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CHAPTER XXXVII - Testimonials - Part G

* ROBERT ALFRED WILLIAMSON - Bicyclist, New Zealand.

The leg you made from the measurements I recently sent you fits admirably, and from the very first I was able to walk with comfort, and with no rattling of joints. I think the rubber foot is a great improvement over the ankle joint.

I work at the bicycle trade, and find the leg a great help to me in every respect, and never have to leave it off on account of soreness. I can thoroughly recommend your leg to all who are afflicted to be the next best to nature’s. May 30, 1904.

FRED WILLIE - Farmer, Fulton Co., N. Y. Below knee.

I used an artificial leg of your make for eleven years, and was well pleased with it, and the new one I got of you last fall gives good satisfaction, and I am well pleased with that. My work is heavy, being on a farm and work every day. May 28, 1904.

A. L. WILSON - Real Estate, Osage Co., Kas. Above knee.

In giving a statement of my experience with artificial legs, I have to state that I have, during the past thirty-eight years, used five different makes, and have found the Marks’ leg best of all, it being the most simple, most natural, and the most durable. For the last eighteen years I have used only the Marks.

For the past thirteen years I have been engaged in banking; and prior to that my occupation was superintending farming.

During all these years I have done a great deal of walking, driving, and riding in the saddle, and standing at the counter and sitting at the desk. Must say that I have derived a great deal of comfort and satisfaction in the use of the Marks’ artificial leg. July 19, 1904.

DAVID C. WILSON - Foreman in Foundry, Jersey City, N. J.

On the first of September, 1902, I suffered the loss of my right foot above the ankle. I was measured and fitted with an artificial by you nine weeks and a half after the accident, and received the foot at my home in the middle of the eleventh week, and I have worn it right along since then. I am foreman of Messrs. Hitchings & Co.’s Foundry, in Jersey City, and I am as competent, with the aid of my rubber foot, to fill my position as I was previous to the accident. Am on my feet from six o’clock in the morning until late at night, and find no difficulty in getting along.

I take great pleasure in recommending your rubber feet to any who may need them. May 19, 1904.

* MISS E. W. WILSON - Teacher, England. Above knee.

I have been wearing one of your limbs for the past six years, for above knee amputation, and find it most comfortable in every way. I shall be only too pleased to recommend your limb to anyone I cannot speak too highly of your work. May 9, 1904.

JOHN J. WILSON - Inspector, New York City. Below knee.

Have worn your patent artificial legs for nearly fourteen years, and will make application for a new one from the Government just as soon as the time comes. I have only about three inches below the knee. I am on my leg twelve hours every day.

* HARRY WITT - Bookkeeper, Henry Co., Mo. Above knee.

In the spring of 1897 I met with a railroad accident, which necessitated the amputation of my left leg just above the knee. In the fall of the same year I purchased one of your limbs. I was but thirteen years old, and consequently it was necessary to have my artificial limb lengthened from time to time. This you did for me. I am pleased to say that the leg was satisfactory in every respect.

Until recently I was a high school and business college student, and now am a bookkeeper and stenographer. I get about nicely, and am pleased to recommend the Marks’ limb to all. May 21, 1904.

* B. F. WOOD - Mail Carrier, Platte Co., Mo. Above knee.

I can cheerfully recommend your artificial legs. I bought one from you March, 1887, for thigh amputation, a six-inch stump, and have worn it for seventeen years, until a few months ago, when I bought another from you. I have taught school, was in the insurance line for nine years, and am now working for the U. S. Government as R. F. D. Carrier. I can go most anywhere, and get around well. I think your limbs are the best in the world.

May 17, 1904.

JOHN J. WINN, Signal Quartermaster, U. S. S. Oneida.

I write you this simply to say that my experience with your Artificial Limbs, together with considerable experience with other kinds, induces me to prefer yours by all odds. The special point I desire to mention is the simplicity of construction in your leg, whereby I can take it apart, lubricate and adjust with my one (natural) hand, and put together again without any help. My good, solid weight of 240 pounds gives the leg a good trial, and yet I feel a confidence in it that I never had in any other kind.

EDWIN T. WOOD - Student, Suffolk Co., Mass. Below knee.

I have worn one of your legs, made for amputation just above the ankle, for seven years, with the utmost comfort and satisfaction. I get about as well as a man with his natural limbs, and many of my friends do not know that I have an artificial one. I can safely say, that in my opinion, your leg is the best made, both in principle and construction. May 19, 1904.

JAMES R. WOOD, M. D. - New York.

I have carefully examined Marks’ Artificial Limbs, and believe, because of their simplicity and strength, that they will be sought for by those who may be so unfortunate as to require them.

* R. B. WOODS - Engineer, Logan Co., Ky. Below knee.

Have been wearing artificial legs for thirty years. Have tried different kinds; yours is the best that I ever wore. The one I got from you twelve years ago I am wearing yet. Am on my feet all day. At one time I went for six years without losing a day’s work. Rubber foot is much better than ankle-joint one. May 19, 1904.

* MRS. MARY WOOLARD - Housekeeper, Heckman Co., Tenn.

The artificial hand I ordered from you last June has proven to be a great help to me. The longer I wear it the better I like it. I do not see how I could get along without it now. I wish you great success with your artificial limbs. May 16, 1904.

GEORGE WORMULD - Groom, New York City, N. Y. Above knee.

Six months ago you supplied me with one of your artificial legs, for an amputation above the knee, and I have been wearing it ever since. I am pleased to say that it has given every satisfaction. I am now walking on it without the aid of even a cane, and I am pleased to say it has enabled me to continue in my employment. June 25, 1904.

* HERBERT WRIGHT - New Zealand. Below knee.

I take pleasure in testifying to the satisfaction I have derived from the use of your artificial limb. It is nearly seven years ago since I received it

from you. I am a farmer, and have done all kinds of rough farm work successfully. At times I have severely tested the rubber foot in lifting heavy weights, and it has stood the work remarkably well. I shall always remain grateful, and I would say to all who unfortunately need an artificial limb, "by all means secure one from A. A. Marks."

FRED G. WYMAN - Telegraph Operator, Broome Co., N. Y.

Eight years ago I bought one of your artificial limbs, and have worn it continuously ever since, not having the least trouble. It never gets out of order, and is always very comfortable. My amputation is about two inches below the knee. I am on it from morning until night, and there is not one of my acquaintances who would ever suspect that I wore an artificial leg from my walk, even my intimate friends, when I tell them, they say, "I would never have believed it." May 16, 1904.

* MISS HARRIET YATES - Muscogee Co., Ga. Below knee.

My artificial leg has given perfect satisfaction, and I walk on it every day, and as my occupation is dressmaking, I am obliged to be on it a great deal. I have never felt the least inconvenience, and am proud to say it has given me a great deal of comfort. May 13, 1904.

* ABSOLON M. YGLESIAS - Lima, Peru, South America.

I take great pleasure in assuring you that the artificial leg which I ordered of you to replace the one I lost in the engagement of August 27, 1884, has proved to my entire satisfaction. It is just that I should recommend your work, since I have been enabled to avail myself of it to such advantage.

ALVAH YOUNG - Wireman, Boston, Mass. Below knee.

Alvah Young, employed by The Edison General Electric Co., New England Division, 38 Pearl Street, Boston, Mass., as a lineman, is a living example of the remarkable degree to which rubber feet restore lost members.

He lost one of his legs some years ago in a railroad accident. He had a Marks’ rubber foot and artificial leg applied, and since then has engaged in active manual labor, earning his livelihood. He will climb a pole as dexterously as any of his associates, hold himself on the cross-bar with his artificial, and place the wires in a thorough workmanlike way.

* HENRY G. YOUNG - Teamster, Rockingham Co., N. H.

The artificial arm I purchased of you five months ago has given good satisfaction. I am teamster by occupation, and the hook is a great help, I remove the hand at the wrist and use the hook in my work. My arm is made so strong that I can take heavy lifts with it and do my other work well. It has me given excellent service. May 18, 1904.

JOHN YOUNG - Flagman, Middlesex Co., N. J. Above knee.

I have been wearing an artificial leg for the last twenty-one years. My leg is amputated above the knee. I am employed by the Pennsylvania R. R. Co. as flagman and have been for the last twenty-two years. I am wearing the leg with satisfaction. May 21, 1904.

* JUSTO YSUSQUIZA - Farmer, Mexico. Above knee.

I have been wearing one of your artificial legs for three years and I am satisfied with it. The rubber foot is an admirable invention, noiseless and almost natural. My profession is agriculture and my occupation is in the saddle all day. I mount and dismount with ease and without any assistance. My amputation is four inches above the right knee, but I can say that I have not lost anything, with the assistance of the artificial leg constructed in your factory, the merits of which are strength and ease in walking, I know no better. To everybody in need of an artificial limb I recommend him to apply to your factory. - Translated from Spanish. July 10, 1904.

* ALVA J. ZABRISKIE - Beaver Co., Utah. Knee.

I am wearing the leg I ordered from you sometime ago satisfactorily, and think the Marks’ leg all right. I advise everyone that needs one to buy of you. You can beat the world on artificial limbs. April 29, 1904.

* ANGEL ZEVALA Y MADERO - Mexico. Below knee.

I have the pleasure to state that the artificial leg constructed by you for me, for amputation below the knee, is so natural that persons who were not aware of the operation which I underwent scarcely believe I am lame. I have returned to my former employment and I only experience natural fatigue. - Translated from Spanish. April 23, 1901.

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