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CHAPTER XXXVII - Testimonials - Part F

* E. N. RYER - Sewing Machine Operator, Grafton Co., N. H.

I bought an artificial leg from your firm two years ago, and it gives me great satisfaction. I run a machine in a shoe shop, and I go hunting and fishing, and for the past six months I have averaged going to two dances a week. Dec. 6, 1904.

JOHN SCHARFF - Newsboy, Westchester Co., N. Y. Ankle.

I sell morning papers on the R. R. trains, get on and off while the train is in motion, and wear one of your rubber feet; very few of my friends know of the fact, and those who do regard me as the possessor of a remarkable foot. I experience no inconvenience; I heartily recommend your leg as the best made.

VALENTINE SCHICK - Farmer, Sullivan Co., N. Y. Knee.

I am wearing one of your knee-bearing legs with comfort and satisfaction. I can do all farm work. Last December I lost my house by fire, and this spring I have built a new one. I climbed all over the scaffold and a forty foot ladder. Am going to paint the house myself, which is quite a job. I will recommend your limbs to anyone that is in need of them.

May 19, 1905.

* WM. SACHREY - Miner, Newfoundland. Above knee.

I received from your firm an artificial leg in October, 1902, and am greatly pleased with it. I used to go to my work with a crutch, and found it both difficult and wearisome. Hearing of the benefit accruing to one in my condition by the use of an artificial leg, I wrote your firm, and the leg duly arrived. Mr. Morris acted for me, took my measurements and negotiated the sale. I can walk a distance with comparative ease, and without suffering; the leg is indeed a boon to me. May 19, 1904.

* W. A. SADLER - England. Below knee.

Although I only sent my measure to you, my leg fits very well indeed. Last Sunday I got on splendid. After being used to the ankle-joint patent, I can say that with the India-rubber foot, the ankle joint is not necessary at all. I find it is nicer to walk with, and much better for uneven places, and for going up hill, and as I live on a hill, I appreciate the difference. I find that it is much better at night, as I am not afraid to step with it, and don’t require to feel my way so much. I am complimented on my walking, and it is much lighter than my other make.

SAMUEL P. SADTLER - Philadelphia, Pa. Instep.

My right foot was crushed in an accident on the railroad in 1863, when I was sixteen years old, and although it healed well, I have always walked with a limp. The legs I used prior to visiting you were heavy, and the limp in walking was quite noticeable. You fitted me comfortably with a light and strong leg, which I can slip in and out of as an ordinary shoe. I have no hesitation in commending your work to anyone who may be in need of similar help. May 17, 1904.

* E. B. SAINSBURY - Student, Newfoundland. Above knee.

A year ago your firm supplied me with an artificial leg. I have worn it continually since I have had it, and have found it very useful and comfortable.

Although not engaged in an occupation which requires constant use of the limb, yet I can walk a distance of two miles at a time without feeling any wearing effects, though the amputation is some five inches above the knee. April 10, 1904.

* BERT SALES - Range Rider, Cook Co., Wyo. Above knee.

In regard to my leg, I am well satisfied, for I am a range rider and it seems to stand the test. I am out all day, and part of every night, on guard of a herd of cattle, and I get around in the dark with very little difficulty. I put the leg on the day I got it, and wore it steady until now, very near two years, and it has never hurt or chafed the stump. June 10, 1904.

* F. E. SANGER, M. D. - Grafton Co., N. H.

The leg bought of A. A. Marks is perfectly satisfactory.

* LOUIS F. SAPIER - Nova Scotia. Below knee.

I am getting along very well with the artificial leg I bought from you in November, 1899. I am working, and make two or three shifts at a time without taking my leg off. When I am in need of an artificial leg I will buy it of you, as I do not believe there is a better one. I want the next to be as near like the one I now wear as possible, as it supplies my every want.

June 3, 1904.

* F. C. SAYL - New Zealand. Below elbow.

It is with pleasure I inform you I received the artificial arm you made for me last February. I have been wearing it ever since. I am now quite used to it, and find that I could not do without it. Previously I was engaged at farm and laboring work. I get along wonderfully well with the assistance of the artificial arm. I use a knife at the table very well. June 15, 1904.

K. SAIGO - Japanese Legation, Washington, D. C.

Translated from Japanese.

I have worn an artificial leg with rubber foot made by you for the past five years, and assure you it has given me the best of satisfaction. I heartily recommend your work. I shall gladly speak well of it to all my countrymen afflicted as I am when I return to Japan. - Translated from Japanese.

LEWIS A. SAYRE, M. D. - New York.

I have had frequent occasion to apply A. A. Marks’ most valuable Patent Artificial Leg, in cases where I have unfortunately been compelled to mutilate my patients by amputation, and the admirable imitation which that substitute has given of the original limb, and the perfect satisfaction to the wearer, is the highest possible commendation that I can give it.

* A. B. SCOTT - Railroading, New Brunswick. Below elbow.

I purchased an artificial arm from you about two years ago, and up to the present time it has proved a perfect success. It is a help to me in many ways. If I had not had it, I could not have done near as much work on the farm as I have, and feel greatly obliged to you for the prompt attention that you have given to me, and will always work in your interest. I take pleasure in recommending your work to others, and hope that if you publish this letter it will have some effect in influencing persons in need of artificial limbs to patronize you. April 22, 1904.

* A. J. SCOTT - Farmer, Caddo Co., La. Below elbow.

I am very well pleased with your hand. It is a great deal of help to me. I use a fork to advantage in eating. Feb. 5, 1904.

* THOS. A. SCOTT, M. D. - Cherokee Nation, I. T. Below knee.

In 1892 I ordered an artificial limb from you for amputation of left leg below the knee. Measurements were taken at home, by the family physician, and I secured a perfect fit. I have been wearing this limb ever since, and would not be without it. I can do many things that I thought I couldn’t before I purchased a limb from you. I am a general practitioner, which necessitates a great deal of horseback riding, which I can do with ease. June 6, 1904.

JOHN M. SEBASTIAN - Lawyer, Owsley Co., Ky. Knee.

I have been wearing your artificial leg, for amputation at the knee-joint, for more than a year and a half, and have been wearing other makes since 1864. I am more pleased with your make than any other kind. It is a decided improvement on all other makes. There are no tendons and springs in the ankle-joint to break and get out of order, causing the front of the foot to drip down, rendering the leg almost useless until repaired. May 14, 1904.

* FRED. H. SEEL - Student, Hamilton Co., Ill. Below knee.

I had my foot amputated above the ankle Sept. 16, 1902. The next spring I ordered an artificial limb from A. A. Marks, and it has given me satisfaction. I would not take four times the money I paid for my limb and do without it. I can get on a horse from the ground, and do almost anything that I did before I lost my leg. May 11, 1904.

* W. D. SELLECK - Painter, Pueblo Co., Colo. Instep.

In the year 1898 you made me an artificial foot for Chopart amputation, which I have worn constantly ever since. I work at the painter’s trade, and do a great deal of climbing, in fact, go anywhere a man with good limbs will go, even to painting roofs. I am also a musician, and play with a military band, I take some very long marches. I went to work for a firm here three years ago, and had been working among twenty men for three months before they knew I was crippled at all. Sept. 19, 1904.

* EUGENIO SELVAGGIO - Argentine Republic. Above knee.

I sent to you for an artificial leg in 1897, it turned out so well that I walk, ride horseback, and do my work without any inconvenience whatever. - Translated from Spanish.

* E. B. SCULL - Store, Arapahoe Co., Col. Both below knee.

I received my limbs July 31, and put them on at once. Wore them that evening and all the following day, working in the store from six o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night. I must say that I am well pleased with them. The fittings are as good as could be made under any circumstances. My limbs are lighter than I expected, as I wrote you in ordering them that I wanted them extra strong, as my work was heavy. They seem to have the requisite strength.

* GILES SHANDS - Porter, Warren Co., Miss. Below knee.

In the year 1891 I lost my leg on the railroad, and I have been using the artificial leg I got of you since my stump healed, and it has given entire satisfaction. It has enabled me to go about without any other support. May 25, 1904.

P. L. SHANNON - Farmer, Spottsylvania Co., Va. Knee.

Have received one of your artificial limbs and have worn it constantly. It gives entire satisfaction in every particular. I can do any kind of work connected with the farm. I have not used cane or crutch since I began wearing it. May 15, 1904.

* JAMES W. SHAW - Teacher, Ozark Co., Mo. Above knee.

I am thinking that you would like to know my opinion of your ability as a manufacturer of artificial limbs, and my appreciation of the leg purchased of you in 1900. I have worn the leg ever since I received it. I walk well, and without a stick or crutch. I am highly pleased with the leg, and expect to purchase another from you when necessary. The leg seems to be solid, and full of vim yet, which makes me think that it will last four years. April 19, 1904.

* ROBERT SHELDON - Butcher, Lehigh Co., Pa. Below elbow.

My rubber hand is very satisfactory. I work every day, and frequently drive fast horses, and ride my bicycle. May 17, 1904.

* GEORGE T. SHERMAN - Mail Carrier, Pueblo Co., Col.

I am very much pleased with my leg. My amputation is six inches above the knee, and I get around so well that lots of friends don’t know that I have lost a leg. I am on my feet a good deal of my time, as I am a mail carrier. I also belong to Co. 2, Second Regt., W. O. W. degree team, and march with them, and no one knows or thinks I am a cripple. I cannot say enough in praise of the Marks’ limb, and would recommend it to anyone in need. May 17, 1904.

* JOHN SHIELDS - Wire Weaver, Australia. Below knee

The artificial limb you supplied for me is giving every satisfaction. With other makes I used to have blisters on my stump, causing much pain, as well as inconvenience, especially in hot weather. It is a great comfort. I wish you every success in the completion of patched up humanity, as we say here.

* J. G. SHIRK - Laborer, Dickinson Co., Kas. Below knee.

The limb fits me all right. I have been wearing it ever since 1870, am getting old, but get along good. Do all kinds of farm work. Would recommend them to anyone in need of limbs. May 20, 1904.

* DAVID C. SHOEMAKER - Mill Hand, Columbia Co., Pa.

The artificial hand you made for me is a perfect fit, and I would not know how to get along without it, it has exceeded my expectations. I can turn and do all kinds of bench work the same as I did before. May 16, 1904.

MILTON SHOREY - Farmer, Aroostook Co., Maine. Below knee.

It is a pleasure for me to inform you that the leg you made for me over a year ago has given complete satisfaction. I am on my feet all day. My business requires heavy lifting, and real hard work, but I have experienced no difficulty whatsoever with the artificial leg, and I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent substitute you made me. Aug. 5, 1904.

* MRS. JOHN SHULTZ - Baltimore Co., Md. Below knee.

I am wearing one of your artificial limbs with rubber foot, made from measurements, and find it entirely satisfactory. May 6, 1904.

* J. H. SIDDONS - Singapore. Above knee.

The first trial on your artificial leg I found to be a bit awkward, as I had been accustomed to those that had ankle joints, but after using it awhile, I find that I can walk better and faster with your make. The knee joint is very safe in walking, as it does not bend suddenly when least expected, and the roller suspenders are far more comfortable to wear than the old style.

May 4, 1904.

MISS DORA SIEGEL - Bookkeeper, Brooklyn, N. Y. Shoulder.

I have used one of your artificial arms for the past two years, and it has given me great comfort and much satisfaction. It can hardly be discerned from the sound arm, and has helped me a great deal in carrying a satchel and a parasol. May 7, 1904.

* GREGOIRE SIMMELIDY - Manufacturer, Egypt. Below knee.

I wear the leg with great ease. I walk with a rapid gait, just as though I had my natural leg. Everybody is astonished. The perfection of the apparatus replaces my natural limb. Thanks to your rubber foot, I do not feel the loss of my leg, and I very much regret that I was heretofore ignorant of the existence of your esteemed manufactory, which is highly honored by the perfection of its products.

* BENJAMIN SIMMONDS - Accountant, Newfoundland.

I have now worn one of your legs for some time, and I am very glad to say that I am quite satisfied with it. I was fitted from measurements taken by Mr. H. C. Morris. The amputation is four inches above the right knee. I do a lot of walking, and last winter I had to go through snow over three feet deep, and I walked it with no trouble.

It is quite common to listen to people asking which leg is off. I went to a party the other night, and there was a dance. Many who saw me dancing did not know that I wore an artificial leg, and would not believe it when told. April 29, 1904.

GEORGE SHAFER - Farmer, Bergen Co., N. J. Below knee.

My left leg was amputated about six inches below the knee. Your leg suits me very well.

I can do most anything a farmer is required to do, plow, cultivate, and help in a feed store, carrying anything that comes in bags, and store away a carload of hay in one day, bales weighing from 130 to 160 pounds, and pile them up six feet high. There is a great improvement in the last foot.

May 12, 1904.

* LODI SIMON - Bookkeeper, Noble Co., Ind. Ankle.

The artificial leg I received in 1902 has been in constant use since, and it has given full satisfaction in every way. My amputation is just in front of the heel, with part of the ankle bone taken away. I never hesitate to do any kind of work, and often walk three and four miles, and can ride a bicycle fifteen miles an hour.

My present occupation is bookkeeper and clerking, and I am on my feet two-thirds of the time, and it never tires my stump or chafes it in any way. I am also fond of hunting, and often take long strolls over uneven prairie, and climb hills without fatigue.

If it were impossible for me to purchase another of Mr. Marks’ artificial limbs, money could not buy mine. Nobody but my most intimate friends know that I am an artificial limb wearer, as my walk is so natural with your patent rubber foot. May 9, 1904.

T. C. SINGUEFIELD - Clerk, Covington Co., Ala. Knee.

The limb I ordered, two years ago, has given complete satisfaction, it has worked so satisfactorily that I have worn it continuously since first putting it on. Used my crutch only one day. I am clerking in a department store, where it is trying to a man with two natural limbs, yet I am standing it all right, and but few people know that I am using an artificial limb.

May 11, 1904.

* ANTONIO SIRACUSA - Age 10, Atlantic Co., N. J. Above knee.

I had the misfortune of losing my right limb two inches above the knee. It happened on April 15, 1900, when I was six years old. About a year after I got one of your artificial limbs. I cannot praise your artificial legs enough. I would not want to be without mine for anything. I do a great deal of walking, and running, play football without any trouble, and just as good as many other boys that have their natural legs. May 21, 1904.

* P. D. SLOAN - Cigars, Hocking Co., Ohio. Knee.

I have worn your artificial limb about six years; can do any kind of work, ride a horse as good as anyone. I run a stogie factory, do all my own selling, and travel through five different counties. I live in a very hilly country, go hunting right along with other hunters in season, and travel over the roughest ground. There is nothing like your rubber foot. I have tried several other makes, and they were all failures. May 16, 1904.

* CLAY SMITH - Porter, Franklin Co., Tenn. Below knee.

I haven’t lost a day from work. I walk about two miles every day putting out switch lights, those that do not know that I have lost a foot cannot tell it in my walking. My depot agent is as well pleased with my limb as I am myself. I have been his porter for five years, and am still able to do the same work. My doctor says it is remarkable the way I carry heavy articles. Sept. 29, 1904.

* MISS ELLA C. SMITH - Coffey Co., Kas. Wrist.

About eight months ago I purchased an artificial hand of A. A. Marks. I have worn it ever since, and think it is fine. I would not be without it now for anything. I am a young housekeeper, and find my hand a great aid in helping me with my work. I can write with my hand and can carry many small things. May 23, 1904.

FRANK H. SMITH - Hampshire Co., Mass. Above knee.

I have mailed you to-day a photograph of myself on a wheel. I have worn a Marks’ leg for a great many years, and can do most anything with it.

I ride from fifteen to twenty miles almost every day on the wheel, and have ridden forty. I have walked thirteen miles with hardly a stop. Have used a leg with an ankle-joint, but find the Marks’ leg the best.

* H. E. SMITH - Gallatin Co., Ky. Above knee.

When a boy, about fourteen years of age, and residing at Beaverlick, Ky., I was accidentally shot in the right knee. This resulted in the amputation of my leg in the middle of the thigh. It happened in May, 1897. I never used an artificial leg until I got one of you in 1902, which was made from measurements taken and sent to you. It was a perfect fit, and has proved to be a strong and satisfactory one. There is one thing about Mr. Marks’ limbs in which they excel all others, that is the rubber foot.

June 10, 1904.

* H. W. SMITH - Locomotive Fireman, Cambria Co., Pa. Instep.

I must say that your artificial limbs are good. I have been wearing one for about five years, and I would not have any other. I am a railroad man. May 25, 1904.

J. J. SMITH - Steuben Co., N. Y. Both below knees.

After nearly a year’s wear I have to report that the legs you made for me are giving excellent satisfaction. In that time I have not been obliged to lay them aside on account of any sore or inconvenience. Jan. 30, 1905.

* MARK A. SMITH - Machinist, Fairfield Co., Conn. Ankle.

I have worn an artificial foot of your make since 1891. The point of amputation is at the ankle, unjointed, with a portion of the heel remaining. The thirteen years’ experience I have had with your artificial limbs has been most satisfactory in every respect. I am a machinist, and stand at the lathe and bench all day with perfect ease and comfort. I suffer none by its use, and the rubber foot, I am afraid I cannot say enough to do it justice. I have never seen or heard of anything to equal it. May 18, 1904.

* RUSSELL E. SMITH - Mill Hand, Bristol Co., Mass. Ankle.

I am wearing one of your artificial limbs for over four years. I work in a grain mill all day with ease and comfort. I can ride a wheel, and play ball as well as if I had my own two feet. May 6, 1904.

THEO. G. SMITH - Deputy, Chemung Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I desire to say in the fewest words possible that, after wearing three different legs, I am prepared to certify that for ease, comfort, and durability your legs with rubber feet are, and out to be placed at the head of the list. I have worn your leg over seventeen years.

* GEORGE WILLIAM SMYTH - Manager, So. Africa. Above knee.

I have much pleasure in certifying that your make of artificial limbs is the best.

In March, 1898, I was occupied on the Cape Government Railway as foreman shunter at Alicedale, Cape Colony, when I met with an accident, being run over by a shunting train, which necessitated my right leg being amputated about four inches above the knee joint, and in June of the following year, I was supplied with an artificial limb which was not satisfactory, but in July, 1902, I obtained one of your limbs, which I have had constantly in use ever since and it has given me every satisfaction. Now I am doing work and am able to do all that my daily vocation demands of me. Going up and down hills quite easily.

I strongly recommend the rubber foot, as it is much safer than the old-fashioned ankle-joint.

MRS. G. P. SPALDING - Suffolk Co., Mass. Below knee.

I take great pleasure in stating that the leg is satisfactory in every particular. I experienced very little difficulty in becoming accustomed to wearing it and am able to walk with scarcely any limp. June 1, 1904.

* FRED SPARKS - Mail Carrier, Union Co., Ohio. Below knee.

The limb I got of you is a wonder. Although I have not had it a year, you or anybody else couldn’t perceive that I have an artificial limb. Even my nearest friends didn’t know it till I made it known and then you ought to see them. I wouldn’t take $25,000 and do without it, that is saying a good deal. It is a great boon to mankind. I am a United States mail carrier and perform my duties with the greatest ease. May 16, 1904.

* W. R. STAGE - Station Agent, Henry Co., Indiana. Above knee.

I have been wearing one of your legs for about one year and take great pleasure in stating I believe it as near perfection as it is possible to make a leg. I have a seven and a half-inch stump and weigh 240 pounds. I am a station agent and get around well. Have experienced no chafing or unpleasantness. May 16, 1904.

JOHN STARKEY - Carriage Trimmer, Monmouth Co., N. J.

I am thirty-nine years old, had my leg amputated four and a half inches below the knee when I was ten years old. Started to wear an artificial leg when I was fifteen years old, unfortunately, I got a leg with an ankle-joint, it did not last long. I have been wearing a Marks’ leg now for fourteen years, and it fills the bill exactly. My occupation is carriage trimmer and anybody will allow that it is hard work. May 20, 1904.

* J. M. STEPHENSON - School Teacher, Waller Co., Texas.

The leg you made for me gives perfect satisfaction. I can do my work with much ease. It adds to my comfort and appearance. Walking half a mile to my school every morning is no task for me. May 16, 1904.

LUCIUS J. STEVENS - Sea Captain, Middlesex Co., Conn.

On August 29, 1884, I lost my right foot. I made a careful study of artificial limbs of different makes, and with advice of my doctor selected yours. I applied it on the 1st of December, thirteen weeks after amputation, and in a short time I was able to walk so well that hardly anyone knew I had lost my foot.

I go to sea and take long voyages and my leg never gives me any anxiety. I know and feel that it is strongly made and will last.

* W. G. STEVENSON - Ontario, Canada. Below elbow.

The hand you sent me is perfectly satisfactory in every respect, and I would advise those that are in need of artificial limbs to consult with your firm. I thank you for the nice hand you sent me and the perfect fit.

May 17, 1904.

WILLIAM WALLACE STEWART - Druggist, Passaic Co., N. J.

Shortly after graduating, while visiting some relatives, I had the misfortune to be struck on the knee-cap by a rock, which resulted in the loss of my left leg above the knee. I despaired of ever being able to engage in my chosen profession, that of a druggist. I was told by my physician that my case was by no means desperate, and that I should be able to walk almost as well as ever if I tried one of A. A. Marks’ legs. As soon as my stump healed, I went to see Mr. Marks, who provided me with the leg I have worn for two years, and with which I can walk easily and comfortably, attend to my duties as prescription and sales clerk in a busy pharmacy. Mr. Marks deserves unceasing thanks for his skill, care and attention to my case.

June 16, 1905.

* S. G. STEWART, M. D. - Shawnee Co., Kan. Ankle.

I have worn an artificial foot since 1879. The point of amputation is at the ankle, with a portion of the heel remaining. It is a modification of Symes’ operation.

I had great difficulty in getting an appliance, and I found it a point very difficult to supply with a comfortable and useful foot. I made many unsuccessful trials and about despaired ever being able to walk without the aid of a crutch. A friend advised me to apply to you, as he had some knowledge of the rubber hands and feet. I did so and received directions from you how to take measurements for the appliance. I sent on the measurements and soon received by express the limb and rubber foot. It was a perfect fit and was comfortable. I could walk with ease and with scarcely a perceptible limp.

I have worn this appliance since September, 1882, and without repairing it.

I am more than pleased with it, and know from experience that you are the only manufacturer of a comfortable and useful limb for the amputations known as Symes’ or Chopart’s. I am a physician, and see quite a number of people wearing artificial limbs, and am well satisfied that the limbs manufactured with the rubber hands and feet are far superior to any other.

* ARTHUR V. STOUGHTON, M. D. - Uinta Co., Wyo. Below knee.

The artificial leg you made from measurements for J. W. Neilson some time ago is giving excellent satisfaction.

* GEORGE W. STRAUCH - Telegraph Operator, Schuylkill Co., Pa.

The new leg I recently purchased of you is giving the best of satisfaction, indeed, I often wonder if I have it on. A glove on the hand is not more comfortable. I wear it on an average of eighteen hours out of every twenty-four. As a railroad operator it is meeting every requirement in addition to the work of a large garden.

It is twenty-five years since I purchased my first leg of you, and wore the leg continuously and gave it hard usage at the cost of repairs for all that time $8.00. I could have worn it much longer, but it got too small owing to my increasing weight. Last December, 1903, I purchased the second leg.

May 9, 1904.

JOHN STROTHER - Farmer, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I take more comfort in wearing your leg than I did in wearing the peg. I can do any kind of work that any other man can on the farm and do it with ease. I can climb a ladder as well as I ever did. People who don’t know me can’t tell but that I have both good limbs. May 20, 1904.

EDWARD SULLIVAN - Laborer, Philadelphia, Pa. Below knee.

I am wearing your artificial leg for the last eighteen months and get along first-class. Doubt that I shall want any better. I have used others, but got no satisfaction from them. April 28, 1904.

JAMES G. SULLIVAN - Ship Fitter, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ankle.

After I received the foot I went right back to my work carrying heavy iron beams and girders. I am working in the ship-fitting trade, which is considered heavy work. I have found the foot perfectly satisfactory in every way and it answers as well as my own natural one did. July 9, 1904.

J. D. SULLIVAN, M. D. - Brooklyn, N. Y. Knee.

About four years ago my left foot was amputated just above the ankle. The stump was so diseased that about one year later a subsequent amputation at the knee-joint was performed. During the first two years following the first amputation I had three different artificial limbs made by as many different makers. They all were so unsatisfactory that in July, 1902, I had one made by you, which I am pleased to say has surprised my most ardent expectations. Since I have begun to wear your make of artificial limb, I have been able to attend to a large medical and surgical practice, working seven days in every week and doing the same kind of work that I did previously for thirty years. I am fully conscious that it is a great misfortune for any person to lose a limb and I realize how much that affliction is mitigated by you in making limbs to such a high degree of perfection as you have attained in that line.

I have devoted much study to the alleged merits of the various kinds of artificial limbs in the market and come to the conclusion that I shall wear the limb made by you with a rubber foot during the remainder of my life. Kindly accept my compliments on the progress you have made and my grateful appreciation of your kindness to me. April 30, 1904.

* R. L. SUMMERSGILL - Stone Cutter, Greene Co., Pa. Below knee.

Received artificial limb from you about two years ago and it is giving very good satisfaction. My leg is amputated about ten inches below the knee. Wear your limb every day.

I am a stone cutter, handle marble and granite monuments, flag stone, etc., so you see my work is very hard on any person with two good feet. Will add I don’t suppose there is any person gets around much better than I do. April 30, 1904.

* W. B. SUMNER - Farmer, Lawrence Co., Mo. Below knee.

The artificial leg I got from you is a nice fit and is all right. I lost my leg December 24, 1902, and in three months got the leg. I am well pleased with it. I plowed and attended to ten acres of corn the first year, and last fall plowed and sowed twenty acres of wheat, so you see the leg is very helpful. May 23, 1904.

* GEORGE P. SWAN - Laborer, Hartford Co., Conn. Above knee.

I have worn the leg you sent me for nearly two years regularly, it has given entire satisfaction. I can walk much easier and with more convenience than any artificial leg I have ever used. I have the greatest confidence in recommending your make as the best in the world. May 14, 1904.

* J. H. SWARTZEL - Merchant, Augusta Co., Va. Below elbow.

I received the last hand you made for me in 1903. I have been wearing it every day since I got it with perfect satisfaction. I am in the general mercantile business and it is a great help to me. In fact I can’t see how I could get along without it. May 23, 1904.

JOSEPH H. SYLVESTER - Boston, Mass. Below knee.

I am happy to state that I still wear the leg you made for me in 1880, and it is in good order. I am using it every day.

I have only paid seven dollars in repairs in all. I have worn legs made by other manufacturers, with wooden feet, and ankle joints, but in all my years of experience I never found myself satisfied until I procured one of your artificial legs with the rubber foot. I walk more naturally and more comfortably than I ever did on the other legs. My work is very laborious, as I have to stand on my feet sixteen hours a day, lifting barrels, and climbing up and down stairs constantly every day. I have walked a mile inside of ten minutes.

* W. R. SWINK - Laborer, Marion Co., Ore. Above knee.

I have been for a long time desirous of writing you and expressing my continued satisfaction with the artificial leg you made for me, and now avail myself of the opportunity. It is five months since I obtained it. I walk very much and without a cane or support. I suffer no pain or uneasiness from it. My artificial leg is my best friend; without it my life would be miserable.

* DR. R. F. TAGGART - Dentist, Hillsborough Co., Florida.

I have worn A. A. Marks’ make of artificial legs since May, 1868. The first one I wore continually for thirty years. The one I am now using I have had one year, stump only five inches long. I have practiced dentistry for the last twenty years. I walk with ease. May 16, 1904.

F. M. TALBOT - Contractor, Hennepin Co., Minn. Below knee.

In the Fall of 1890 I met with a railroad accident which crushed my leg and amputation was made below the knee, leaving a stump three inches in length. My first experience with an artificial limb was with a Wood Socket, after wearing it for eighteen months I had one made with Slip Socket in preference to having the old one refitted, as my stump had changed considerably and I thought that the trouble was caused from the ill-fit. After wearing the second one for over a year, my stump got in such a condition that my life was in danger and it was impossible for me to attend to my duties. I think it was in 1894 that I called on you and after you had examined my stump, you pronounced it a case of strangulation, and you said you could make a limb that would relieve me of that trouble. I ordered the leg of you and have been wearing it for eleven years with perfect comfort and ease. As you will recall I called on you a few weeks since and had you fit a new limb with the improved rubber-foot, which is proving very satisfactory. I am in the contracting business, principally constructing large elevators and foundation work and attend to the outside work, which keeps me on my feet constantly, this I do with as much ease and comfort as any man could that is obliged to wear an artificial limb. Your new rubber foot is a great improvement on the old one. May 17, 1904.

ARTHUR G. TAYLOR - Pedestrian, Warwickshire, England.

When a lad sixteen years old, I had both of my legs cut off in a shuttle train accident, and my life was despaired of, but my robust constitution carried me through. Six months after, the company procured a pair of legs for me made by a local leg-maker, but bad fitting and construction rendered them of little use. My old fellow workers took up a subscription and bought me a pair of American legs, Marks’ patent, with which I can do almost anything. I am now twenty-six years old and engage in all kinds of sports. Recently I walked a match against time and made a mile in twenty minutes. My stumps are hard as nails. All of which I have to thank Marks’ patent artificial legs for. June 12, 1905.

F. V. TAPLEY - Aroostook Co., Maine. Wrist joint.

The artificial hand I purchased from you has proved satisfactory in every way. I don’t think a stranger would ever know I was wearing an artificial limb, it is so natural, and I would not be without it for twice the amount paid for same. May 2, 1904.

* COLIN M. TAYLOR - Clerk, New Zealand. Below knee.

I have worn your rubber feet for nine years, the one I am now wearing being fitted with the "Spring Mattress," which I find a great improvement. It gives more spring to the walk, enables me to stand on a sloping surface, such as the deck of a ship at sea, and almost entirely does away with the thumping sound which always accompanies artificial feet.

My occupation at present is that of a bank clerk, but I was three years on a farm and did all the usual rough work attached to that industry without suffering any inconvenience. I can run and jump and play tennis. I go in for rowing, and find the foot in no way interferes with the sliding seat. I also ride a bicycle as well as if I were quite sound. In fact I never miss my own foot in anything I attempt to do.

To close with, I can thoroughly recommend your artificial feet for simplicity, durability, and comfort to anyone who has the misfortune to need them.

* ROBERT E. TAYLOR - Clerk, New Zealand. Above elbow.

The arm you made for me in 1902 has given excellent satisfaction. A little over three years ago I had the misfortune to lose my arm owing to blood poisoning. I was recommended to procure an artificial one from your firm. I did so and have never had cause to regret, it is not only ornamental but a protection to the stump, and is very useful. May 26, 1904.

W. H. TAYLOR, M. D. - Jefferson Co., Tenn.

In matter of finish, durability, simplicity of construction, completeness of action, and perfect adaptation to stump, the Marks’ artificial limbs are far superior to anything I have ever seen.

* NEWTON TENNEY - Photographer, Randolph Co., West Va.

Having received one of your artificial limbs some time ago, I can say that is have been working first-class. I wouldn’t take ten times its cost and do without it. My left foot is amputated four inches above the ankle. My occupation is photographer. May 10, 1904.

EDWARD C. TERRY - Engineer, Hudson Co., N. J. Part of hand.

The artificial part of hand you made for me in January last has been worn constantly and is of great help and benefit to me. I am in the electrical line, I splice wire, use a file, hack-saw and hold a cold-chisel and find the article indispensable. I dislike to remove it at night when I retire.

April 9, 1904.

* FRANK THOMPSON - Light Work, Union Co., S. Dak.

On the 8th of September, 1902, I had an accident and lost my right hand while working at my trade as an engineer, in about two months after, I was wearing one of your artificial limbs. I do not see how it could be made better and would not be without it. May 16, 1904.

* JOHN TRACY - Laborer, Morgan Co., Ohio. Knee-joint.

The artificial leg made for me gives perfect satisfaction. I work very hard with it all the time. I can cheerfully recommend your skill.

May 16, 1904.

* WALTER TRACY - Independence Co., Ark. Below knee.

My leg was amputated February 9, 1903, just above the ankle-joint. I have been wearing one of your artificial limbs since December 20th. Am well satisfied with it. I am only a schoolboy, but I can do most anything I try. May 6, 1904.

CHARLES I. TRAVIS - Farming, Westchester Co., N. Y.

My leg was amputated below the knee, cause, gunshot wound in Civil War. My occupation is farming. I have worn one of your legs for six years and have got along all right with it without any repairing. I am an old soldier about sixty years old. My weight is 210 pounds. May 2, 1904.

FRANK TRIACCA - Schoolboy, Fairfield Co., Conn. Below knees.

I am going to school every day and walk both ways. My artificial legs give the best satisfaction in every way and have proved a great benefit to me.

I walk, run, and play as well as most boys. When I tell persons that both of my legs are artificial, they will not believe me until they examine them.

June 10, 1904.

E. TRICKETT - Marion Co., W. Va. Above knee.

The leg you made for me gives the best of satisfaction. I wore it every day for fourteen years without a dollar’s expense in repairs and it is in good repair yet. I lost my leg in the Civil War in 1863 and have tried many kinds. Anyone wanting a limb can’t do any better than get a Marks’ leg.

May 10, 1904.

* ALBERT TRITCH - Core Maker in Foundry, Muskingum Co., O.

My limbs are doing well. There are no legs made that can beat yours. I lost both of my legs in a railroad accident about fourteen years ago. I received a pair of legs from you and I have never seen any man with one leg off that can beat me walking. I am a core maker by trade and am working for the Zanesville Malleable Iron Works. May 2, 1904.

SAMUEL TRUESDALE - Late Pension Agent, New York City.

I have been wearing one of your artificial legs with patent rubber foot (amputated below the knee) twenty-eight years. I can say from observation and inquiry with those who are wearing artificial legs, and I know many, that the one I wear (your patent) is in every respect superior, more durable, less liable to get out of order, than any artificial leg I have seen or have any knowledge of.

* W. H. TUCKER - Newfoundland. Below knee.

I have had every satisfaction with the artificial leg you made for me in 1898. I can use it almost as well as the natural foot. There are no sports that I cannot indulge in, I skate, dance, ride a bicycle, kick football, do any mortal thing. My work here is clerk and telegraph operator.

March 20, 1905.

THOMAS TURNBULL - Machinist, Quebec. Above knee.

I wish to inform you that the artificial leg you made for me in December, 1902, has given entire satisfaction. My amputation is above the knee, leaving only a five-inch stump. My occupation was fireman, but since my loss I am working in the machine shop. Your leg enables me each day to perform my duties, causing no soreness whatever to the stump. I will always recommend your artificial limbs to my fellow workman. April 25, 1904.

* T. W. TURNER - Farmer, Umatilla Co., Ore. Below knee.

I am now wearing the second limb made by you. The limbs you made for me fit well and have given the best of satisfaction. Have worn it every day without any inconvenience whatever. I do all kinds of work on the farm. I can highly recommend your limbs as first-class in every respect.

May 6, 1904.

CHARLES E. UBER - Salesman, Lawrence Co., Pa. Instep.

I desire to say that I would not wear any other limb than yours when I want comfort. Sometime ago I thought that your limbs were high in price, and I tried one from another firm which I have worn only two or three times in three years. May 14, 1904.

* HENRY VAUCK - School Teacher, Fillmore Co., Neb.

On the 22nd day of May, 1886, at the age of ten years, I had my left foot amputated above the ankle-joint. After walking on crutches and peg legs until I hurt the stump so badly that the bone protruded, I got an artificial leg from you and began to wear it in November, 1892. In three weeks I walked without aid.

Having been raised on a farm I had to do all kinds of manual labor, and have always been able to do as much as the average, able-bodied man, even at shocking grain, which is considered hard labor.

I am a school teacher, and have been in some districts through the term without anyone suspecting I had an artificial leg. Am able to ride a bicycle and have beaten able-bodied men in a footrace. May 23, 1904.

* ANGEL VIDAL - Mechanic, Argentine Republic. Below elbow.

Five years ago I had the misfortune to have my right hand mangled by a planing machine, so badly, that Dr. Calasco of the City Hospital amputated it two inches above the wrist. When cured and weary of being short of a hand, I decided to write to you and send the measurements. A month later I put the new hand on and it satisfied my wants completely. I am very pleased, as I can eat and do other things with it and therefore I give you my most sincere thanks for the important service which you have rendered me.

June 6, 1904.

* REV. ALEXANDRO VILLA - Missionary, Mexico. Wrist.

Three months ago I received my artificial hand, which is such a blessing that I am unable to express in this letter how satisfied I am.

As I am a well-known person throughout the state of Sonora, Mexico, and having lost my left hand, I was very much observed by the people. I endured the loss for twelve years deprived of the privileges of which I am now master. I received a catalogue of your firm, saw the advertisements, but I did not believe that they were exactly as represented until I decided to have a hand made by you. It is useful in eating, in holding many things, especially my Bible, which I hold with my left hand, and turn the leaves with the right, and as I am so well known in the villages, where I preach the Holy Gospel, many ignorant persons who have seen me gesticulate thought that it was supernatural. Formerly I lacked the movement of my arm, now, I move it naturally. - Translated from Spanish. May 15, 1904.

- J. W. VAUGAN - Bartow Co., Georgia. Partial hand.

My right hand was mangled and amputated September, 1889, and in March following you made me one of your patent rubber hands, since that time I have had the second one made, and between the two wear and use them constantly. I can use mine almost as well as the natural hand. I can drive, use knife at table, write rapidly, as I am now doing, measure goods by the yard, or most any other work. I was fortunate in having my hand amputated below the wrist, leaving thumb and wrist bones, which enables me to secure the artificial hand around the wrist like a glove. May 15, 1904.

- HARRY GEO. VOIGHT - Stock Raiser, Elko Co., Nev. Above knee.

A little over four years ago I had my right limb amputated above the knee. The following summer I obtained one of your artificial limbs, and a year later got another to have on hand in case of accident. Have worn them since with perfect satisfaction.

Am able to do almost every kind of ranch work, riding horseback, etc. Am pleased to recommend Marks’ goods to any who are in need.

May 4, 1904.

- MISS E. M. VOSS - New Zealand. Below knee.

The leg ordered for me came to hand about eighteen months ago. I have worn it continuously ever since. I am very well pleased with it. I had my leg amputated when I was eleven years old, I used my crutches for about two years then I got an artificial leg from Wellington. I got on fairly well with it, but I did not get about with as much ease as I do with the one you made. I am engaged in household duties and can get through them without any trouble. I can walk up and down stairs with ease, ride a bicycle and find that the leg does not interfere with anything that I wish to do. The rubber foot gives great assistance when walking. Aug. 10, 1904.

MICHAEL VAUGHN - Lawyer, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I got my first leg in 1863 and wore it every day for thirty-three years and it didn’t cost me thirty dollars to keep it in repair during that long time. I got my second leg about nine or ten years ago and I am wearing it every day since, and it has not cost two dollars for repairs and is to-day about as good as ever. I am a very heavy man, weighing two hundred and thirty-five pounds. May 9, 1904.

JOHN VEILLEUX - Shoemaker, Quebec. Above knee.

The artificial leg you constructed for me gives complete satisfaction. I am a shoemaker by trade and ever since I have my artificial leg I have not lost an hour’s work. Previously I could only work 6 or 7 months in the year.

I have walked three miles and a half and have not suffered any pain in my stump, which is only four inches long on the outside of the thigh and three inches on the inside. I now walk as easily as before my amputation as well as going up and down stairs. I am well satisfied and am very happy to have the opportunity to express my gratitude. - Translated from French.

July 12, 1904.

* G. C. WABY - Farmer, New Zealand. Knee.

I beg to say that the leg I received from you made and fitted by measurements, is very satisfactory. I have worn it about eighteen months. I am a retired farmer, in my seventy-first year, and find the leg invaluable as it enables me to take sufficient exercise to keep in health.

The value of your artificial limbs is enhanced in that they are simple in construction, easily adjusted, durable, and thoroughly well finished.

June 2, 1904.

SIDNEY WACHTER - Salesman, New York City, N. Y. Below knee.

My leg was amputated about eight years ago; I was eight years old then. I commenced wearing artificial legs six months after the amputation and will say that your artificial leg comes as near to the natural as it is possible for a substitute. I have been playing baseball nearly every day in summer and could cover almost any position and now I have a position where I am constantly on my feet in the store or walking to different parts of the city selling goods. I can run or do anything which an ordinary person with his natural limbs can do. May 15, 1904.

* J. T. WADE - Engineer, Gibson Co., Tenn. Below knee.

I had the misfortune to lose my right foot about twenty-one years ago, and have worn one of your artificial feet for fifteen years. It has given perfect satisfaction and I am wearing the second one, which is as satisfactory as the first. I am an engineer and I can get about to do my work without any difficulty. May 9, 1904.

THERESA WAGENBLAST - Domestic, New York, N. Y.

I have obtained my second artificial limb from you and am very grateful to you, also to my God for your skillful invention. I am very satisfied and hardly know that I have an artificial leg on. I am just like other housekeepers, on my feet from morning till night. I have spent my life as a servant. I am now fifty-six years of age, and if it were necessary, I could run four miles. I do all the housework without any help. I am willing to give my name and address to any person who desires to interview me upon the subject. May 9, 1904.

J. B. WAGNER - Tailor, New Brunswick. Above knee.

It is with great pleasure that I write you to-day about my artificial leg which I purchased from you in January, 1902. After having used and practiced with ankle articulation and with stiff ankle and rubber foot, I can recommend your artificial leg with rubber foot and stiff ankle as the best, and I will never be without one so long as I have the means and if I ever need to buy another, it will be yours. April 25, 1904.

WM. WALLACE - Awning Hanger, Brooklyn, N. Y. Below knee.

Your leg is an excellent piece of work. I’ve been hanging awnings for one of the largest firms in the State. I get around just as good and better than the majority of awning men. I can also ride a wheel, something I could not do when I had both of my legs. I can get off my wheel with two hundred pounds on my shoulder, as I often had to do at Long Branch, where the firm has a branch. Aug. 8, 1904.

* THOMAS WARD - Engine Driver, New Zealand. Above knee.

I am very much pleased to be able to say that the leg I received from you is giving every satisfaction. As you are aware, my leg was amputated above the knee, leaving only seven inches of a stump. I drive a log hauling engine in the bush, and can get about without the aid of a stick, and can ride on horseback with ease, in fact, I can get about almost as well as I could before I had my leg amputated. June 2, 1904.

* JAMES A. WATERMAN, M. D. - Caldwell Co., Mo.

Dyke Hornback, for whom I took the measurements and diagrams and sent you the order for a pair of artificial legs, received them three weeks ago to-day. He now walks everywhere, rides horseback, and, in fact, does everything he wishes to. They are a perfect fit, and very satisfactory in every particular. He and I are both very glad he got a Marks’ leg.

* JOHN WATSON - New Zealand. Above elbow.

I can safely say that the artificial arm you supplied me with is unsurpassed in the colony, people when they meet me do not know my arm is off. I can drive a horse with it, and steer a bicycle with the rubber hand, and put the other in my pocket, and can do many other things which make it very useful. June 2, 1904.

WILLIAM WATSON - Traveling Salesman, Alexandria Co., Va.

Since I got your artificial leg I have walked very well with it, and go about everywhere, traveling all over the country. There is but a slight limp in my walking, this is probably due to the shortness of my stump. It has amused me very much to have patent medicine men ask me to try their remedies for rheumatism. I have met many of their patients who would be better off if their legs were amputated, and they were to wear yours.

May 4, 1904.

* JAMES M. WEAVER - Clerk, Montgomery Co., Va. Above knee.

I received the new leg you made for me, and am wearing it without any trouble. It fits nicely, and I am pleased with it. You made the leg in 1901, and it has served me well. Dec. 6, 1904.

* CHARLES E. WEBB - Farmer, Chenango Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I have worn one of your artificial legs for nearly thirteen years, and am exceedingly well pleased with it.

The rubber foot is a grand invention, no squeaking or getting out of order. It can be depended upon, and the knee-joint is the strongest and best I ever saw. I am farming, and do all of my work, such as plowing, sowing, cradling, and everything that a farmer has to do.

* MRS. CARL WEGENER - Linn Co., Ore. Below knee.

I lost my foot in a runaway last June. Amputation four inches above the ankle. I got one of your artificial limbs, and am very much pleased with it; it was fitted from measurements. I am able to do anything with it.

May 13, 1904.

JOHN T. WESTCOTT - Watchman, Ulster Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I have been wearing one of your legs since 1895 (over nine years), and my work calls me to be on my feet constantly as night watchman for the Consolidated Cement Co. I am on the move from hour to hour, and that requires a man to have good limbs. Your work is satisfactory, and I recommend the same to everyone. May 6, 1904.

E. J. WESTERN - Herkimer Co., N. Y. Above knee.

I have been wearing your leg for the last ten months, and find it very comfortable. It gives me good satisfaction. May 9, 1904.

* C. W. WHITE - Beaver Co., Okla. Above knee.

I can proudly and honestly say that having worn one of your limbs for about two years, I find it is the best I ever saw, and I have seen many different kinds. My leg is taken off eight inches from the body, and I can go anywhere I want to. I have worked in a store ever since I began wearing my leg. I come in contact with many people that can’t tell I have an artificial limb. It is a terrible affliction to lose a limb, but the terror is removed when one can get a limb of your construction to replace it. May 5, 1904.

* FRANCES WHITE - Tailoress, New Zealand. Above knee.

I beg to inform you that I am wearing the leg constantly you made for me. I appreciate it, and speak highly for the merits of your improvement.

I have had two, one from Melbourne, and one from Dunedin, and neither was a success. Therefore I can fully recommend anyone who has had the misfortune to lose a limb, to your firm, for I am sure they will get every satisfaction. My amputation is above the knee. Aug. 30, 1904.

* J. SAMUEL WHITE - Bookkeeper, Brown Co., Ohio. Knee.

It is a great pleasure to say that the leg you made for me almost two years ago has, and is still, giving full satisfaction. I had no trouble in learning to use it, and have not lost a day from work in the past two years. My occupation, bookkeeping in a bank, compels me to stand all the time on a marble floor, and the artificial leg stands the test as well as the sound one. My amputation is through the knee, and I wear one of your end-bearing legs.

May 16, 1904.

* MRS. R. D. WHITE - Housewife, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

I have been wearing Marks’ artificial limb for the past nine years, my amputation being above the knee. I can do any kind of housework. It is very satisfactory. I do all my work, and do not know how I could get along without it. May 8, 1904.

S. J. WHITE, JR., M. D. - Delaware Co., N. Y.

The artificial leg I obtained for David Penfield was a pronounced success.

* E. T. WHITEMAN - Bartender, Alleghany Co., Md. Below elbow.

I lost my arm on Dec. 14, 1902, and six months later purchased one of your limbs, which has indeed given me great satisfaction. I have worn the hand every day since I received it, and find it very comfortable. Am so accustomed to wearing it I will not go on the street without having it on. I have a position bar tending in a saloon, and I could not do without the hand, and with it I get along as well as a man with two hands. May 16, 1904.

* MISS CALLIE WHITFORD - Age 15, Schoolgirl, Stewart Co., Tenn.

Six years ago I had my leg amputated just above the ankle, and in the January following I got an artificial leg, double slip socket, at first I was well pleased with it, but after a few months it began to give me trouble, and from then I never wore it with any comfort. It only lasted a short time, and then I got yours, which I have been wearing over a year. I live one mile from town, and I can walk there and back as fast as anybody. I can keep up with papa, and he is a fast walker. I would not exchange the rubber foot for any other. June 1, 1904.

W. WHITMAN - Machinist, Albany Co., N. Y. Below knee.

Your leg is O. K. I work in the D. & H. machine shops every day, and it don’t bother me at all. May 9, 1904.

* J. L. WILKINS - Machinist, New Hanover Co., N. C. Below elbow.

The artificial limb which I bought of you April, 1902, has given perfect satisfaction in every respect.

My occupation is that of a machinist. I am engineer now with the Angola Lumber Co., of this city, and can attend to my work as well as the general run of engineers. May 4, 1904.

* J. H. WILLARD - Farmer, Buckingham Co., Va. Below knee.

Have worn your leg for fifteen years with great comfort. My occupation is a farmer. I can do most any work a farmer is called to do, such as plowing, harrowing, etc. My leg is amputated four inches below the knee. I am highly pleased with my leg; it was fitted from measurements.

June 6, 1904.

* JOHN WILLIAMS - Clerk, Ireland. Below knee.

Seventeen years ago my right leg was amputated below the knee in Providence Hospital, I was then on the ship George Thompson, of Sydney, N. S. W. When able, I was sent to Sydney, where I purchased an artificial leg with ankle joint; it cost me 26 pounds and 5 shillings.

I was never able to wear it constantly, as it hurt me very much and the springs were always breaking, leaving me almost helpless on the street.

When I came to my home in Ireland my friends hearing about a man named McKee, who was wearing one of your make with rubber foot, advised me to try one. I sent you measurements, from which you made my leg, and I never regretted having done so. The change was marvelous.

This leg cannot be beaten for ease and comfort. I am a clerk and timekeeper in a large foundry, and have a great deal of walking from one department to another, but I find no difficulty whatever in going about.

A young man here, who had his leg amputated above the knee, got one from you lately through my recommendation, and can go to dances and otherwise enjoy himself as well as ever he could before losing his leg.

May, 1904.

* JOHN B. WILLIAMS - Floyd Co., Ga. Above knee.

On April 12th I received one of your artificial limbs. The finest piece of work I ever saw. I have been on my crutches for ten years. I am about 24 years old. Lost my leg in falling from a wagon, my leg was amputated three and one-half inches from hip. I never dreamed of ever walking without a crutch. After seeing your book on artificial limbs, and guarantee, I decided to buy a limb made from measurements, as per your directions. When I got the limb it was a perfect fit. The second day I threw away my crutches, and am now going about and doing my work well. I am a rural mail carrier. Can harness my horse, roll buggy in and out of stable. Can truck corn and carry a load. If this limb was the only one, money could not buy it.

May 17, 1904.

* PHILIP WILLIAMS - Washington Co., Miss. Below knee.

I desire to let you know of the comfort I have had in wearing the artificial leg made for me in August, 1902. I would not be without the leg for anything. It not only enables me to walk naturally, but enables me to perform my work. It is thoroughly comfortable to wear. May 17, 1904.

SAM T. WILLIAMS - Fireman R. R., Sussex Co., Va. Below knee.

The leg you expressed May 25, 1904, is all O. K. If I could not get another like this one I would not take one thousand dollars for it. I am so glad I came to your house to get my fit. I can fire an engine as well as others. June 22, 1904.

* S. P. WILLIAMS - Sawmill, Alexander Co., N. C. Above knee.

I lost my leg May, 1891, and applied one of your artificial limbs the first of September following, and have been wearing it ever since until recently, I sent a new measure and had another of the same kind made. It is all right, and fits all right. I was running a sawmill. I have walked over some very rough mountains. My leg is amputated three inches above the knee. I do not use a staff, unless I am going to walk a long distance and over rough roads. The one I wore for twelve years cost me very little for repairs. May 19, 1904.

* WALTER A. WILLIAMS - Montgomery Co., Pa. Below knee.

The leg I received from you proved very satisfactory. I have been wearing it every day since I received it. I shall recommend your leg every chance I get. May 21, 1904.

Since I have started seeing Ted Trower my gait has improved immensely and I have been more than happy with every leg that he has built for me. He always takes time to find out exactly what I want out of the leg and does his best to accommodate my needs. He answers thoroughly and knowledgeably all the questions that I may have and goes above and beyond his duties as a Prosthetist. He accompanied me to a running clinic and has many times stayed late or come in early when school conflicted with appointment times.

Jackson, MI

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