of it. There is none made to compete with it to-day. Every one of my friends think it is a fine piece of work.

May 3, 1904.

JOHN M. HUGHES - Hotel-keeper, Queens Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I am wearing one of your legs for the last twenty-five years and find it more than satisfactory. I have been working as a bartender being on my feet from early morning until late at night. For the last six years I have been opening and closing my own place being on my feet from sixteen to eighteen hours a day. May 6, 1904.

* CARL E. HULTING - Janitor, Cook Co., Illinois. Above elbow.

About two years ago you made me an artificial arm and I consider it a part of my duty to let you know how I am getting along with it. I take great pleasure in saying the arm has proved a God’s blessing to me, as it enables me to make my own living. I am now working as janitor and meet no difficulty in doing my work. My right arm was amputated four inches below the shoulder. I have been wearing the limb every day since I received it, and could not do without it under any circumstances. May 23, 1904.

* G. L. HUME, M. D. - Quebec. Below knee.

The artificial leg sent by you to Geo. Beausoleil eighteen months ago, made from measurements sent you by me, I am pleased to state has given entire satisfaction. My patient can now walk without aid of cane or crutch, and very few people are able to detect any difference or to tell which leg is artificial and which natural. The amputation is six inches below the knee.

* G. F. HUNTER - Australia. Below knee.

Allow me to convey you my most sincere thanks for your prompt attention to my requirements. My artificial leg made from measurements, which I have had now in constant use for over two years, has given the greatest satisfaction. I have the greatest confidence in recommending your make as the best in the world. Having had twenty-five years’ experience, I should be some practical authority on the matter.

* VERNON V. HUNTER - Bookkeeper, Broome Co., N. Y.

On the 15th of January, 1903, I received an injury which caused the amputation of my left forearm about five inches from elbow. I purchased an artificial arm of you. It was ordered by mail and I received it about the middle of October and have been wearing it with much satisfaction ever since. I find it very useful for many things, such as writing, eating, washing the other hand, and carrying articles. May 23, 1904.

F. C. HUNTLEY - Builder, New York City, N. Y. Above knee.

In 1892 I had my left leg amputated a little above the knee on account of gangrene following an injury that I received in my knee. In the following July I applied to you for an artificial leg. I superintend the laying of artificial stone in new buildings. This compels me to go up and down half completed stairways without balustrades and very frequently up and down ladders. I never use a cane or crutch and walk so well that very few persons suspect that I have a wooden leg. I weigh 200 pounds and am enjoying the best of health and never miss a day from my work.

I consider your rubber foot the most valuable invention in artificial limb construction that has ever been made. June 4, 1904.

C. P. HUTCHINSON - Dauphin Co., Pa. Instep.

I am glad to testify that your appliance for my foot, a Chopart’s amputation, is the finest article in the market. I am a fireman on the P. R. Road and do my work thoroughly.

W. H. IRVINE, M. D. - New Brunswick, Canada.

Mr. McLeod got his leg two months ago, and it works satisfactorily.

G. L. ISBISTER - Farmer, Columbia Co., New York. Below knee.

My limb was amputated when I was a boy of eight years, leaving me a stump of five and one-half inches below the knee. For over twelve years I continually wore an artificial leg of your make which has given perfect satisfaction. My occupation is a farmer, requiring me to do all kinds of labor, plowing, hoeing, etc. I also ride a wheel. May 16, 1904.

D. E. ISHAM - Carpenter, Chautauqua Co., New York. Ankle.

For fit, lightness and strength, your metal socket leg for ankle joint amputation is far ahead of any other leg I have worn. I know the requirements of an artificial leg having worn one for forty years.

May 8, 1904.

CHARLES HUNT - Private Policeman, New York City, N. Y. Wrist.

Before I placed an order with you, I visited other firms and came to the conclusion that you made the best and most practical hand; the results have justified me in my decision. I am a policeman and have been for the last eight years. I have on several occasions been obliged to use violence in order to hold my man, and instead of the club I have used the rubber hand. One man told me he thought he was hit with a cannon ball.

February 2, 1905.

PROF. F. E. JACOBY - New Haven Co., Conn. Below knee.

When I met with the misfortune of losing my right leg, I felt that all the sunshine had passed from my life. Fortunately I came in possession of a copy of one of your books, and as I perused its pages, I received much encouragement. Some tried to dissuade me from entertaining the hope of obtaining an artificial leg inside of four or five months, but I was so determined to get about on two legs again I procured an artificial leg from you in exactly nine weeks after my natural leg was amputated. Five days after I received the leg my doctor observed me skating on the canal. He stopped and watched me; he was amazed; he told me that I beat anything he had ever seen.

I was a professional tight rope walker and aeronaut before I lost my leg, and I did not propose to allow the loss of a leg to compel me to seek another occupation. I can walk a tight rope nearly as well as ever I could.

The rubber foot enables me to balance with safety. The absence of an ankle joint removes the risk of falling to a large degree. I can walk a tight rope while it is fifty feet above the ground, and when I am dressed, without exposing my limbs, no one would suspect that one of my legs was artificial.

While walking on the ground I never feel the necessity of looking for uneven or bad places. I feel safe and sure on my rubber foot, no matter where I place it. I consider your invention of the rubber foot the most valuable and important, to persons who have lost their natural limbs, of any invention that has been made.

NOTE. - The above cut has been made from an instantaneous photograph taken of Professor Jacoby while performing on a tight rope. In the cut he is balancing entirely on his artificial leg; his natural foot is off the rope and is in the act of passing forward to take the next step.

MRS. ELLA B. JAEGER - Passaic Co., N. J. Leg short, undeveloped.

I have solid comfort and am more than pleased with my extension. I have never before been so long without pain. I walk so much better, scarcely limp at all. I cannot say too much in praise of my foot.

April 22, 1904.

* LUCY JAMES - Cook, Madison Co., Va. Below knee.

I received the leg you shipped to me in due time and in good order. I began wearing it as soon as I received it. I now attend to my household duties without the least inconvenience. I must say that it is a God-send, for I never expected to get around again with as much ease and comfort as I do now. May 23, 1904.

F. W. JARDINE - Clerk, Philadelphia, Pa. Above knee.

Last September a year ago I received one of your artificial limbs and find it satisfactory in every detail. I have only a seven-inch stump and find it very easy to attend to my work, as clerk in a Trust Company. May 10, 1904.

* MRS. N. L. JENNINGS - Wellington, New Zealand. Son Gardner.

With regard to the artificial leg supplied by you to my son Gardner Jennings, I may say it has been and is a great comfort to him. During the last cricket season my son was one of the school team which played for and won the Junior Cup, competed for by Hawks Bay school. The lad is fifteen years of age and is growing very rapidly. The changes that have been necessary on account of growth were made at home without difficulty.

July 20, 1904.

MICHAEL JOBREY - Laborer, Schuylkill Co., Pa. Above knee.

I can walk on the artificial leg you made for me very well indeed. I never thought that I would be able to do so well. Nobody can tell whether I have an artificial leg or not. I go to school, during vacation time I work in the coal breakers and the leg serves me well. May 17, 1904.

* P. JOHNS - Hotel-keeper, Salt Lake City Co., Utah. Knee.

I am glad to say that the leg you made me I have been doing well with. I have not come across a man that could outwalk me that wore an artificial limb, no matter what make the limb was. I have not lost a day since I commenced work with the leg. I cut lawn, sprinkle and wash buggies and do it as quickly as anybody else. I will have no other but a Marks’ leg.

May 9, 1904.

* WILLUS JOHNS - Coal Miner, William Co., Illinois. Below knee.

I walk one and a half miles to my work and that makes three miles in all. My occupation is digging coal, I load from ten to fifteen tons of coal a day. I am enjoying life in wearing Marks’ leg. May 4, 1904.

* ARTHUR JOHNSON - Farmer, Bibb Co., Georgia. Below knee.

I received the artificial leg you made for me January 9th and found it to be all right. I can plow, cut wood, and do all my own work such as shoeing horses, mules, and general repairing. May 18, 1904.

C. C. JOHNSON, M. D. - Columbia Co., S. C.

I have ordered several of your artificial limbs for different persons in this State. All of them are now being used with utmost satisfaction. The leg recently secured for a young patient of mine, is so natural and useful that the acquaintances of the gentleman cannot realize that he has been maimed and is wearing an artificial leg. He and at least two others of the wearers of Marks’ legs in this section are expert bicycle riders, having learned to ride since procuring your legs. I am highly pleased with your work.

* DANIEL W. JOHNSON - Mineral Water Mfr., Coffee Co., Ga.

I bought my limb of you in September, 1902, and have been wearing it ever since. It has given me good service. I am in the bottling business and able to do my part of the work. I lost my leg in January, 1898.

May 19, 1904.

MISS FLORENCE JOHNSON - Domestic, Orange Co., N. Y.

My foot was amputated above the ankle when I was twelve years old. A little over a year ago Mr. Marks fitted an artificial foot to my stump. I learned soon to walk with it and my crutch became a thing of the past.

There is very little work in the household, in which I serve as a domestic, that I cannot do about as well as one with two natural feet. I walk a mile or more with ease. May 17, 1904.

JAS. JOHNSTON, M. D. - Chippewa Co., Mich.

I have no idea of ever recommending an ankle jointed limb again. Marks’ rubber foot fully meets the wants.

* GEORGE W. JOLLOTA - Carpenter, Nova Scotia. Above knees.

The artificial limbs purchased from you two years ago have given entire satisfaction. I lost both my limbs from tuberculosis of the knee joints. My left leg was amputated in November, 1900, leaving a stump of only two inches, my right was amputated in February, 1901, leaving a stump of eleven inches. In August of the same year I received and applied a pair of your artificial limbs with rubber feet, which were made from measurements taken by my own physician. In the two years I have been wearing those limbs I have never felt the slightest discomfort. In first learning to walk I used two crutches, in a short time I was using two canes, at the present time I use but one cane. I can get in and out of a carriage with ease. I do a lot of rowing and handle my own boat in all sorts of weather. I have never tried to see how far I could walk, but I can walk half a mile with ease. May 13, 1904.

ELI W. JONES - Farmer, Marion Co., Illinois. Above knee.

I lost my leg March 16, 1865, in the army, thigh amputation. Have been wearing artificial legs since with more or less trouble, until eleven years ago when I got one of yours with the rubber foot. Wore it with great comfort for nine years. Two years ago you made me a new one which is as near perfect as an artificial leg can be. I walk with perfect ease. The main objection I made against your system was the absence of the ankle joint. I now find that to be the chief merit of your limbs. November 10, 1904.

JOHN L. JONES - Farmer, Rutland Co., Vt. Below knee.

In February, 1889, I had the misfortune of losing one of my legs below the knee.

After trying an artificial limb of a different make without good results I purchased a Marks’ limb and have been wearing it since. I am thoroughly satisfied with the limb and highly recommend it. I am a farmer by occupation and do my farm work. May 23, 1904.

* REV. J. H. JONES - St. Louis Co., Mo. Above knee.

The limb you sent me for thigh amputation three years ago is giving perfect satisfaction. The prime and essential features combined in your limbs are: simplicity, durability, comfort and ease to the wearer. From the very first day I put on my new limb (two months after amputation), I wore it continuously and never had occasion to be without it a moment. I put it on as I do my shoes in the morning. It is the very acme of perfection.

June 1, 1904.

W. R. JONES - Clearfield Co., Pa. Above knee.

The rubber foot is a grand success. I am much swifter on this limb than the one I have been wearing from another firm. I heartily recommend your work. May 13, 1904.

* MATTHIAS KANE - Farmer, Kingsbury Co., S. Dak. Below elbow.

I have been using your artificial hand for nearly five years with the best results.

I can pitch hay, play ball or run a wheel-barrow. It is a perfect fit, it has never hurt me in the least since I wore it. May 7, 1904.

* F. H. KAPPA - Machinist, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Above knee.

The first artificial leg ordered from measurements at Pensacola, Fla., October, 1884, has given me great satisfaction and good service until May, 1902, when I ordered the second, which is superior in construction, especially the spring mattress rubber foot, is an improvement which I cannot praise enough.

I am a machinist by trade and experience no difficulty in following my occupation, and only experienced people can tell that I am wearing an artificial leg. May 18, 1904.


Tokio, Japan. Above knee.

I am desired by His Excellency Count Okuma to inform you that the artificial leg which you made for him reached here some time ago in good condition. The Count is exceedingly gratified with the admirable workmanship of the leg, and has already made considerable progress in walking with its assistance. T. KATO.

THADDEUS S. KAUTZ - Conductor, Dauphin Co., Pa. Partial foot.

Having made a study of three makes of artificial feet, I came to the conclusion that the Marks’ foot is the most practical of all. I have made a thorough test using the foot in the capacity of a brakeman for one year, and for two years in the P. & R. Ry. yards which has proved it the best foot known. May 17, 1904.

* SYLVANUS J. KEITH - Tailor, Nova Scotia. Both below knees.

Twenty-three years ago I had both of my legs amputated below knees and had been wearing artificial limbs with ankle joints for twenty years with much trouble and dissatisfaction. One year and a half ago I purchased a pair of your artificial limbs with rubber feet attached and since then the trouble so common to me for so long has disappeared. I am engaged in the tailoring business and do all the cutting, which means that I am on my feet most of the time. I go about the store up and downstairs and out for short walks without the use of a cane and without the unpleasant squeaking and rattling of joints which used to annoy me so much. The rubber foot does not produce that wooden leg sound so often noticed from less modern appliances and I have no hesitation in recommending your artificial legs with rubber feet as being the very best on the market. April 25, 1904.

JOHN J. KELDER - Machinist, Lackawanna Co., Pa. Wrist.

My hand was amputated at the wrist and with the use of the hand I got from you I sometimes forget that I lost my natural hand. I have met persons that had arms of other makes but after examining my hand (A. A. Marks’), they acknowledged it was decidedly the best. I have run a dynamo and fired boilers.

I am now running and firing a small mine locomotive for the Erie R. R. May 5, 1904.

* JOHN KELLY - Teacher, Newfoundland. Below knee.

About twelve years ago I met with an accident which caused me to lost my foot three inches above the ankle.

For eight years I wore an artificial leg with movable ankle joint and it was always a source of annoyance.

On one occasion when about thirty miles from home in a crowded city, I was going along very nicely, priding myself that within an hour I would be homeward bound, when to my chagrin the foot left the boot entirely, having parted at the ankle, and there I was left on a lee shore with one of my spars gone. My embarrassment can be better imagined than described. Spectators on all sides, one "wag" remarking that I "Had turned my wooden leg inside out." I hailed a passing team, got towed to port (my boarding house), where I had to remain three days until repairs were effected. I would not wear one of the ankle joint legs again if I got it for nothing. The foot I am wearing now was purchased of you and I am wearing it two years to my entire satisfaction.

I cannot speak too highly of your patent foot with rigid ankle joint. When one is walking the step can be made with confidence be the street rough or smooth. My leg was fitted from measurements and I am surprised that it is so comfortable. In the winter season I often indulge in the pleasing pastime of skating, and can use the skates very well. Strangers cannot believe on being told that I wear an artificial foot, and my friends are surprised at the great change in my gait. April 26, 1904.

SAMUEL P. KEMP - Farmer, Lawrence Co., Pa. Above knee.

My artificial limb is working fine. I have had more comfort in the year I have been wearing A. A. Marks’ leg, than I have had in all the time before, about twenty-eight years.

My stump is just eight-inches long and I can walk good without a cane and I can do almost any kind of work on a farm. I can plow, plant corn, dig and shovel clay or pitch hay and chop wood and other kinds of labor as well as any other man. May 9, 1904.

* LINSON KELLY - Farmer, Crenshaw Co., Ala. Below knee.

I ordered an artificial limb from you about fifteen years ago. I had it made from measurements while I remained at home. I have worn it every day since with the best of satisfaction. I am now seventy-two years old. May 22, 1904.

STEPHEN T. KELSEY - Litchfield Co., Conn. Above knee.

I have received my new leg and thank you for it. This is the fourth leg you have made for me and they have all been satisfactory. I commend the mechanism and workmanship of your legs. May 30, 1904.

DR. E. J. KEMPF - Dubois Co., Ind.

The arm and hand of Joseph Goetz were received, and Goetz is well pleased, and even more than that, he is tickled. He can write his name and do any kind of light work.

* JOHN KEMPER - Grayson Co., Texas. Instep.

I have been wearing your artificial foot for instep amputation for the past ten years, and it has given me perfect satisfaction at all times. I can cheerfully recommend the same as the best made. May 11, 1905.

JAMES J. KENNELLY - Produce Clerk, Brooklyn, N. Y.

On the 15th of November, 1893, I began to wear one of your artificial feet. I had my leg amputated six inches below the knee as the result of a railroad accident. I was then twelve years old. I continued my studies and graduated from the High School of Commerce of this city without any of my fellow students knowing that I wore an artificial foot. I am at present employed in the produce business and have worn your foot for days without removing it, and have never felt any bad effects.

I am a member of the Royal Arcanum and there are not three members of my lodge know that I wear an artificial foot. May 5, 1904.

* CHRISTIAN KEPPLER - Steel mills, Lorain Co., Ohio.

I am more than pleased with the artificial leg I bought from you some time ago. I am working in the Lorain Steel Mills and do any kind of work with it, I have never lost work since I have had it, in fact I do not realize that I have an artificial leg. May 15, 1904.

* GEORGE OSCAR KINARD - Packer, Bibb Co., Ga. Below elbow.

The arm I got from you was the cause of my securing a better position than I have ever had. I have been in the company of strangers for several hours at a time and they did not discover that I had but one natural arm. I am getting along with it first rate, and would not do without it.

May 12, 1904.

* W. F. KLECKNER - Car Checker, Schuylkill Co., Pa. Below knee.

The artificial leg you made for me has given so much satisfaction that I would not part with it for any consideration. I have been traveling with friends that did not know I had my leg off until they were told. This goes to show that I walk very well. My leg is off one and one-half-inch above the ankle. My occupation is car checking for the P. R. R. I walk to and from work two miles each day, the walking does not bother me at all. I shall recommend your make of legs at all times. May 7, 1904.

REV. J. W. KNAPPENBERGER, A. M. - President, Allentown College for

Women, Lehigh Co., Pa. Above knee.

I have been wearing A. A. Marks’ artificial limb since 1890. I have found it satisfactory in every particular and I consider it the best in the market. It is comfortable, easy to manage, wears well, and protects it from injury. May 5, 1904.

GEO. D. KERNS - Jefferson Co., Mont. Knee bearing.

In regard to my experience in using an artificial leg will say that I have worn one thirty-one years.

The first rubber foot I wore for twelve years, and the second to date. The rubber foot cannot be any more and be artificial. It gives a soft, safe step. I am a stone mason and builder. My work is on rough ground, with spall, fragments, and rubbish as usually seen about stone buildings while under construction. This is the place to test an artificial leg. No other leg ever did so much good. It has a stiff ankle joint which is really its charm.

I can stand on the heel or toe at will; this gives me great advantage in turning about and getting around lively.

If on a sidehill, roof, or ladder, the ankle-joint foot is not safe, but the rubber foot is always safe.

* WILLIAM KNEIPP - Cattleman, Australia. Below elbow.

The hand I got from you gives every satisfaction. I can use the knife to cut my food quite well, and I hold the reins in the artificial hand when driving and riding. It is worth double the money for looks only. It makes a man look as if he had nothing the matter with him. June 18, 1904.

R. B. KNIGHT, M. D. - Mohave Co., Ariz.

The leg I ordered for Mr. Sorrensen three years ago was all that could be desired.

G. FRED KOHLER, JR. - Bergen Co., N. J. Below knee.

I have been wearing one of your rubber feet now since March 9, 1904, and have not had any chafing of the stump or any other difficulty. I do not limp at all. Considering that I had one foot mashed at the time I was run over, which is not healed yet, I know I do remarkably well. Most people ask me which foot is the artificial. Nov. 3, 1904.

HENRY KUEHN - Designer, Hudson Co., N. J. Above knee.

I used a cane for about two weeks at the start when I received my leg. I have a ten-inch stump and never had my leg off since I got it, except to retire at night. May 10, 1904.

Comment from follow-up survey
My Orthotics fit great and my heel pain is almost nil because of them. I was told not to go to you by someone else. It was another company in competion with you. But because of insurance I had to go to you. Well it was a blessing in disguise. I was never happier with you and your staff and expertise. I am glad now the other didn’t accept my insurance and I tell everyone the story. Thank you very much for your time, caring and the welcoming feeling I got from your business.