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CHAPTER XXXVII - Testimonials - Part E

THE ARMENIAN MASSACRE - An artificial leg sold into captivity.

It seems to be the strange order of things that, periodically the world is to witness scenes of exceptional horror. Christians are fed to lions in the Colosseum; or in shirts of tar, burned like candles to illuminate the gardens of a Roman Emperor. A French Revolution with its guillotine and "days of terror" deluges a land in blood; and, in our own day, in the full blaze of the nineteenth century, the most shocking of all appears in the Armenian massacres. For six hundred years the Armenians were the most submissive servants of the Ottoman Empire, and the most prosperous of the non- Mohammedan races, Christian and Jews, who paid tribute as a penalty for not accepting Islam.

The accession of the present Sultan marked a change in their condition. He had not been long on the throne before constantly increasing series of oppressions were begun.

The reason for this course of action is not hard to seek.

Sultan Abdul Hamid lost Bulgaria, a valuable part of his dominion because of its prosperity and spread of European ideas of liberty, and European civilization among the people. Fearing he would lost Armenia also, if it became as enlightened as Bulgaria; and, giving "fear of rebellion" as an excuse, he entered on that course of persecution beginning with a merciless taxation, and ending with the slaughter of more than 30,000 persons, under circumstances of incredible horror.

Among those who, while escaping with life, "suffered the loss of all things," is a native missionary, the Rev. Kevork Muncherian.

Having lost his right leg by reason of a snake bite, he managed to get about on a peg leg of local manufacture for a number of years, when through the kindness of a brother missionary, he procured an artificial leg from A. A. Marks, of New York, which he used with great comfort and assistance in his missionary labors.

Mr. Muncherian writes:

"The leg which I got from you nine years ago was very satisfactory, and I wore it with comfort for seven years, but during the massacre two years ago my house was burned, and all my possessions carried off by the Turkish soldiers.

"Among other things, they took my artificial leg, and sold it into captivity. Since that time, after having been saved from death in a wonderful way, I have been obliged to use my old wooden peg leg.

"Although I am a native of Marash, Turkey, for ten years I had been living and engaged in business in the small town of Anderin, preaching the Christian gospel in a little church on Sundays, and occupying my spare moments in the interest of the Christian faith. At the time of the massacre my wife and children were in Marash, while I was in Anderin. The greater number of the inhabitants of Anderin are Moslems. At the time of the massacre I had 50 liras ($220) worth of goods in my shop, and 100 liras ($440) worth of wheat, barley, corn, and other grains. All of these were carried off by Moslem robbers in the course of a few days; on several occasions I barely escaped death. Suddenly one day without any warning a company of Armenians from Zeitoon, having tired of Turkish oppression and tyranny, made an attack on the town, and after a short but sharp contest took possession, and proceeded to plunder the houses of the Moslems, and to kill all the Turks they could lay their hands on.

"In that terrible scene, the way in which I was saved was wonderful; when I came out from my place of hiding those that caught sight of me mistook me for a Moslem and attempted to kill me, and I escaped only by crying out, ‘I am a Christian, I am a Christian,’ at the same time making the sign of the cross.

"I was in greatest danger when spied by a Gregorian monk. I made the sign of the cross just in time to escape being pierced by a bullet which he was about to fire at me.

"The goods and grain I have already mentioned, and also the artificial leg I got from you, had been stolen by the Moslems.

"Having lost everything, saving only my life, I joined the Armenians when they were leaving the place, and that night, hungry, and destitute, I traveled a large part of the way on foot and peg leg to the village Geben, five hours distant. The third day after my arrival I happened to see my artificial leg, which the Armenians had brought with them. The Turks had thrown it away as a thing of no possible use, and so it had been picked up and brought to Geben by the Armenians. Just at this time the Osmanli army attacked Geben, and I was forced to flee to Zeitoon; my journey lasted fifteen hours, and was through a wild, mountainous country. I had to walk most of the way on my antiquated peg leg; the journey would not have been half as arduous if I had had my artificial leg instead of this crude peg affair.

"According to investigations I made afterwards, the leg I left in Geben was captured by the Osmanli soldiers, and sent as a prisoner to the headquarters of the army corps, and there sold and held into captivity.

"A few days after my arrival in Zeitoon, the Turkish army made an attack on the town. On the third day of the conflict I climbed up a steep mountain and hid in a cave, sheltered by a great rock. I stayed in this cave without food or water for three days and nights after which I went back to Zeitoon. There I got on a horse with the intention of riding up to the Turkish lines to see if I could get through Marash, to my home and family; but no sooner had I set out from the town (two miles from the Turkish lines) than the Turkish soldiers began to rain bullets on me. I succeeded in reaching the outworks of the defences of Zeitoon, but could go no further, so I turned back to re-enter Zeitoon, still under a murderous fire, but praise God not one of the bullets hit me. I was obliged to remain about three months in besieged Zeitoon, in the midst of a terrible and continuous battle-without a cent, hungry, and in great sorrow and fear. Finally, through the mediation of the great powers the war ceased, Zeitoon was saved, and I returned to my native city, Marash. As soon as I reached the site of my home I found that during my absence one of my little girls had been killed, all my household furniture was stolen, and my house burned down.

"Since those terrible times I have been working in this and surrounding villages, under the direction of missionaries of the American Board, as a relief agent and preacher, at a salary of $5.28 a month, while my wife is engaged in Marash at a salary of $3.52; you will thus see that we have to live in a most economical and exceedingly uncomfortable way. I hope to receive my new leg, when I will be in better shape to work and travel.

"Yours sincerely,


"Armenian Missionary."

* F. MORGADO - Machinist, Vera Cruz, Mexico. Below knee.

It is with pleasure I inform you that the artificial leg I ordered of you last May for Alberto Paredes, amputation below the knee, for which I took and sent you measurements and diagrams, has been received and worn with perfect satisfaction. The limb is so perfect and well finished that in less than ten days after putting it on Mr. Paredes returned to his work, the same that he was engaged in before amputation. The work is very hard, as he is foreman of the loading of steamers in the bay. Every time Paredes meets me he repeats his gratitude for having told him about your house. He says that the only way he could be improved is to have his natural leg back again. The leg you made and sent to him fits perfectly.

In regard to the artificial leg you made for me two years ago, I take pleasure in saying that I use it constantly. I am also engaged in hard work, I am a machinist. The leg will undoubtedly last many years longer. In regard to perfection and workmanship, I sent a voluntary testimonial some months ago, and the thought expressed in the same is repeated now. - Translated from Spanish. August 5, 1904.

* J. H. MORGAN - Laborer, Columbia Co., Ga. Below knee.

I am now using my second artificial limb purchased from you.

I was working in the R. R. yard at Waycross, Ga., when the accident happened which necessitated the amputation of my left foot, about midway between knee and ankle. I commenced using my first artificial limb in December, 1896, using it continuously until February, 1904. I am now using my second limb with entire satisfaction, it fits perfectly, even better than the first. I can see no room for improvement. June 13, 1904.

* EDWARD MORRIS - Oneida Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I have worn your leg ever since I received it, and am getting on very fine. Results most gratifying. May 24, 1904.

* H. C. MORRIS - St. Johns, Newfoundland. Above knee.

I will appreciate the favor of your permission to grant me space in the new book you are about to publish, to contribute my testimonial to the superiority of the artificial limbs manufactured by your firm.

For almost thirty years I have worn artificial legs constructed by you; during that period they have been subject to repairs and alterations, but these were made because of changes in my stump. In my earlier days I used a leg made by a London firm, also one made by an Edinburg manufacturer. My personal experience, and that of scores of patients, belonging to Newfoundland, both male and female, for whom I have taken measurements for arms, legs, and appliances, is that for durability, comfort, and gracefulness of movement, nothing can come up to the standard of superiority reached by the limbs constructed by you. May 2, 1904.

[N. B. - Mr. Morris is competent to take measurements and attend to the details of ordering, receiving, and adjusting artificial limbs; any person in need can place himself under his attention with the assurance of receiving proper care. - A. A. M.]

S. A. MORROW - Railroad, Blair Co., Pa. Two fractured kneecaps.

I am wearing your braces for two fractured kneecaps, and they are giving entire satisfaction. Can get along without crutches or cane. My occupation is a car oil man, or inspector, I can go to the top of a pair of step ladders quite easy, which I could not do without the braces. May 19, 1904.

* R. D. MOTHERSILL - Carpenter, Jamaica, W. I. Below knee.

I have worn one of Marks’ artificial legs with rubber foot for eleven years, and must accord to him all the merits in the line of the manufacturing of artificial limbs, its durability, its ease, and simplicity.

I take my usual pleasure in sporting, going over hills and dales without the sign of fatigue or inconvenience.

I am a carpenter, and do a large amount of walking, and my artificial leg has a great deal of wear and tear.

CHARLES M. MOTT - Driver, Queens Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I am driving a wagon everyday, and I wear the leg sometimes forty-eight hours. I have no difficulty in walking or getting about. This is the third artificial leg you have made for me. The first was bought when I was a boy. You have greatly improved in your work in the last number of years, as each leg has been better than the former one. I can recommend your limb to anyone that needs one, and believe your legs cannot be beat. May 24, 1904.

* FRED MOWBRAY - Schoolboy, New Zealand. Above knee.

About twelve months ago I met with an accident which necessitated my right leg being amputated above the knee. It is now about five months since I used your artificial limb, and can get about with great ease, in fact, after the first fortnight I could walk without the aid of a stick.

I still go to school, and can mix in many of the games, such as cricket and marbles.

I was in Dunedin a short time ago, and found no difficulty in getting on and off the electric cars, climb a ladder, go up and down stairs, in fact, there is very little that I cannot do. July 1, 1904.

PERLEY N. MUDGETT - Farmer, Lamoille Co., Vt. Above knee.

My artificial leg works nicely. It enables me to get about my farm, and do considerable work. It is much better than the one I had with an ankle joint, it is easier for the stump and more comfortable in walking.

June 29, 1904.


Gratitude is one of the noblest sentiments of the human heart. My duty is not only to express my gratitude to you, but to pay a tribute of justice to merit.

Every day I am more thankful for the leg of your manufacture which I am using. - Translated from Spanish.

* MRS. MUIRS - Fremont Co., Colo. Daughter. Below knee.

The artificial leg you made for my daughter, Lizzie, last September, fits fine, and gives her no trouble. It was only the other day that her teacher found out she wore an artificial limb. She goes to school every day, and joins in all outdoor exercises the same as other pupils. May 1, 1904.

JOHN MULLEN - Tanner, Lycoming Co., Pa. Knee.

I have worn one of your artificial legs for nine years. It has given perfect satisfaction. My stump is an end bearing one. I get around with ease. I can walk almost as well as ever. I think the rubber foot a complete success. My occupation is tannery man. It is hard work for anyone to stand, eight hours every day, but I have in five years never lost a day’s work on account of being a cripple. June 4, 1904.

* DUNCAN MUNROE - Clerk, New Zealand. Above elbow.

On August 1, 1902, I met with a railway accident, resulting in the loss of my left arm, just below the shoulder joint. In the following August I was wearing one of your artificial arms, which I have been wearing every day. I don’t think the arm could have fitted better if I had been on your premises. I feel it my duty to congratulate you on the able manner in which you have done the work from the Rev. Cox’s measurements. At the time of the accident I was a locomotive fireman, and being disabled I took up clerical work, which I am at at the present time, and I manage it without the slightest difficulty.

I find my arm of great service in a great many ways, and the longer I wear it the more useful it gets. I do not hesitate in recommending your artificial limbs. May 26, 1904.

* WILLIAM MURDOCK - New Zealand. Above knee.

Seventeen years ago my leg was amputated above the knee, and I got an artificial leg. It did not turn out suitable, so ten years ago I forwarded measurements to you for one of your legs. I am glad to say this has proved in every way satisfactory. The rubber foot with spring mattress in particular being very comfortable-there not being the slightest jar when walking. I am a tobacconist and newspaper vender. The latter occupation necessitates my walking a three-hour round every day, besides being on my feet the remainder of the day.

* J. H. MURPHY - Barber, Taylor Co., W. Va. Above knee.

Your leg has given me the best of satisfaction in all particulars. It is complete in every respect. Better satisfaction could not be found. I am a barber, and work from fourteen to eighteen hours daily. June 12, 1904.

* A. W. MYERS - Teacher, Lee Co., Va. Below knee.

With pleasure I endorse your rubber foot. My leg is amputated below the knee, and I have worn one of your artificial limbs over a year.

I was fitted from measurements, and I find the leg to be in every particular what you represented. I am a teacher, and am on my feet a great deal. I can run, jump, and skip almost as if I had two natural feet.

I have walked as high as ten miles in a day. I have not had to pay out one cent for repairs. May 11, 1904.

FIRM MYERS - Druggist, Williamson Co., Ohio. Leg shortened.

I would like to write a few lines in regard to the extension shoe which you made for me. I have been wearing it for about eighteen months, and it has given good satisfaction. I am a drug clerk, and find no difficulty in performing my duties. My advice to anyone having a short limb would be to get one of your make. May 17, 1904.

JNO. D. MYERS, M. D. - Cabell Co., W. Va.

I have used the "Marks’ Artificial Legs" with rubber feet, and they give more complete satisfaction than any other I have ever seen. Have one case of double amputation (thigh and leg); the man walks with ease and comfort simply with a cane.

* W. H. MYERS - Teacher, Daviess Co., Ind. Above elbow.

I met with an accident in Oct., 1898, which caused the amputation of my right arm above the elbow. Life became a burden until Oct., 1902, when I received an artificial arm from A. A. Marks, which has relieved me of much embarrassment. June 6, 1904.

* ISMAEL NAVARRO - Republic of Colombia, S. A. Above knee.

I have for some time desired to write to you for the express purpose of informing you of my great satisfaction with the artificial leg you made for me, and now that the opportunity presents itself, I do so without delay. I have used it for the three years without finding any defect. I shall always remain grateful to the estimable inventor.

* HENRY NAYLOR - Laborer, Lake Co., Cal. Below elbow.

I am the party that Dr. Fenn got the artificial arm and hand for.

The arm is so much help to me I would not take double what it cost. In a very short time I will be as active as before amputation. I have only five inches of stump below the elbow. Dec. 21, 1904.

* J. G. NEELY - Age 16, Schoolboy, Davidson Co., Tenn.

I bought the leg I am now wearing of you about two years ago. I like it very much. I can get about very well on it. Can do almost anything I could before I lost my leg. May 12, 1904.

E. A. NELLIS - Sheriff, Litchfield Co., Conn. Below knee.

In 1864 I lost my leg by amputation below the knee. In 1865 I procured, as I supposed, one of the best artificial legs in use, the wearing of which gave me much pain, and I was often obliged to go back on crutches until the irritated and swollen stump was again in condition to wear the leg. It also annoyed me very much by frequent rattling at the ankle joint. Repair bills were from $6 to $8 a year. I was obliged to use a cane when walking. I wore this leg about two years. I met a great many wearing artificial legs made by various firms, all of whom were laboring under difficulties similar to my own. I think it was in 1867 or 1868, while in Watertown, N. Y., I met a gentleman wearing one of your artificial legs with rubber foot. I was surprised to see this man go up and downstairs actually on a run. He also moved about among the guests at the hotel noiselessly and quietly, with the grace and ease of natural motion; he advised me to get one of your artificial legs with rubber foot. I at once wrote to you, requesting you to send me instructions and blanks for taking measurements.

I received a prompt reply, and ordered a leg. I have worn your legs constantly from the time I first received one, never having lost an hour’s time from its use.

I go up and downstairs, up and downhill, through the brush, hunting and fishing. In fact, I go when and where I please with ease and comfort.

* NELS NELSON - Blacksmith, St. Croix Co., Wis. Above knee.

Having for the past eleven years worn one of your artificial limbs, and before that worn two others, I can say that Marks’ is the best of them all. I would not wear a leg with ankle joint of any other make. Marks’ rubber foot beats them all. I am a blacksmith by trade, and shoe horses.

May 2, 1904.

* J. M. NICHOLSON - Teacher, Union Co., Ga. Above knee.

I lost my leg in the fall of 1900, and walked on crutches until July of last year. My stump was very tender, and for that reason I dreaded to have a limb adjusted. My doctor recommended your limbs to me, and said that although my stump was very tender, and easily irritated, I could use a Marks’ artificial limb without pain or danger. Through his influence, and the persuasion of my friends, I placed my order for a leg with you.

When the leg came I adjusted it that evening and kept it on until eight or nine o’clock. I put it on again next morning, and wore it the whole day, riding horseback seven or eight miles.

I again put it on and have not left it off from necessity an hour since. In six weeks I was going where I pleased without a staff.

I have walked seven miles over a rough north Georgia road in four and a half hours.

I am a teacher by profession, and suffer very little, if any, inconvenience in doing school room work. I spent the past five months in college and my classmates did not suspect that I was wearing an artificial limb. My limb is in fine condition, and I have not been out a cent for repairs. May 14, 1904.

IRA DEXTER NEVINS - Farmer, Hampden Co., Mass. Above knee.

I have worn your limb since 1896, and it has given me perfect satisfaction. I plow, harrow, and do all kinds of farm work with comparatively little trouble. Having had two of your limbs I recommend them as the best. May 18, 1904.

ROBERT NEWBERRY - Cooper, Brooklyn, N. Y. Below knee.

I have worn one of your artificial legs for two years with the greatest of satisfaction. I am 64 years old, a cooper by trade. I go about all the time, jump in and out of cars. It would surprise anyone to see me.

May 22, 1904.

* GEO. M. NEWELL - Teacher, Middlesex Co., Conn.

About a year ago I obtained my second artificial leg from you. I thought the first was about as perfect a fit as possible, but this last is even more comfortable, and gives me no pain at all, it is eminently satisfactory in every way. I had a Symes’ amputation and a resection of the knee, so the leg reaches nearly to the hip. I expect to go to China next fall as a teacher for a five-year term, and do not hesitate at all on account of the leg.

May 16, 1904.

* GEORGE NEWMAN - Barber, Chase Co., Kas. Ankle.

I was hurt some eight years ago, run over by railroad cars, which caused amputation at ankle joint of right leg. Have worn your artificial limb ever since, and am doing well. I don’t think there is any other that can beat it. I have worn it with comfort, and strangers can’t tell the difference, or which foot is off. I am a barber by trade, and have to be on my feet frequently half a night around my chair, and walk a mile every day from shop to home, besides that I ride horseback every day. Couldn’t get along without your rubber foot. May 18, 1904.

R. J. NIDDRIE, M. D. - Ontario, Canada.

The artificial limb you sent me for my patient, John Kiernan, works like a charm. We cannot say too much in its praise.

* ALEXANDER NOSEWORTHY - Fisherman, Newfoundland.

I had my leg amputated in February, 1902, and was getting about with great difficulty until I purchased one of your artificial legs, since then I get around with ease and comfort and I never use a stick and have never stumbled. I find the rubber foot and knee joint to work perfectly. I am a fisherman and can get about in a boat with very little difficulty.

June 8, 1904.

* JOSE GERTRUDIS NUNEZ - Carpenter, Dominican Rep.

I have the pleasure of expressing my complete satisfaction with the artificial leg you made and sent to me in 1902. You will remember that I took the measurements myself with the assistance of a member of my family and sent them to you and you constructed the leg from them.

I recently made a trip to the City of San Domingo, to compare my artificial leg with those of other manufactures. I met several persons, when we compared notes, I assure you they felt much sadder than I, they saw in me an agile person operating on an artificial leg, while they were only able to get about in a very clumsy way. I took pleasure in acquainting them with your location and the work that you were able to do for their relief. I have no doubt that you will hear from them. I distributed all the books and cards that I had of your establishment, and regret that I did not have more.

My occupation is that of a carpenter, and I do work in all departments of that trade.

After leaving the capital I arrived at Port Azua, disembarked, not seeing any conveyance I immediately left on foot, the distance to the town is about two leagues. I think I arrived at the town in less than an hour without stopping the whole way. In four days I boarded a locomotive arriving at the plantation of Bichine successors. I returned on foot; it rained the whole way, but my limb received no damage. - Translated from Spanish.

June 1, 1904.

W. C. NUSS - Clerk, Bradford Co., Pa.

At the age of twelve I had the misfortune of losing my right leg, amputation below the knee; when twenty-one years old I purchased an artificial leg with rubber foot from you and wore it continuously for sixteen years with the best of satisfaction.

About two years ago I purchased another from you which is giving satisfaction in every respect. I am employed as clerk in the L. V. R. R. Co’s. store department and have no difficulty whatever in performing my duties. I play a horn with the band of this place and have been on some long parades and always come out right side up. May 2, 1904.

T. J. O’CONNELL - Bartender, Washington, D. C. Below knee.

I have been using your legs since 1871, they have never given me any trouble. I have been attending bar all those years and have done as well as my partner with his natural legs. May 10, 1904.

* W. W. O’NEAL - Farmer, Rapides Co., Louisiana. Below knee.

I am perfectly satisfied with the service rendered me by the leg as I do as much work and walking as I ever did. June 10, 1904.

PATSY OATES - Machinist, Stevens Co., Wash. Ankle joint.

My new foot is all right. My amputation is in the ankle joint and I bear my whole weight upon the end of the stump. I run all kinds of quarry machines and do other kinds of work at the quarry. The Stone Cutter Co., of Rutland, Vt., send me all over the country to set up machinery. If I were not able to do the work they certainly would not send me three thousand miles from home. I am working with men who do not know I have an artificial foot. I want to come in contact with someone who wears a foot of some other make and does as well as I do. May 2, 1904.

* A. OGLESBEE - Screven Co., Georgia. Right arm above elbow.

It gives me great pleasure to add my testimonial to the long list of those who are using your artificial limbs. Two years ago I had the misfortune to have my right arm cut off above the elbow in a cotton gin. When I sent for an arm I had very little faith in my ability to use it. However, since I have worn your arm I find myself able to perform nearly all the work that is necessary to be done on the farm. I can drive, plow, or hoe, with very little inconvenience, and I certainly consider that in my case your limb has been a God-send. May 13, 1904.

HARRY P. OSBORN - Stenographer, Essex Co., N. J. Below knee.

I have been wearing legs made by you for over twelve years and would wear no other as no other leg would give satisfaction.

Both of my feet were deformed from birth. At the age of eight years it became necessary to amputate my right foot about six inches above the ankle. A few months later I received one of your legs an have never missed a day wearing it from early morning until late at night.

I am in no way handicapped by my affliction. I am employed in New York as stenographer and walk a distance of over two miles to the office each day. I often take a five mile walk for pleasure. June 2, 1904.

MILDA OSBORN - Passaic Co., N. J. Below knee.

I purchased my artificial limb from you nine years ago. It has done good service and only been repaired once in that time. May 28, 1904.

V. C. OVERTON, M. D. - Jefferson Co., Tex.

I received the artificial limb belonging to Fred Bailey, and delivered it to him. He just simply walked out of my office and down the stairs, a new man and more than satisfied. He joins me in extending you thanks for your skillful and accurate work.

* H. PACKER. - Laborer and Farmer, New Zealand. Below knee.

I received the leg and am very well satisfied with it. I can get about splendidly. I do almost the same sort of work I used to do.

When I lost my leg I never thought I would be able to get about very well again, but I find that I can get about as well as ever I could. All my friends tell me that I have gotten on wonderfully well. I have had every satisfaction and I think I have given it a good trial as I have had it for two years and have done some very rough work in a very rough country. I build fences, cut firewood, and work in the gravel pit, and also shear sheep.

June 14, 1904.

* B. F. PAGE, M. D. - Grafton Co., N. H.

The legs bought of A. A. Marks for my patients were entirely satisfactory.

* WALTER PAINTER - Montgomery Co., Pa. Right below knee.

I hereby express my continued satisfaction with the artificial leg you made for me. I walk very well without a cane or any other support and without your patent rubber foot my life would be miserable. I could not walk on crutches very well, but now nobody can detect that I am wearing an artificial leg. As soon as I received the leg, I put it on and have worn it ever since. It gives so much satisfaction that I would not part with it for any consideration. May 9, 1904.

* LESLIE PALMER - Clerk, Franklin Co., Me. Above knee.

In December, 1902, I received the artificial leg you made for me, it was just seven weeks after the amputation. I applied the leg the day it arrived, and it has not been off my stump since except at night. I am able to dance, which I enjoy very much. I do not use a cane, and have walked five miles on one stretch. The limb has been perfectly satisfactory, and I am able to stand the strain of an athletic life in Maine with great enjoyment, such as hunting, brook fishing, and mountain climbing. May 9, 1904.

* RICHARD M. PALMER - Coal, Knox Co., Tenn. Above elbow.

I have worn one of your artificial arms, for sixteen months, which cost me $75, and I would not take three times what I paid for it. It has given me so much comfort that I would not part with it. I can use the reins in the hand, and carry my fifty pound grip easily. I find it satisfactory in every way. October, 1904.

* A. F. PANKNIN, M. D. - Charleston Co., S. C.

The pair of artificial legs you made for Mr. Grooms some years ago have suited him admirably. He paid me a visit about a month ago, walking all the distance (about a mile) with only the aid of a cane. I don’t think he could have had a more satisfactory fit. You made the legs from measurements that I sent you, and Grooms did not leave his home.

* WILBUR PARKS - Broome Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I will say that your artificial feet are all right. I have not undertaken to do a thing that I have not made a success of. I am a farmer, and can plow, harrow, and do all kinds of farm labor, and can ride a bicycle as well. My foot was amputated above the ankle, and was never of the best, but with the aid of your artificial foot I am getting along practically the same as before it was amputated. May 18, 1904.

* MRS. MILDRED M. PARLIN - Kennebec Co., Me. Knee joint.

I have worn an artificial leg of your make since last June; thigh amputation. I have been doing the greater part of the housework on a farm for my family of five. May 23, 1904.

MANUEL A. PARRAGA - San Salvador, Central America.

It is nineteen years since I obtained an artificial leg from you. During this period I have not had an opportunity to find the least fault with it. I walk very much, and without a cane or support. I suffer no pain or uneasiness.

Since I have returned to Central America I find it necessary to make long journeys on horseback. In this the leg has assisted me very much. I pride myself on my easy and graceful movements, and the facility with which I mount and dismount.

The India-rubber foot is a most excellent invention; without it I question my ability to walk with safety in this country, the streets are so very rough and stony.

* G. E. PARSONS - Time Keeper, Shannon Co., Mo. Wrist.

The artificial hand purchased from you eight months ago is in perfect repair, and has given all the satisfaction promised by you.

I find it especially helpful in my office work, in telegraphing, handling books, papers, etc. May 23, 1904.

D. J. PATTERSON - Worcester Co., Mass. Below elbow.

The artificial arm that I received from you some time ago is all that I expected. I have worn it every day, and find it a great help. July 11, 1904.

* FRITZ HEDWIG PAUL - Dentist, Germany. Ankle.

I am very well satisfied with the artificial foot you made in 1897, and fully as well satisfied with the one you recently made for me in June, 1901. I bought the second one so as to have a duplicate.

Your happy combination of aluminum with sponge rubber is, for such cases as mine (amputation through the ankle joint), an ideal one. - Translated from German.

* W. E. PAWSON - Wellington, New Zealand.

As the result of an accident I lost my right leg in the knee joint. I have had four years’ experience of wearing one of your artificial limbs, and have no hesitation in saying that they are unsurpassed. I may state that I could not have been better fitted had I been measured and fitted in New York personally. I have not once had occasion to leave the limb off on account of soreness of any kind whatever, and consequently do not feel the loss of my own limb to the extent I at first thought.

The rubber foot is the invention of the age, being every bit as flexible as the human foot. In ascending hills it affords every facility. In fact, my friends express surprise at the easy manner with which I negotiate this task; but the rubber foot does it all. I am quite satisfied. I have recommended several to you for limbs, and have no hesitation in doing so, as I feel sure I am doing the right thing in their best interests.

HENRY PEARCE, M. D. - Office of Dr. Henry Pearce & Co., Druggists,

Dutchess Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I have worn artificial legs for about twenty-eight years, and one of Marks’ patent for about twenty-three years.

I regard yours far preferable to any other I have ever seen.

My amputation is above the knee.

Your leg is so simple and durable that there is no chance for anything to give out.

REV. R. B. PEET - Rector, Santa Clara Co., Cal. Above knee.

Larger experience has only served to make me more satisfied with the work that you have done for me. The special points that have given me satisfaction are three - viz.: the leg fits well, it makes no noise, and needs no repairs.

* ADOLFO PEREZ - Zacualtipan, Mexico. Above knee.

I beg to say the leg made me is much more satisfactory than the one I used before. I can walk perfectly with it, although the ground is very uneven here. I feel very grateful to you, as all should be who have been relieved by you as I have been, after so much suffering. - Translated from Spanish.

* JOAQUIN PEREZ - Railroad Employee, Uruguay. Above knee.

Recognizing the value of the artificial limbs invented by you, especially the leg you sent me, I am pleased to state that I wear it every day without any difficulty, although the stump is only three inches in length below the body. I feel grateful to you for having enabled me to walk naturally again. - Translated from Spanish.

* CHARLES PERINE - Talledega Co., Ala. Below knee.

I am glad to say that my artificial limb is giving satisfaction. I put it on the 26th of March, 1903, and it has not given me any trouble. I sometimes fire the locomotive. It seems as if I had both my own limbs instead of one artificial one, I can catch a locomotive almost as good as I could before my foot was cut off. I believe yours are the best limbs that are made.

May 1, 1904.

* HERBERT E. PERKINS - Truckman, Oxford Co., Me. Below knee.

I am a truckman. Have worn artificial limbs for twelve years. I consider your artificial limbs superior to others. I find I can walk as fast as anyone who has two good feet. May 18, 1904.

L. G. PERRINE - Conductor, Monmouth Co., N. J. Instep.

My foot is partly amputated, the heel is all that remains, for fifteen years I stumped about on my heel, making painful attempts at walking. I did not believe anything could be done for a partial foot amputation. Since getting your aluminum socket leg I am able to walk without limping, and without the least pain or discomfort. I wouldn’t part with it for ten times its cost if I couldn’t get another one like it. My friends say I don’t limp a bit, and I will challenge any man with two good feet, in the State of New Jersey to straight walking without limping. I am a conductor on the C. R. R. of N. J. May 17, 1904.

* A. R. PERRY - Farmer, Franklin Co., Vt. Below elbow.

I applied your artificial arm three months after amputation, and have worn it almost continually ever since, and now can do most of the farm work as well as I used to. I shouldn’t know how to get along without the arm.

June 1, 1904.

ROBERT H. PERRY - Hudson Co., N. J. Above knee.

I am still wearing the leg you furnished fourteen years ago. I have worn it comfortably with less than six dollars cost for repairs. My occupation (house painter) gives it a good test. I can and do work on scaffolds, ladders - in fact, anywhere. I have but a three-inch stump. I am well satisfied.

* EDWARD PETERSON - Cabinet Maker, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.

I would not be without my artificial arm as it seems nearly as good as the natural one. May 23, 1904.

* EDWARD PATERSON - Cabinet Maker, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.

The arm which I received from you a few months ago gives satisfaction. I am able to get along quite well in my work, which is that of a finisher in a furniture shop. May 31, 1904.

* ALICE PFOHL - South Africa. Below knee.

You may think me ungrateful for not acknowledging the receipt of the leg, and letting you know how I am getting on with it. I received the leg a few days before Christmas, and have been wearing it ever since, and am glad to say it gives me every satisfaction, both in its comfort and efficiency.

E. F. PHILLIPS, M. D. - Schuylkill Co., Pa.

Allow me to congratulate you on the perfect fit you have made for Mr. Jacob Ball, whose measurements and diagrams I took and sent you for an artificial leg. The people here who do not know that he lost a limb have not detected it in his walking. Mr. Ball is certainly a walking advertisement for you.

* LAURENT POISSANT - Schoolboy, Quebec. Above knee.

I walk like a man. At first I had some difficulty, but now I am accustomed to it, I do not use a cane. I am going to school. - Translated from French. May 5, 1904.

* EARL PORTER - Farmer, Ellis Co., Kas. Below knee.

The artificial leg I obtained from you a year ago last April is giving excellent satisfaction. I have a stump reaching to a short distance above the ankle, and I walk very naturally and helpfully. I am on my feet from seven o’clock in the evening. Many of my friends tell me that they would not suspect that I was wearing an artificial leg. I can skate and ride a bicycle.

May 23, 1904.

HOMER F. PORTER - New Haven Co., Conn. Above knee.

I have been employed by the N. Y., H. R. R. as a hoisting engineer for the past year.

I have to work two brakes, one with my artificial limb and one with my natural, and also two levers with my hands. I have to climb a sixty-foot pole every morning. I do my own firing and all the work about the engine room. May 15, 1904.

* P. POWERS - Laborer, Cook Co., Ill. Below knee.

I have been doing hard work for eleven years since I got your leg. I was then 23 years old, now I am 34, and I must say there isn’t a man of my age that can beat me. I do any kind of hard work. I carry heavy sacks a long distance on my back, nobody can tell I wear an artificial leg. My friends, who know I have one, often ask which is the artificial. May 28, 1904.

* CECIL PRATT - Farmer, Belmont Co., Ohio. Below elbow.

The arm you made for me fits perfectly, and is very useful. I have had my arm about ten months. May 5, 1904.

* MISS MARION BLANCHE PRINCE - Teacher, Newfoundland.

Nearly five years ago I had to have my left arm amputated owing to disease. It affords me great pleasure to state that having of late obtained one of your artificial hands, I am more than pleased with the results.

The rubber hand is indeed something to be proud of, and enables me, as a school teacher, to handle all the work with ease.

I would not be without it for anything. April 29, 1904.

* JAMES W. PRITCHETT - Saw Filer, Gibson Co., Ind.

I have to say that the artificial leg you made me from measurements fits as perfectly as possible.

If I had come to the shop and you had taken the measurements yourself, I doubt that results would have been better.

I have worn it for about eight years. I put it on the next day after I got it, and have worn it every day since, from early in the morning until late at night. My occupation is circular and band saw filer; I keep up all the saws for a large circular and band sawmill. I have to be on my feet most all day. I get around almost anywhere without a stick. As to the rubber foot, I think it is the finest thing out. It does not jar me when I make a misstep. I only has six inches of a stump, and I get around better than others I see that have worn other makes of legs.

WILLIAM PORTER - Hotel Clerk, Hudson Co., N. J. Below knee.

On Dec. 6, 1887, I had the misfortune of losing one of my limbs about six inches below the knee, and since that time I have worn two different makes. The first lasted me less than three years, then I tried yours, and it has proved just the thing. I am able to ride a bicycle, dance, or do most anything a person with two natural limbs can do. May 20, 1904.

* ERIC A. A. POTTER - Hairdresser, New Zealand. Above knee.

I received the artificial leg you made for me about eight months ago, and have had no trouble in walking about with ease and comfort.

I have seen several makes of artificial legs, and I consider the "Marks’" with the patent rubber foot the best. I take much pleasure in recommending the "Marks." June 9, 1904.

J. DENSMORE POTTER, M. D. - Onondaga Co., N. Y.

Mrs. K. E. Cardner’s leg works to a charm. She can get about without even a walking-cane, on the Marks’ leg. She does her housework without any difficulty.

PHILORUM POULIN - Brakeman, Quebec. Below knee.

I am pleased to give you information about my artificial leg. I am well satisfied. I dance, and walk five or six miles without being fatigued, and I do all sorts of work. My position is assistant at a telegraph station. - Translated from French. Oct. 9, 1904.

C. W. POWELL - Bookkeeper, Missoula Co., Mont. Above knee.

I would say that I have worn an artificial leg made by your firm for about three years. My leg was amputated above the knee, and since wearing your limb I have experienced no difficulty in getting about and attending to business. Wearing the leg is attended with no discomfort, and I would be pleased to recommend your house to persons so afflicted as to need your services. April 29, 1904.

* J. D. POWELL - Farmer, Lauderdale Co., Miss. Below knee.

I take pleasure in speaking a word of praise for your artificial limbs. I am now using the second one. The first I bought from you lasted seventeen years. I did all kinds of farm work, such as plowing and hoeing, in fact any kind of work a farmer has to do. I am a farmer and know how to appreciate the use of a good leg. I am highly pleased with the second one, it has some improvements over the first that I much like. May 10, 1904.

* CARL PROHL - New Zealand. Ankle.

I had my foot taken off at the ankle joint when I was seven years of age, when I reached the age of nineteen I had an artificial foot make by you. Ever since then I have had every satisfaction with it. I can ride on a bike, and have done some very heavy work with it. I let everyone know about the merits of your artificial limbs, and hope that I have induced others to

* All testimonials marked * were written by persons whose artificial limbs were made and fitted from measurements. patronize you.

June 29, 1904.

JOSEPH PUGMIRE - Button Machinist, Westchester Co., N. Y.

I have been wearing the new leg for a year and a half without any fault to find. It is all right. I am working at Hodgman’s rubber factory, working button machines of all kinds for ten hours a day, and it never troubles me any. There are plenty working there that don’t know that I have a wooden leg. Can walk as good as any of them. My leg is off below the knee six inches. I have had four of your legs since 1867, and when I have to have another it will still be one of yours. May 18, 1904.

* GEORGE H. PURCHASE - Douglas Co., Wis. Below elbow.

I think my arm in every particular is a grand success, and I will always be pleased to speak in its praise to my fellow-unfortunates. No doubt you will be greatly surprised to know that I wrote this entire letter and addressed envelope with my artificial hand. I think if you will compare this with former letters of mine you will pronounce this the best writing.

* GEORGE W. PURDY - Sailor, Bristol Co., Mass. Shoulder.

The arm I ordered of you two years ago gives perfect satisfaction. The rubber hand is immense. I do not think that there is anything to be had to equal it. It looks perfectly natural, in fact, some of my friends did not know that I had lost an arm. Being a sailor, it enables me to do many things which I could not do without it. I can go aloft, take my turn at the wheel, cut meat, and hold my fork. I have seen several kinds of artificial arms, but none to equal yours with the rubber hand. The hook attachment is very valuable. June 19, 1904.

* E. M. PYER - Bookkeeper, Grafton Co., N. H. Instep.

I bought an artificial foot from you two years ago, and it gives me great satisfaction. I run a machine in a shoe shop, and I go hunting and fishing, and frequently attend dances. Dec. 6, 1904.

SAMUEL RAPP, M. D. - New York City. Below elbow.

I well know that Edward Wiley, who is now absent, is satisfied with his hand; he is able to drive a team of horses, and do other farm work.

* A. M. REDDING - Salt Lake Co., Utah. Below knee.

The leg I purchased from you in December, 1898, has proved entirely satisfactory, it is in good condition, and I’ve never had one cent expense with it. I was only sixteen years old when I began wearing your leg, and having grown considerably since the leg has been lengthened to meet this growth. June 1, 1904.

* MISS EMMA REEVE - Newfoundland. Above knee.

I am more than pleased with my artificial leg with rubber foot. I have been wearing it for a little over a year; it has proved satisfactory in every respect. I have worn the old style of leg, but your limb has proven far superior. I am able to do my work both indoors and out. It is a perfect fit, and I would not be without it for anything. May 5, 1904.

* MRS. CLEMENT QUINN - Wright Co., Quebec. Above knee.

Having worn one of your artificial legs, with rubber foot, for the past thirteen months, I take pleasure in letting you know how well I am getting along. My stump is a little over six inches from the body. (Amputation caused by tuberculosis in the knee joint.) I can walk without the aid of a cane, and do all my housework. April 20, 1904.

* AUGUST REICHENBACH - Farmer, Arkansas Co., Ark.

I am well satisfied with the leg. Having worn an ankle-joint leg, I had enough trouble and lost time to keep it in repair, more than enough to pay for one of your legs. I can walk faster, though I have only a nine inch stump. My occupation is farming. I can get around anywhere with the leg, do not use cane or crutch. I put up a lot of hay every year, and do more work, and get around as well as lots of men that have two good legs. Can recommend your make to anyone in need. May 14, 1904.

JOSEPH P. REICHERT - Towerman, Union Co., N. J. Above elbow.

I have been wearing one of your artificial arms for the past year and a half, and will say that it has given me full satisfaction, would not be without it under any consideration, have done with it everything that you claim for it. May 7, 1904.

* THOMAS WARD REID - Age 18, Nova Scotia.

I have used a pair of your artificial legs for six years, and can walk one mile in eleven minutes. Your patents are the best I know, and I always speak well of your work. Dec. 7, 1904.

F. E. REINWALD - Farmer, Tioga Co., Pa. Shortened leg.

Having worn an appliance for a deformed limb since last fall, I can positively assure all my unfortunate friends that they do not comprehend the advantages of an artificial limb until they has used one of yours.

Since I have worn the appliance I can get around much better and do more work, and meet the demands of my vocation much better than before.

May 9, 1904.

* J. C. REVELL - Farmer (age 77), Obion Co., Tenn. Below knee.

Having worn a leg, made by another firm, with much suffering and little help, I was hard to persuade to buy yours. My doctor, however, got me to make another attempt, on a sponge rubber foot. I am seventy-seven years of age, and have worn the leg with ease and comfort for more than two years. I look after my farming interests, and can walk a mile any day. The limb you made for me is giving satisfaction, and I cheerfully commend you to anyone who needs a first-class artificial limb. May 31, 1904.

* H. D. RINEHART - Fireman, Lewis Co., W. Va. Below elbow.

I received my artificial arm in good condition, and am much pleased with the rubber hand. My arm is amputated 3 ½ inches below the elbow. I am a fireman stationed in the mill. I can perform my work all right. I would not do without my arm. Jan. 29, 1903.

* JOSE MONGE REYES - Lawyer, Costa Rica. Above elbow.

I have the pleasure of stating that immediately after having sent you the measurements for my left arm, amputated two inches below the shoulder, I received from you in the month of January, an artificial one, which fits me perfectly well, and serves me up till now without any repairs at all. By reason of my occupation necessitating my frequent appearance in public places, I can fully appreciate what a boon your work is doing to humanity.

* DANIEL RHODES - Driver, San Miguel Co., N. M. Below knee.

In regard to the limb you made for me, I cannot find enough words to give proper praise. I had worn two before I got yours. One made in New York, and the other in Kansas City, but they would not last. I got one of your limbs, have worn it eleven years hard usage as a hack driver. Although I have a dislocation of my stump, I can dance, ride horseback, do most anything I could before I lost my leg. Have got the second limb, as a reserve in case of an accident. They just can’t be beat. It is the best artificial limb that ever came over the pike. May 9, 1904.

* A. W. RHORER - Bell Co., Kentucky. Above knee.

I have been wearing your leg for six years and have found it highly satisfactory in every particular. Although my amputation is above the knee, nevertheless I walk without the least inconvenience and except to the close observer, no defect is noticed in my walking. I am at present in college, and indulge in most of the sports that the other boys do.

I most heartily recommend A. A. Marks’ limbs as being the easiest walking, most durable I have ever seen. May 2, 1904.

A. E. RICHARDSON - Mechanic, Tolland Co., Conn. Instep.

I take great comfort in wearing the foot you made me. I could not be without it a day. I can walk any distance without the least discomfort.

May 4, 1904.

* CYRUS RIDENOUR - Shoemaker, Washington Co., Md.

I am wearing your artificial leg every day, and I get along very well. I don’t think there is any other leg made as good as the rubber foot leg. I am a shoemaker by trade, but can do all kinds of laboring. I can plow, dig, and saw and cut wood, and in fact everything that is to be done on a country farm. May 16, 1904.

* N. C. RIDGE - Farmer, Randolph Co., N. C. Below knee.

It has been two years last April since I ordered my artificial leg from you. I have been wearing it since that time. My neighbors are surprised to see me get about so well. My occupation is farming. I use a reaper, and cart all of my wheat myself, haul logs and lumber same as ever. May 23, 1904.

* JOHN RIDOUT - Miner. Newfoundland. Below knee.

Just a line to let you know how my leg is. I can walk very well, in fact, I can walk so that one can barely detect I have an artificial leg. I can walk in snow shoes. There is no chafing, or any unpleasant trouble with the stump. June 9, 1904.

* CHARLES RILEY - Telegraph Operator, Hall Co., Neb. Knee.

The artificial leg gives good satisfaction. I would have no other. I am a telegraph operator, and have to climb poles 25 feet high, night and morning, to put up and take down signal lamp. This I do easily and with safety. April 30, 1904.

* THOMAS F. RILEY - Bennington Co., Vt. Shortened leg.

I must say that the extension shoe made by your firm has given me great satisfaction, it is far superior to anything that I have worn, or have ever seen worn by others. It enables me to get about with ease, and in a natural manner. May 9, 1904.

* C. H. RIST - Farmer, Erath Co., Tex. Above knee.

About four years ago, I got one of your artificial limbs, and have been wearing it all that time. It fits just splendid, and is so easy to wear I can’t praise your limbs too highly. I recommend them to all who are in need of them. They are the best artificial limbs in the market. That I might have a reserve leg in case of an accident, I got a new one about a year ago, and have worn it enough to know that it cannot be beat. It fits perfectly in every way, and is very easy to wear. May 7, 1904.

* LUMAN ROBINSON - Ranchman, William Co., N. D. Below elbow.

The artificial arm and hand that I bought of you two years ago is all right, it is a nice fit, and helps me to do many things that I could not do before. I am sixty years old, I handle horses, I hitch up and drive wild and unbroken ranch horses. April 29, 1904.

* W. A. ROCK - Engineer, Oil Co., Miss. Below elbow.

Six years ago I lost a part of my right hand, one month later I purchased of you an artificial hand, which I have worn constantly for four years. The work performed by this hand is of the most severe kind, being an engineer in charge of an oil mill, doing all kinds of repairing, etc. The hand is valuable far beyond any estimate I could put on it. May 23, 1904.

* LUDWIG ROGER - Carpenter, Danish West Indies. Below knee.

I take great pleasure to inform you that I am very well satisfied with the "Artificial Leg" you made for me in June, 1903, as also the prompt manner in which the order was executed. I use constantly at my occupation, which frequently takes me on board ships, and I always feel perfectly safe.

May 26, 1904.

* GEORGE RISDON - Beadle Co., S. Dak. Both insteps.

I am very much pleased with my feet; I walk first rate with them. Last week I walked from Huron out to my farm, a distance of thirteen miles, and my feet never felt easier than when I got to the end of my journey. (Partial amputation of both feet.)

VENCESLAO ROMERO - Farmer, Valencia Co., N. M. Below elbow.

I will state that since I bought the artificial hand from you last year, I have been well pleased, for it did not trouble me even on the first day I wore it, and now it is so useful to me in farm work, in which I am employed. - Translated from Spanish. April 27, 1904.

JOHN S. ROSEWARNE - Mill Engineer, Morris Co., N. J.

Two years last April I met with an accident in which I had to have my left leg amputated about seven inches below the knee. The 21st of May I got an artificial leg from you, and have been wearing it every day since with the greatest satisfaction.

I am an engineer by occupation. Am glad to say I can run, jump, play ball, ride a bicycle, and climb.

We have a smokestack 112 feet high in our town, which I can climb without the least trouble. May 5, 1904.

JOHN ROSSBACK - Coachman, Essex Co., N. J. Ankle.

I wish to state that I am wearing your artificial limb for ankle-joint amputation for the past five years, and I can recommend it to be a perfect success.

My present occupation is coachman, my previous occupation was driving coal wagons, and I can guarantee to run one hundred yards in sixteen seconds. May 16, 1904.

LEON ROTTE - Captain, France. Above knee.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to state publicly that you have constructed an artificial leg for me, with which I walk with comfort and perfect facility, without any fatigue, and almost as well as with my natural leg, which was amputated fifteen centimeters (six inches) above the knee. I do not limp. I am perfectly comfortable, and able to undertake long sea voyages, and journeys by railroad. I go down into the engine rooms of the steamers, and into the store rooms and holds without difficulty. Before I wore a Marks’ leg I could not do these things.

There is no better apparatus than your leg, that is so clean, strong, simple, healthy, and absolutely comfortable. The rubber foot gives me the sensation of walking on my natural foot. - Translated from French.

June 20, 1904.

* MISS EUPHEMIE ROY - Housework, New Brunswick.

I am a farmer’s daughter, in my sixteenth year. It is not very long since I got your artificial limb. I am really more than satisfied with it. My occupation is farmwork, and a stranger would never notice that I wore an artificial limb. I am very comfortable with it. May 14, 1904.

J. H. ROY - Bookkeeper, Sherbrooke Co., Quebec. Above knee.

In the year 1902 I had the misfortune to lose my right leg. The amputation was caused by a fracture, which afterwards caused the decay of the femur. My stump is very short; was a long time healing. In the month of September my doctors declared my case hopeless, unless I underwent another operation, but this I would not do. I left my town for New York on October 21, 1902, just seven months after the last amputation, feeling blue, as my friends all told me of the uselessness of an artificial leg for so short a stump, only three inches from the body.

I went to the works of A. A. Marks, and there found my leg ready to try on, my measurements having been taken by my father and sent ahead of me by five days. I was in the city of New York eight days when my leg was ready to wear. On receiving it I started to walk, and have walked ever since. I used the crutch nine days, and the cane only a month. April 19, 1904.

* WILLIAM ROYLE - Typewriter, Newfoundland. Shortened leg.

For four years I have been wearing an appliance for a shortened leg. Through hip disease my right leg became six and a half inches shorter than the left. Mr. H. C. Morris took the required measurements and diagrams,

* All testimonials marked

* were written by persons whose artificial limbs were made and fitted from measurements. and you furnished me with an extension that has given entire satisfaction. For fourteen years previous to being supplied with your extensions, I used two crutches, which injured my health. But thanks to your invention I am to-day in perfect health, can walk almost any distance without feeling the least fatigue.

April 27, 1904.

* BERTIE RUBLE - Stenographer, Tazewell Co., Va. Below knee.

I received my artificial limb on the 19th of March, in good condition, and have worn it every day since with perfect satisfaction and comfort. I have never had occasion to use a cane, except the first day that I attempted to walk. I am more than pleased the way I get about, my own foot, before it was amputated, was a burden to me, and now to think I can walk like other people. I am a stenographer and bookkeeper, and can get around nicely at my work. May 10, 1904.

J. C. RUSSELL, M. D. - Franklin Co., N. Y.

The artificial leg that A. A. Marks made for a patient of mine, a boy ten years of age, is perfect in every particular, and the ease and grace with which he runs about and uses it is remarkable.

Amputation was performed October 25. November 29 the boy was sliding on the ice with his playmates. January 10 the boy was skating, with practically no inconvenience whatsoever. I think the Marks’ limb is one of the greatest boons to unfortunate humanity that exists.

P. A. RUSSELL - Brooklyn, N. Y. Below knee.

I am pleased with the excellent qualities of material and workmanship displayed in the mechanical construction of my artificial leg, also the careful and painstaking treatment I received during its making and adjustment.

My amputation so involves the knee-joint as to render my case an extremely difficult one. I am able to get about upon my new Marks’ leg with a degree of comfort and satisfaction unknown before. May 26, 1904.

C. A. RYDER, M. D. - Clarke Co., Ga.

If you want an indorsement of your leg I can give you a good one, for I am wearing my second leg from you, and I could have nothing better, save my natural leg.

The gentle, understanding way Ted has in dealing with his patients is unparalleled. I have been to other prosthetists, and I have never been able to find someone who is so willing to work with me in order to insure that my leg is comfortable, visually pleasing, and functional. Ted's work is creative, and personalized to your own actions and wants.

Ann Arbor, MI

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